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  1. thanks for the tips... I will check them all out.
  2. I'm curious who you guys would recommend doing the work to create this putter. And any idea what it would cost.
  3. They were built to std length in a set of P790s for my dad. I will get the exact measurements and post them after work
  4. Few things I have laying around of both mine and my dad’s.. Guess we both have the same problems. Time for some new stuff so this has gotta go….. No trades at this time. Taylormade P790 3 iron with Tensei White 90x. $SOLD Taylormade P790 4 iron with ProjectX LZ 5.5 never hit. Has a new Winn dritac grip on it but its past its shelf life and needs to be replaced. $SOLD Lamb Crafted Pop Top Sotaly Tober. $SOLD Recoil 660 F2 5-GW shafts with GP Tour Velvet grips barely used. $SOLD Scotty Cameron Augusta 2012 headcover new in package. $SOLD Scotty Cameron Putting Cup has tiny ding on
  5. It looks like they added offset and sole width in the 921 Tours.... that makes me sad.
  6. Only reason to get the Tour issue head is if you're looking for something specific in specs. If youre able to go to the store and look at them set all the head down in the loft you like and choose the one that looks best to your eye. I've often found when doing that one of them will stick out to me more than the others. I think the SIM head is better than the M5, they're equally as long but the SIM edges it out on forgiveness and sound/feel.
  7. I think theres no reason to go from a 2016 M2 to either the M3 or M5... That M2 was so good. Now making the jump to the SIM would be worth it. The SIM is the best driver I've had since my 2016 M2 tour head... (amd I've had a lot of drivers including the M3 and M5)
  8. They dont even need to do it right, they're going to sell every set I'd imagine... and I'll also guess that most of the sets will get sold more than once........ by people trying to flip a profit on them.
  9. How about dragging your feed out of the cart (like a moron) and one of the spikes catches on something and it almost breaks your ankle?.......
  10. Are these any different than the retail ones? if so, in what way.
  11. One of the problems they will face with all of these deferred bookings is in the future they will have people playing golf for with fees that were collected a year prior. Which will hurt the earnings of the club at that time. There is no way around these clubs feeling the pain of this. I wouldn't be shocked to see some of them increase the prices of new bookings for next year to help soften the blow.
  12. This was from a stock head that came with a ProjectX HZRDUS Smoke Green 70 6.0
  13. Sadly your only option is probably a tour truck with the head molds
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