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  1. Whatever iron fits you the best. Could be Miura, could be titleist, could be xxio, could be bombtech. Who knows. Miura feel is unique and their craftsmanship and tolerances are extremely consistent. They are a dense and solid forging, not “soft”. Only way they will statistically out perform any other manufacturer is if they fit you better.
  2. 1. Must subscribe to Club Champion's YouTube channel Done 2. Search for your local Club Champion location Done 3. What Club Champion location would you get fit at? Oklahoma City 4. Have you been fit for clubs before? No 5. What part of your bag could use a fitting? Wedges and irons.
  3. I don’t play the x7’s but I play the 7.0s and have driver SS in the upper 120’s-low 130’s. As others have said, your 8* mavrik sub zero isn’t doing you any favors. I’ve never played the tensei shafts, just never got along with them. Hulk or ventus black would be a a good option for stability. The main reason I responded is because you said you don’t game a 3w, why is that? Reason I ask is because I didn’t carry a fairway wood because I I would never need to hit it. I sent an entire season without hitting it once. I simply never would have a situation where I would need that much club coming into a green and I would basically hit my 18* driving iron if the driver wasn’t working. I decided to go with a larger headed 2 hybrid as a fairway wood replacement and haven’t looked back. I have it turned down to 16* and playing at 41.25” and it’s basically everything I would need a fairway wood for but much more accurate and versatile. I also changed my driving iron to a 3 DI at 20* to spread out the gapping from my set 4i. Now if the driver is acting up or I need a very accurate 280-300 yard tee ball, I use the hybrid. I can literally hit it anywhere from 250-300 if I air it out and go after it. Best decision I have ever made regarding any changes to how I set up the bag.
  4. Thought I would report back on my initial thoughts on the PD. I played in a scramble yesterday but FWIW I had not hit this set up at all prior to the round and the range was closed so I never even got to warm up. Being the longest hitter in my group, I always went last off the tee and basically try to hammer it. Given the circumstances, I had some absolutely great shots with it but I also struggled a bit with a 2 way miss. The 2-way miss was certainly not the shafts fault by any means. It was a head that I have never hit and hadn’t got to dial in at all. On the shots I squared up, the flight and feel was exactly what I expected and hoped for. Mid flight, 5 yard cuts. I was a lover of the DF and this PD feels like I hoped it would. Linear load and a little firmer/tighter feel overall compared to the DF but still able to feel the shaft load and kick into impact. I don’t have any numbers but I hit multiple drivers that were longer than I expected on a course I’ve played multiple times. It definitely transfers energy to the ball. I do not find it overly stiff or boardy but that’s not to say others won’t. I absolutely love a linear loading shaft that is very stout and firm. The only shaft i have really felt was stiff/boardy feeling was the original t1100(Granted I played it tipped around 2”). I will be testing it extensively over the next week and really dialing it in in order to provide more details and accurate feedback from normal rounds and conditions when I’m not just trying to hammer drives in a scramble format.
  5. Got a big scramble today and going with the Epic Max LS with PD 70tx tipped 1.5” a full go today. Will report back this evening!
  6. I have a scramble this afternoon so I will get a couple pics.
  7. It was really simple for me to replace the 3w spot with a larger head hybrid that I was comfortable with keeping from going left. I just need never needed a 3w, I would hit it maybe once in 5 rounds. I’ve had g410 in the bag for almost 2 years at this point and haven’t even thought of going back to trying a 3/4w. It’s a 2 hybrid 17* that I have on the big “-“ and it’s been great. No issues whatsoever with opening the face. It’s my preference with any wood to have an open set up.
  8. It’s been 2+ years since I updated this thing so I figured I’d give a current bag description! I’ll upload some more pics later if anyone wants to see them. Driver: I’ve recently decided to go to a short set up and currently have 2 I’m testing. Both at 44.25* and D5. 1: Callaway Epic Max LS 10.5* w/ @MITSUBISHI CHEMICAL Diamana PD 70tx tipped 1” to start but may tip more. 2: Taylormade TI M3 10.5 w/ @Fujikura GolfVentus Black 7x tipped 2”. Hybrid: Ping g410 @ 16* w/ Hzrdus Black 85 6.5. Driving Iron: Callaway Apex UT 21* w/ Aldila RiP 105x. Irons: 4-P Honma 737v w/ PX 7.0 Wedges: @Sub70Golf 286 raw 50/55/59* with s400. Putter: currently rotating 2 setups. I play on a vast assortment of green speeds. When greens are running quick I will game the lighter Scotty. Otherwise I will game the Odyssey. 1: Odyssey White Hot OG 1WS w/ KBS CT Tour shaft. 2: Scotty Oil Can Classic Catalina Two.
  9. On all putts more than 10ft or so I actually will look at the hole for my 3 practice strokes in succession. Then it’s quick step up to the ball and quick look at hole and make the stroke. For shorter putts I pick a spot 8-10” in front of my ball on my intended line and make my stroke looking at that spot where I can still see the ball and tell right away if I missed my line.
  10. Now just waiting for the head to get here.
  11. Going to a little shorter setup and simply need more loft. My 9* for your 10.5* in like condition. Headweight is 201.7g with 4g of neutral placed melt. I’m required to have a sale price I’ll say $385.
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