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  1. Are you just making a statement or Was there supposed to be a question in there?
  2. I’ll need something with a little more launch and spin after the few swings today!
  3. 1. Get fit for a new driver. 2. If you have heavy steel shafts in your irons, change the 3i to a similar but maybe slightly lighter graphite and you will gain 5-8 yards on your set 3i, drop the 2i all together. 3. Now you have a much better driver consistency and have it simplified to rotate 3 club options for 2 spots depending on course and set up.
  4. What do you mean lead will shoulder “snap”?
  5. I had some beat up px 7.0’s in them prior and played with them the last month. I got the shafts in Wednesday morning and just built up the P and 7 on lunch so I could take them out and hit a few before it was dark given that it was upper 50’s and sunny. And then today i got out an just play 4 holes hitting multiple shots with the rest of the clubs. Absolutely a stable, dispersion killer. Extremely consistent launch and spin that just want to go straight and then fall a few yards right at the end. If I get lazy and don’t close square the face, I don’t lose it right by much more than 10-15ft. If I get quick and shut the face too quickly, it’s only a baby draw that seems to straighten out at the end. regarding the heads, they are absolutely perfect for me. They’re a very unique head without a similar offering out there that’s really comparable. I bent these weak and there is barely a hint of offset, if any. Sole is narrowing with a good amount of front and rear bevel with more bounce. Thin topline. Longer blade length with I love because that’ll my miss is slightly toe side, but that is the reason most “purists” don’t like them. I mean these are only 18 points from being considered super game improvement on Maltbys playability factor! They are basically a very forgiving game improvement iron that’s endo forged, thin topline, low offset. I’ve built my last 3 sets of irons with the 3/8” increments and won’t go back.
  6. I have bent it as far flat as possible without completely straight digging the toe into the ground at impact. A couple degrees up or flat on a 2i isn’t going to turn a hook into a straight ball or a straight ball into a cut.
  7. Looking to try something else in my 2/3i spot. I have had the apex ut 21* in the bag for a year or so but I can’t fade it and overly draw it more often than not. It’s the only club in my bag that I hook. I have looked at most of the new offerings but that they all have too much offset. It there anything out there that I can find in the 19-21* range but as minimal offset as possible? I haven’t been able to find anything with less than 3.5mm. Preferably looking for something that I will be able to play from the fairway if needed but mostly tee club. let’s here some suggestions.
  8. Build update! Finished building the set after the shafts came in yesterday. Bridgestone J40dpc, 4-P, dynamic gold X7, BB&F white lighting shorties. 3/8 length increments. Standard length 4i at 38.5” to 36.5” PW. 4-9 SW from D3 progressive to D4 in the 9, PW is D5. These are bent weak basically current 4-G lofts. 3i-22*, PW- 49*. I haven’t reshafted the 3i yet as I’m not sure how I will ultimately set the bag up. I will either shaft it with an x7 and keep the lifts as is and keep my UT iron at 21* or I’ll bend them stronger and use the set 3i as a UT replacement with a little lighter graphite and out a 50* wedge back in.
  9. Super excited about the X7’s. As we texted about earlier, first experience extremely promising! Tsi3 is…hanging around..for now. It hasn’t cracked on me even playing a bit so far this winter to that’s a plus. It’s consistent for me. I’m not completely blown away by all areas but it’s consistent enough and playable for sure. I’m sure I will be testing new stuff in the coming months
  10. Just look at what Howard has posted twice now. In short or Lehman’s terms, lower loft per the adapter opens the face(roughly 1* open to .6* loft). That opening of the face requires the golfer to close/shut the face to get the face to square, thus lowering the “playing” loft. And vice versa.
  11. Spirit Tees at whispering pines was pretty damn tough. But I was struggling with nerve pain in my back and hip at the time and back was locked up. Still, 7500 with extremely soft/tight, not matured fairways with bermuda greens running at 13.1 when you’ve always played bent. I looked silly.
  12. Driver: TSI3 9* playing at 8* and 44.5”. Has a Tensei AV raw white 2.0 proto 75tx tipped 1.5”. Had 6g of melt and head weight is 204g without adapter. SW at D6. I’m confident in this set up but i will try some of the new heads and maybe a couple of shafts over the next few months. 2 hybrid: ping g410 at 16* playing at 41.5”. Has a handcrafted hzdrus black 85 6.5 tipped 1.5”. This is my longest current gamer and has been in the bag for 2 years now ever since I decided to try as a fairway wood replacement. 3 Utility irons: apex ut at 21* and playing at 39.5”. Has a RIP 105x tipped 1”. This has also been in the bag for almost 2 years. I may be trying around some different stuff this year. Maybe replace with the 3i DPC and put a graphite shaft in the 100-110g range. Irons: Bridgestone J40dpc 3-P with 7.0’s and playing .5” long. I have these bent 2-3* weak and playing the 3i at 22.5* and the P at 49*. So essentially replaced my “4-G” with a weak 3-P. These are my all time favorite irons and I just picked up a basically mint set of heads a few weeks ago after over a full year search. I X7’s coming and going to rebuild. Not sure ultimately what my lofting will be and if I will bend back to standard loft and use the 3i as my utility replacement and put the 50* wedge back in or not. Time will tell. Wedges: currently play sub70 raw 286 at 54* and 59* with x100’s. I will be planning on doing a fitting in the spring hopefully with Justin @J13 and see what Edel and him can do for me! Putters: currently rotating my normal gamer which is the OG 1ws and the Cleveland HB soft 11. I have always been a wide blade guy and wanted to switch it up a little and I made a ton of putts out of the gate with the 11. 2 best putting rounds I could remember and then I couldn’t make a damn thing! Started doubting my aim and lost confidence under 10’. So who knows where it’ll go in coming months. The other is an original Scotty Catalina 2 which I will never get rid of.
  13. Haven’t updated but these babies are here for the long haul. Bridgestone j40 DPC 3-P with 7.0’s currently but have X7’s en route.
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