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  1. Wide blades with a touch of toe hang(less than 30%) are my favorite. Odyssey 1W original versa is a great one. Piretti cottonwood. Piretti matera. Scotty squareback.
  2. Compound lifting is definitely most beneficial for developing dynamic strength and neuromuscular efficiency. However, single joint/isolation lifts, or exclusivity lifting, are certainly not only for the most advanced though. Bodybuilders use single joint isolation to build individual muscle groups of course and if they are “lacking” in a muscle they will up the the volume but beginners need to build muscle in all the groups too.
  3. If the hulk doesn’t work out I will have to try the ventus black. I’ve avoided it for about as long as physically and financially possible!
  4. Others certainly can. You just have a track record of “Richard-ishly” telling people they’re wrong and always changing your position on a topic for which you have no experience with. However, I finally understand why.
  5. Seeing as though this topic is about how to set up a course to combat against the bomb and gouge approach of long hitters, would someone who barely breaks 100mph have useful insight or experience on how to set up a course accordingly?
  6. Well since this topic is about what setups would make it harder for the bomb and gouge, I’m simply stating what can be done if setups want to combat against it.
  7. This isn’t rocket science yet the powers that be are completely dumbfounded. Add fairway bunkers or fescue on a hand full of holes that are out there 325-350 carry. On other holes bottle neck the fairways a bit 325-350. Put a number of pins in the front in locations that would be similar to being short sided with a long drive off the tee where it would be extremely difficult to get the ball to stop close from the rough and with a partial wedge. Stop making courses longer and just trouble such as bunkers/fescue/bottle necks into the the areas the long hitters will fly the ball to. Set up pin lo
  8. I wish they would bring back the grey crown. Grey crown and black face and I’d actually try a Titleist driver.
  9. An atmos 5S shaft is basically a pool noodle for someone who can easily handle a 120x iron shaft.
  10. Put a tee in ground a couple inches in front of your ball(down the line) and an inch outside(further away) and try and hit that tee. Problem solved.
  11. I’ve ordered probably 8-10 shafts or heads from them over the years and have never had an issue.
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