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  1. The men here slamming this guy are probably either are bald and wish they could physically grow their hair as well as Stuart or they’re too uptight or insecure to change up their same country club/CPA look they’ve had their entire life. Everyone on tv has the exact same style so at least he’s doing something different and changing it up. That being said, the long straight hair parted down the middle isn’t a good style for him. Grow the beard and do something else with the hair.
  2. I have a couple items to unload. 1. Flawless PX Hzrdus Hulk green small batch 70g 6.5tx. Tipped 1” with Tour velvet plus4 and TM adapter. Measure 44.25 end of grip to end of adapter. Plays about 45 3/8” installed. Absolutely pristine. SOLD 2. Original Hzrdus T1100 handcrafted 75g 6.5. Tipped 1”. No adapter and will not have a grip as the grip tore when trying to remove it. End of grip to end of TM adapter measures 43 3/4 and would play 44 7/8” installed in m3/M5 head. Has just a touch minor surface wear but no cuts or scrapes other than the mark in the picture. $160. 3
  3. I think Xander takes it today with a 63-64. Spieth just needs to play solid today while in contention and keep up his play from the first 3 days and not give it away. He doesn’t need to win to turn the corner on his struggles but he does need to play solid today regardless if he wins or not.
  4. Second this for sure. I switched to 3/8” gaps a few years ago and love it. I play standard length in 4i which progresses to 3/4” long in PW and then 1/8” through the wedges. Roughly 1” long wedges which is great as it helps from getting too crowded.
  5. I’m saying simply wrong shaft isn’t going to be the big contributing factor for you. What did you play before(head, loft, shaft, shaft weight, length, swingweight) vs what you were fit into?
  6. No shaft profile is going to singlehandedly cut someone’s spin from 4600-2800. The issue was a combination of head, shaft, swing, contact location. The combination/details of the fitting is what lowered your spin, not just the shaft. DF isn’t really expensive at this point and could probably find one on the used market.
  7. Apple Watch(series 1) with a couple bands. Eat your heart out, gents.
  8. All I know is that hosel to leading edge transition is
  9. I mean.. can’t really use a “mental thing” when you’re already carrying 4 different brands of clubs with a sun mountain bag, right??
  10. I live in Tulsa so I’m good with this!
  11. Well, typing on a keyboard is simple. Would you suggest someone write a letter or encrypt it in a hidden message instead?
  12. I’ll address this specifically.. So I don’t carry a 3 wood, I carry a 16* 2 hybrid. Am I lazy? No, I don’t need one. Since you proclaim to be a logical individual..what is the logic to spend the time to work on 14.5* that I MIGHT have the need for once or twice over a 3-4 round golf trip? The only time I would need a 3 wood to reach a green is if I’m playing around a 600 yard par 5 or one into a stiff breeze. My 2 hybrid is versatile, accurate, and I can hit it anywhere from 240-290 if I want to. So where am I losing my shots not carrying a 3 wood?
  13. It’s the way you try and present your argument. Didn’t you argue extensively in the past about how amateurs largely over-claimed their 3 wood averages because, in your argument, no amateur can consistently hit their 3 wood consistently. I have the swing speed to hit and hold par 5’s in 2 and don’t carry a fairway wood. Am I lazy and leaving a ton of strokes on the table?
  14. I don’t carry any fairway woods. I finally just ditched it and went with a 2hy as a replacement.
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