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  1. come to think of it, if I had to pick one OEM, it would be be cobra. I've had LTD pro and f9 and they never cracked on me. I didn't have the f9 for more than a couple months though so who knows.
  2. Yep. I've never had a problem getting them replaced though. Just got to happening too often and it always seemed to happen just after I finally get the head dialed in exactly how I wanted it. I could get the same head but never exactly the same. I guess I could have spent the money to have 2 identical tour issue heads with same specs lying around incase one cracked but I'd rather waste money elsewhere!
  3. Not Taylormade or Ping. Can't speak for the callaway and Titleist as i've only had them for a matter of weeks but they didn't crack on me in that time. It's more so the golf ball in my experience that is the culprit. Of the dozen or so heads I've cracked in the last 4-5 years, they've mostly been on cooler temp days on the range with non-premium range balls.
  4. Enjoy having no other responsibilities and having your mother buy and make all your food for you. I would go back 25 years when my folks would drop me off at the course at 8am on their way to work and spend all day at the playing golf and/or swimming until 5pm. Oh the good ol days.
  5. If it was a flow/pipe neck and had 25-35* of toe hang I'd probably buy it! I just hate plumber necks.
  6. But the club isn't damaged going into the round. Randomly noticing a small spec in the face but there is zero evidence that anything is compromised. The damage would occur during the round when/if it cracks.
  7. Just go with it. If you haven't seen or noticed anything different with your ball flight then I wouldn't really worry about it. I've cracked quite a few heads and I've always noticed the ball flight and trajectory would start doing all kinds of odd things on the course. I learned after a while that if the ball starts being REALLY erratic things from one hole to the next, I check the face and, usually, it's cracked. Have your backup in the car just incase.
  8. @bigD77I'm just here to see what its going to take for me to convince you to let the new set of heads go!
  9. Looking for a 4-p set of steelfiber 110x .355 shafts. Preferably at least 1/4” long or more.
  10. Being longer with distance irons isn’t a positive for anyone.
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