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  1. Most important, in my opinion, is how the look fits your eye and the sole fits your swing. Once you have those figured out it’s basically personal preference on feel and what type of playability you want from an iron. Mizuno irons are 100% the “real deal”, though.
  2. Most recent adjustable head I’d say SIM(can’t refer to something that came out 2 years ago as “OG”). Most fade driver with out weight adjustability is for sure the LTD pro in the lower and flat setting.
  3. I have the same issue with x100 on irons which is why I never would play them. I do, however, prefer them in my wedges for lower launch and increased spin.
  4. City, State? Tulsa, Ok Handicap? +1 Current hybrid? Ping G410 2hy What is important to you in a hybrid? I play a low lofted hybrid as a fairway wood replacement. I want anti left with mid launch and low/mid spin. Why do you want to review the Cobra KING Tec Hybrid? I am looking to replace my 2 year old hybrid and i like the look of the cobra.
  5. Had to rebuild them and threw on these BB&F I had laying around.
  6. Yeah unfortunately being lefty it would be a miracle to find.
  7. I have played the j38, j38 pocket cavity, j40 cb, j40dpc, j15cb. The best out of the group IMO is easily the J40dpc. They are unique. J40cb and j15cb have a thicker sole but the DPC is narrower sole but with the same leading edge bevel and trail edge relief, same if not lower offset than the CBs, touch longer blade length with sweet spot further away from heel. They are super forgiving and basically a game improvement iron but with low offset and a thin topline and a great players cb look and feel.
  8. I ordered mine completely custom on Tuesday, Eric called me Wednesday to confirm and they arrived Friday. Talk about a quick turnaround.
  9. It’s difficult when you’ve spent so many years doing it. But it is doable just as breaking any habit. Of course you will have an understanding of how you’re playing and scoring but if you can only focus on the next shot(cliche I know) and not where you lie on relation to par, it can pay dividends for someone who struggles closing out good rounds. Once you’re able to do it a couple times it will get much easier and you will be able to know where you stand and not let it bother you and consume your focus.
  10. Honestly..do your best to not keep a count of where you at in relation to par. I use to obsess about what my score was and what I had to do on the remaining holes to get total I’d be happy with. Rarely did I not stumble somewhat coming in. Not until I stopped keeping my cumulative store did I start breaking through. Id just write my score down and not even look at it again until I tally it up at the end of the round.
  11. Oh I didn’t realize it was a competition. But hey I’ll take it, it’s not everyday someone wins against a CrossFit guy talking about CrossFit!
  12. The points I made about CrossFit are undeniably valid and had nothing to do with you and only your personal experiences.
  13. To reiterate the issues that educated and experienced people have with CrossFit. For one, at least early on, you could become a certified coach in a one day course. For two, Olympic lifts take years to master and CrossFit has people performing olympic lifts, for time and under fatigue. Those 2 points are a recipe for injury.
  14. This is somewhat inaccurate. It’s not fine for young backs or old backs as doing too much weight that their CORE isn’t strong enough to support a RDL or stiff legged deadlift(it’s not straight legged). The only difference is that young backs will “get away with it” more often than older backs.
  15. A number of guys have fallen out of form while getting into a new relationship, getting married, having kids, etc. Not just golfers. I guarantee he hasn’t had the focus on golf in recent years that he once had. Can’t blame the guy. Other guys it doesn’t seem to affect as much seem to have a much more eager desire and tenacity to win. Rickie will be fine, whether he gets back his desire and focus towards returning to form or not.
  16. While being able to do pull-ups is not a bad thing, it does not serve any functional purpose outside of being able to pull your body weight up nor does it strengthen and develop power through the posterior chain.
  17. Training like a powerlifter is referring to the type of training. Not necessarily that you should train all the time to increase your absolute max on 3 lifts. It’s stating to train dynamic lifts and increase the neuromuscular connection and efficiency through dynamic lifts. These can be done without gaining muscle mass.
  18. https://golf.com/instruction/driving/train-like-a-power-lifter-kyle-berkshire-secrets-bombs/?fbclid=IwAR1DvYcuEsnfl7aVBYnKMx0lAbVgccOKaJUmra_aqvLdYl4bjXejDeSFqrQ&amp=1
  19. 1. Tulsa, Ok 2. +1 3. Ping G410 2h at 16* 4. 2 years ago I decided to use a 2 hybrid as a fairway wood replacement versus the traditional iron replacement. Mine has been great but it’s starting to show a bit of wear. 5. Absolutely.
  20. You can get russell athletic compression leggings and long sleeve tops for like $9 at Walmart. Simply wear them under your pants and shirt with a light jacket or vest. In the 40*s is barely cold enough to wear a beanie.
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