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  1. Yeah, you can see the "MAX" through the plastic. So not adjustable.
  2. Only my 2nd range session today with my Ghost TX/SIM and once again, great feel and super performance with none of the hooks mentioned above. I play a draw which can turn into a hook if I get too quick so its my miss and they just went straight today or with my natural 5-10 yard draw. And to give some perspective, I've been fit for all my current clubs at my local Club Champion (CC): Driver: Hulk 70TX (Tipped 1.5 inches) / Sim 8* Irons: Miura TC 201's 4-PW / DG X7's My best past performing hybrid combos have been Titleist hybrid heads with X100 shaft
  3. But the putter isn't in the pic on the green??? Just kidding, we trust ya! GLWS!
  4. Great seller folks! Speaking from personal experience!
  5. I have a huge knot/callous where my right ring finger rubs (about an inch above the fingernail on the side of the finger not the top) against my left index finger large knuckle with my interlocking grip. It gets smaller and less painful as I change to Vardon but I lose control when I use the Vardon grip. I also can hit fades all day long with an interlocking grip but CANNOT hit a fade to save my life with the Vardon grip. Only draws with the Vardon but can go both ways with the Interlocking. For some reason its super easy to hold off the club rotation with interlocking but Vardon just produces
  6. If you look closely, they are adding tech by taking weight out of the middle part of the club and redistributing that weight in the toe/heel for added forgiveness, just like Scotty's current line of mallet putters. So add that (along with the new tech shafts) with the old insert that some believe has yet to be surpassed in performance and we have this new line that should be well taken.
  7. My OG White Hot Pro (Pictured) is still as good as anything out and I have plenty of other Scotty's, etc, so cant wait for this new line! Great Move!!!
  8. @JayJar Binks The guy told me he didn't pay a penny for the club and doesn't even play golf! Yet he named himself "Golfer2344". So, based on his own admission, his name is even a fraud.
  9. This guy spent the last 2 days trying to get me to sell this club for him on this site (using his pictures without seeing and authenticating the club) given he had just joined the day before. I would BEWARE!!!
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