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  1. Thanks buddy! Feel is subjective but very similar, for me. Turf interaction is also about the same. I seriously wouldn't know the difference if I was blindfolded.....
  2. I have 2 rounds with these and just going to go ahead and stick with my TC 201's. They are great performers but so are my TC 201's and just not really much difference so either going to return these for full credit or if someone wants them to save the manufacturer delay, hit me up.
  3. Rory's management is very smart by only doing long term contracts, which protects him during extended slumps like now. Didnt he also get paid 250M by Nike??? Rory's laughing all the way to the bank!!!
  4. There was a note in the package that you were to mail it to me. Just PM me.....
  5. Owned and played ALL 3 of them. TSi3 is was the easy winner for me. Best all around head for SCORING (combination of distance and accuracy - hitting fairways) which is the name of the game.
  6. I am noticing the same, after only 2 rounds. Great performance though......
  7. Same boat. Played Mizuno blades, starting with the MP 14's, MP29's, etc, most of my life. These new T100's feel great compared to all my Mizzy blades. No real noticeable difference (at least for me). Played Titleist MB's years ago for a very short period and traded them in because I couldn't stand the clickiness coming from Mizzy blades. My X7's that are in my TC 201's took 6 months to get.
  8. My problem with the TC 201's was having X7's in them which created too heavy of an overall club. As you know, Miura makes heavy heads, which is great and very helpful with most shafts but not necessarily with a heavy shaft like the X7 (heavy/heavy). I LOVE the TC 201 heads as much or more than anything out today, just need my go-to TI X100's in them, which I will probably change out. In the meantime, these T100's are great. Glad I didn't get the T100s because these go far enough. My T100/X100 combo was going one full club to 1.5 times further than my 201's/X7's. And lastly, turf interaction was fine for me. For some reason, must be the way I strike the ball first, Ive never noticed differences in turf interactions between different clubs. Just never resonates with me, so I am probably not a good judge of turf interaction.
  9. Couple of range sessions and first round under my belt - they have kicked my Miura TC 201's out of the bag. Will report back after a few more rounds but so far, absolutely loving the flight, feel, and distance control I'm getting with these irons. Great addition to my TSi woods. First time ever to have an all Titleist bag. They knocked it out of the park for me this year! Go Titleist!
  10. My new T100's 4-P / Tour Issue X100's / TV Cords logos down showed up today!!! IMG_5123.heic
  11. Yo J - I saw you listed your Mini 300 on the BST. Experiment over? Decided to stick with the bigger heads? I bought one too and stuck a 3 wood length Hulk 70TX (tipped 1.5) in it. I decided to test it against my TSi3 VB 6TX by choking up on my driver with my right hand at the bottom of the grip, making it roughly the same length as the mini to keep it apples to apples. I hit my long driver (choked down) just as good as my mini (at full 3 wood length). Then was thinking, this waste a spot in my bag if all if have to do is, choke down on my long driver for the same accuracy as the mini. So then decided to choke down on the mini in the same manner as my long driver to go next level, and ended up adding even more accuracy with not much loss in distance at all. Still experimenting. Given I hit my long driver just as accurate by choking down to the bottom of the grip, it serves no purpose in my bag unless choking down on the mini gives me next level accuracy. Need to hit many more shots to make any final conclusions.
  12. Thanks a bunch for the thorough update, J! Very helpful for us fellow WRX'rs that understand the "driver" (mini or otherwise) is the ultimate positioning tool to score well.
  13. Follow Fujikura Golf on Instagram, @fujikuragolf DONE! - Have you hit a Ventus shaft yet? YES What model? Black 6X, Black 7X, Black 10X, Black 6TX in two different drivers. - What Ventus TX shaft do you want to win? 8TX in RED or Blue - What club in your bag would a Ventus TX go in? 8TX RED/Blue in my TSi 7 Wood Thanks Fuji and WRX!
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