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  1. I think it's mostly folks that played golf in the 80's and 90's that grew up playing with smaller driver heads (i.e. Phil but, he uses his for course positioning such as doglegs), then were hit with the change to 460cc heads and just have a mental block / comfort issue. Tiger had the same until he couldn't handle the disadvantages that came with the smaller heads. My teenage son and his friends wouldn't be caught dead with one of the old school smaller driver heads. I think its the same for most players that started playing post 2000.
  2. Which specific LA Golf shaft has DJ been using in his driver and now this mini? Trono? Or???
  3. But all the Callaway sponsored PGA touring pro's are playing the Epic Speed Triple D (Non LS), right?
  4. For what it’s worth, I was at a very large retailer yesterday and their manager said Titleist will release their new clubs on time with no delays. Who knows if he's right but I told him I heard they may be delayed until 2022 and he said, "no chance."
  5. Per the rules, you don't have the right to take issue with someone else's price regardless what the description states or doesn't state. It's his club to price anyway he chooses. Its your right to pass or buy but not comment on the price unless you're negotiating a price with the seller via PM.
  6. Well, if my feet were this small, I'd be all over these!
  7. Yeah, clear violations of the rule by slamming someones price. Anyone can either pay or laugh at the price, its their choice.
  8. Absolutely - much of golf is between the ears so if it helps you in that regard, by all means, use it. If its not a mental issue, I also love the application of setting up a fade biased 460 driver and then setting up a draw biased mini-driver. Very strategic course strategy and not sure but thought thats how Phil's set-up worked at the PGA. Either way, that is an application that might be worth exploring.
  9. No, you shouldn't quit golf and you should use what works for you. That said, it sounds like you fall into the category, Matty boy eluded to on the video, which is you have a mental block with a 460 head and cannot get passed it. If we take that to an extreme though, I wonder why you don't hit a smaller headed 3 wood off the tee better than a larger headed mini-driver?
  10. Just edited my post above. Its @ the 12:15 Mark.
  11. In todays TXG video (@12:15 mark), Ian trashed the "mini" drivers. Essentially said, you can shorten a 460 driver and achieve much better performance, both accuracy and distance, then gave examples:
  12. I felt the same as J13 but I like the 6X better for my driver because to me, active means it's moving in my hands, which I cant have when driving the ball. The stiffer (more dead), the better, for my driver.
  13. I have the 65TX 2.0 in my TSi3 (tipped 1 inch), the 75TX 2.0 in my 3 wood (tipped 1.5), and the 85TX 2.0 in my 5 wood (tipped 2 inches), and they all play very smoothly, cant even tell they've been tipped. They are so smooth, I dont think you can go wrong tipping it 1 inch for driver regardless of the SS, based on my experience. I also have the full set of VB's for each wood listed above that I go back and forth with, depending. Love both brands/models immensely.
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