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  1. Prefer head only but if you have a head that meets those specs with a shaft and don't want to separate, let me know. Thanks!
  2. Need one that is mint, flat lie angle around 57* with an open face angle. Closed face angles don't mix with my draw which can turn into a hook when I get quick. Prefer just head but will consider those with an 80TX shaft. Thanks!
  3. They could be a major contender if they ever made their irons look as great as their wedges!
  4. OK, finally got her back from my builder and will be testing her over the next few weeks and posting my review. I installed the GHOST .370 TX flex into my 19* Tour Issue SIM Hybrid (which had a tour issue KBS 105X prototype shaft) head and as far as looks goes now, she's a beauty with the GHOST Matte Black finish and the grip matching the head (before and after pics):
  5. Cant believe those Srixon's are still available, especially at that price.......incredible irons.......
  6. Big thanks to GolfWRX and Nippon for this opportunity to test this shaft. I just received mine and getting it installed as soon as my builder gets me in. Cant wait, so stand by for my first impressions and a thorough review once I put it through the paces.
  7. CRAZY, steal of a price on those 201's. I play 'em so I know..........?
  8. Wow, all the attacks are little disconcerting given its a free market whereby we all have the option to buy or just laugh at the price and pass. I agree with some of the sentiment but calling him out like this regarding price is clearly a violation of the posted rules.
  9. Title says it all - still has plastic on bottom of putter and this was a custom order with the heavy 40 gram weights as seen in the pics. Rolled it a few times and like my go-to better. Club Champion installed their tech grip to align forearms with the shaft for a better stroke. $350 Shipped with Head-cover that was never used as I have my own custom cover. Or will trade for high end super stiff shafts and/or tour issue heads. Can add cash or take some cash whichever suits. I have almost 1000 feedbacks at 100% on eBay and had same here prior to the format change.
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