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  1. Due to the face material? Weight savings and slight misplacement of said weight savings to stabilize deflection? "In engineering terms – is the degree to which an element of structure changes shape when a load is applied. The change may be a distance or an angle and can be either visible or invisible, depending on the load intensity, the shape of the component and the material from which it is made."
  2. Did I hear Ian at TXG correctly, in stating the CG of Stealth is so low that its causing a bit too much deflection? As opposed to a much higher CG driver like the new Cobra LTDx LS that seems to produce much more penetrating flight patterns? Swoosh?
  3. I've played all of them and they are all really good. Hoping the new FliHi is a standout so I can unload a few.
  4. Thanks for posting Swoosh! Interesting data. Digesting now with a couple of standouts after a quick glance: 1) Love the lie angle 2) The extreme CT readings are potentially concerning
  5. In my opinion, no. Jailbreak was merely intended to enhance the performance of their titanium face not revolutionize woods as a whole. I do agree TM has made a plethora of great clubs in the past, many which Ive used over the years.
  6. Of course NOT. Only when a company claims something as revolutionary. Not a minor tweak of their driver head tech from one generation to the next, so let's not minimize this. Do you NOT believe these claims deserve the same level of scrutiny and skepticism that Eli Callaway endured when he first introduced Titanium (but got it right)? (Thanks for the tag and heads up on the other thread @SwooshLT) GOLF;New Club Alchemy Changes Steel to Titanium - The New York Times
  7. To flesh out the claims that Carbon Face, because of its weight savings / redistribution of said weight savings / larger face diameter, creates more forgiveness on mishits in pure isolation excluding the endless rabbit hole of all other variables such as different swing dynamics, deliveries, weightings, shafts, settings, etc. That would be a real test limiting the variables to what truly matters. A human fitting is something completely different. A pure test of the product excluding humans and all their differences.
  8. Now we're cookin' with peanut oil! A true forgiveness test versus the potential rabbit hole........
  9. Not sure, as I stated in one of my prior post, but this is why I stated the following in my previous post: "......with all other variables equal....."
  10. I get all the caveats but, if he were in a fitting with these two drivers as his last to choose from, with all other variables equal, then the fitter would hand Newton the Rogue and say, here ya go, this is the driver we recommend you go with, based on the actual data. And, the tester arguably has one of the most silky swings on the internet, so there's that too.
  11. Gotcha. Only meant the Rogue was "better" in the subject test (performance wise) with Newton. Not necessarily better overall because if I am being fair and impartial, the difference could have been the result of a better shaft/etc in the Rogue, which I did not catch. Still leads me to the same preliminary findings/conclusions though which is, not seeing any advantages of Carbon Face over Titanium. Just wanted to make D____ sure my buddies did NOT have an advantage over me on the 1st tee box if I elected NOT to play Stealth. Nothing more than that.......
  12. Sure. I must admit I was multitasking when I watched it in the background so thought I might have missed something by getting your question. All numbers were so close its not even worth mentioning, except for spin which was the difference that led to the Rogue outperforming the Stealth. Stealth spin was off the charts high, which is perfectly consistent with his on-course testing in his prior video (very short ballooning drives, although he hit all fairways), so no surprise there. Rogue was a little low spin for my liking but still not nearly as extreme as the Stealth. The only thing I do LOVE about the Stealth driver(s) that I've seen so far is, the dispersion patter of the Stealth drivers are right of center line (for right handed golfer). I play a draw so LOVE that it seems they may have a fade bias. As I mentioned before, I played the OG Sim 8* in the lowest setting with weight in the toe and it was a great performer for me until I moved into my current gamer which is even better for me.
  13. Just watched it. The Rogue blew away the Stealth in overall performance. And, this is with a tester that has a wonderful swing and strike pattern. The spin he got with the Stealth in this video was perfectly consistent with the spin he got on course in his prior video.
  14. Might check out his podcast, thanks. But, his time with it was very limited. My point is, let's wait for an active golfer that has truly spent months and months with It on the range with sandy balls and on course - then that will be a true test given many that pay $600 for this driver would like it to last years before they upgrade. If TM did a full year or more of testing of this carbon face they should share those results to quell the concerns of face durability thats impossible to determine at this point.
  15. Way premature for that, let's wait after of year of sandy range balls, then we will know.
  16. Smart. You'll get 99.9999% of what Stealth has to offer without the durability face risk of Carbon.
  17. Thats been my biggest problems with TM drivers in the past - just too upright (hook city) so have to get a tour issue head for any chance of a reasonable lie angle.
  18. Im sure that was part of it given his in-to-out swing path but, his preferred flight is definitely a draw. I played the OG SIM 8* for over a year. Loved it - but had to have the weight in the toe to offset both my toe strike miss and draw that could turn into a hook if I got quick.
  19. Here is where you lose me: Ian had to play his OG Sim with the weight in the toe setting (go watch the vids), so must not have been that hard to turn over for the better player, like most YouTube guys are, given they hit balls everyday.
  20. Great news. Especially by you @Valtiel given you know your stuff. It will be interesting to see if this is really true based on your own experience. I hope it is true, versus the usual black hole default argument/claim of "more forgiving". Which shaft is that by the way? KK?
  21. Well then, if we take your logic to its natural conclusion - all fitters across the World should just shut down operations and everyone can just use MGS' massive testing data sets to fit themselves and save some dough given that zero conclusions can be made if less than 10k balls have been hit. If you've ever had a fitting (just like we see on ALL the TXG vids), the fitter hands you multiple shaft/head combos, you hit a handful of shots with each and voila, he hands you your recommended driver/shaft combo! So, there is a place for both - one is NOT better than the other necessarily so no need for MGS to take a cheap shot of a fellow industry professional to try to prop themselves up because their testing practices are different. It has its place just as the aforementioned has its place. Guess thats why both exist!!!
  22. You are parroting what MGS claimed about RS, which he said was an absolute insult by MGS. He said on his podcast he hit WAY more than 5-10 shots in his home simulator and on course! It makes perfect sense he would not bore his followers to death by showing all of his hits! MGS just trying to prop themselves up at someone else’s expense! Not impressed whatsoever!
  23. Well, hope it works out for ya! But if not, thats why we have the great BST. Cant wait to hear about your results AFTER, the hot and heavy honeymoon, of course!
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