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  1. sold my scotty for a Cleveland, just saying
  2. how much difference does the lead tape make?
  3. I have been playing golf for 40 years and never needed a back up bag
  4. Superstroke Wristlock is my new favourite and I also like the Flatso 1.0
  5. Put the wristlock on at a different angle and working a treat now. still feels strange but I'm going to play it for a few months and see.
  6. been struggling to get comfy with this grip but think I have a solution for me. need to wait till Monday to take the grip off. going to re-install it so the grip will be on at 2-8 rather than the 6-12 it's meant to at. I would also point out that you need a longer putter to keep your posture the same. I actually really like the grip idea and think it will work for a lot of people. will update on Monday once I've changed it around
  7. I know that its personal but just seeing from those who have tried it. I have a 400g Rife putter head (was a belly putter) and I have a wristlock grip going on in the morning. i want to put a countercore weight in but unsure which weight (yes i know this is personal but i dont want to end up paying for 3 or 4 to find out.
  8. thanks but the majority of them have a full shaft of offset.
  9. I'm preferably looking for a mallet putter with no or less than 1/2 offset as I like to see the face. not interested in centre shaft. I have googled for a bit and cant find anything.
  10. I'm looking for something different and noticed Toulon is doing one on tour. What is the backstryke all about? what's the benefits?
  11. I'm really confused, Superstroke have told me that I wont need to extend my putter. Surely my posture is going to change as I will be gripping lower down.
  12. so what's the latest? are we extending the length and adding loft?
  13. any feedback muchly appreciated?
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