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  1. What putters available to the public that are like his Tour Rat?
  2. manxytag

    2 Ball Ten

    they come in slant neck as well
  3. Rose with MP20's in the bag now as well
  4. love the shape of this grip but not a fan of the feel. is there an alternative preferably a bit firmer?
  5. I am trying to find replacement discs for my White Hot 2 ball blade but in the chrome soft yellow colour. are they available anywhere? cheers
  6. does anybody feel like me? Ping Heppler going back to smooth faces. Now Odyssey going back to the White Hot insert. Yet each year we are told the new technology will make you better. I believe we are all being conned and all the designers are doing is making the new clubs look better. Drivers are designed to look good on the bottom purely for when they are on a rack in a shop. Each year they make small adjustments which makes all the difference and the prices just keep going up and up.
  7. Do this and the H7 hossle has the most toe hang. 3 models available
  8. yep feel has always been my priority but wanting a bit of help now over feel.
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