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  1. Odyssey DFX Double Wide butt size? save me going to shop to find out
  2. anyone know what they are? cheers
  3. is the shaft in the 2021 putters anything special or just a black steel shaft? wanting to extend and thinking of just getting a CT Tour instead.
  4. Trying to find a few putters I could fit the One Step shaft in. Anyone know any 0.370" tip putters? cheers
  5. tips on getting £400 together without the missus finding out that's legal.
  6. White Hot 2 ball blade all day long with plumbers neck
  7. I have decided for me to be better at golf I need more consistency with the driver. I hit my 4 wood pretty good but driver is letting me down, so I am thinking a heavier 3 wood shaft might do the trick. I am unable to go get fit or try so this is a bit of a gamble. I have smooth 105mph swing speed and looking at a G400 head (ls tec or max). anyone else doing this that might provide some feedback before I waste some money.
  8. yep I actually really enjoyed the Superstroke Wristlock but it just wasn't right but this looks like its sorted them problems. however, £400 is my stumbling block, I was just about to hit the pay button but pulled out.
  9. who is getting one or even seen one? I had a go with an armlock last year with the superstroke wristlock on and liked the concept but really couldn't get comfortable. this midlock looks like my next putter, just need to find the cash now.
  10. What putters available to the public that are like his Tour Rat?
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