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  1. I've thought about this too, but have started ordering irons from the 9 iron as I love my Vokey 46
  2. Years ago there was no such thing as a GW. Pinching the lofts to make players think irons play longer and are therefore superior has lead to the need for a GW. BTW I play a Vokey 46 to match my 50 and 54 Vokeys. Love the 46. My 9 iron plays at 42.
  3. Taylormade Drivers for sure. Srixon irons are in play with a lot of kids. Vokey wedges. Putters are all over with anser style mostly Cameron and TaylorMade Spiders.
  4. Thanks for the info. My son is a member at Meridian and will probably join there.
  5. Anyone know of good golf club's to join in the South Denver area?
  6. All facets! Love to grind! Stealth on order as well as an Evnroll Arm Lock Play competitive in Colorado and Nationally Headed to Puerto Vallarta 1/16 - Intend to travel to Pinehurst for North & South in August.
  7. Couldn't have known if it was once or many as I only saw Phil putt once. Phil is always doing something different and would like to hear his thoughts....
  8. I watched him not anchor it one time.... hence my curiosity on his thinking
  9. Phil using an Evnroll Midlock putter grip at Kapalua that looks to be a little longer, but it looks like he's not anchoring on the forearm??? I'd love to hear him talk about how he's going about it....
  10. I have the Pro XE Slope, just because of credit won (my second Pro XE - left the first on a cart). At the retail price, IMHO it is overpriced. Perhaps the case is a little more robust for the times you drop it, and it does have good features - but overall it is overpriced. You can buy two different cheaper range finders for the price of this one. To your point it always makes me think there is another iteration coming when there are price drops. Not sure what features can be improved....
  11. I hear you! Wish I had that guidance when I was in school..... Some get it and some don't. The fun still needs to be there, that's why I say 2 and a half..... BUT know you are going to sacrifice to play a sport - gotta love it!
  12. Agree, but social is still there - whether socializing with girls in class or Friday/Saturday nights...... There is still some social....
  13. If they do want to play college golf, they are the ones that have to love it. Three things to do in college - 1) School - non negotiable-they will graduate! 2) Golf - It is like a job with weight room, practice, qualifying, travel, tournaments, and 3) social life/having fun....... They can do about 2 and a half of these three..... Gotta love it!!!
  14. We went to Low 12 Month Handicap for all multi day men's club events. The lowest of the last 12 month shows what the potential has been during the last year. Also, for the whiners (there will always be whiners) as it works out about 95% of handicaps are adjusted down for the multi day tournaments (these are the tournaments with more value in the way of shop credit and calcutta $). Some are adjusted down more than others of course, but almost all are less than current handicap. We still use current handicap for one day events. It takes away the ability to manipulate handicaps up as a multi day events approach. Also, all men's club events (competition) are posted.
  15. Cleaning out my club room! TaylorMade P7MC 4-9 iron (6 clubs). 1 degree flat, C Taper 120 S Hardstepped. 7 and 5 irons have been hit but other four clubs have not - still in wrapping. Standard length. TaylorMade standard grips. $950 Shipped SOLD TaylorMade Mini 300 Driver. Lightly used 11.5 degree. Aldila Rogue 7X shaft. TaylorMade Standard grip. With Headcover. $275 Shipped Scotty Cameron Studio Newport 2 35 inch. Lightly used - well cared for. Headcover included and comes with grey Studio Cameron grip. $300 Shipped TaylorMade Tiger Woods grind 60 Degree wedge. 11 Degrees of bounce. Nippon Modus 115 Black Wedge shaft. New MCC Plus 4 grip. Head in great shape but black shaft shows sign of bag wear on shaft steps - Hopefully shown in pics. $130 Shipped
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