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  1. You are spot on. Everyone needs to gain an education. However I only recruit players that aspire to play professionally as that desire is what will drive them to work hard. College golf is a grind if they don't have that goal and don't want to put in the time. They have to love it as they will be working on their games when some of their non athlete buddies are having a good time. As I recommend to all young men, find the best fit for their collegiate goals.
  2. You are entitled to your opinion and I respect that, however I don’t need to debate semantics. I’ll excuse your comment about water and “every coach” as you were having a bad day. I won’t go into my credentials as a player and as a coach, but I will tell you I have the perspective of the recruiting process as a player and a coach, as well as a parent of a son that played for a GCAA HOF coach, which coach has a major college tournament named after him. 100% of my guys are recruited and I do not give any opportunity for walk ons. I have commented here only to provide advice to an
  3. If you're referring to an athlete that doesn't get any money as a "walk on" I would agree with you. However it is completely false that "Every school has walk ons." A coach will generally speak to kids that enroll and want to see if they can play with the team. Without some previous success they will not gain a spot on the team.
  4. "Pick of the litter" includes talent as well as being a good student. Coaches don't want poor students.
  5. Spot on. Every worthwhile coach will tell young men they must be good students - hopefully the athlete will learn that early enough in high school to make a difference in their dedication to good grades. Sub B students might struggle if they are traveling. Tutors are available but study skills are developed in HS.
  6. "As a rule" was my statement. Conrad Ray has the pick of the litter in the golf world.....
  7. Great post. Being a good student is a must to handle missing class - usually a couple of days for each tournament. If they aren't passing their classes they won't remain eligible for long which is a pain for the coach. Coaches want the athletes that are dedicated to their sport because they love it and will continue to play through graduation. These kids play because of their love and not just because they have been good at it since High School. Many start to lose interest as they see the next step is not professional golf.
  8. The most important thing to selecting a school is finding the best fit for the athletes collegiate goals. If they find the best fit, they should be tipped over excited to be where they are.
  9. Unless they love it and have shown some promise, most would be better off spending the 20 hours per week dedicated to something else like studying or a part time job.
  10. The general train of thought is to add 4 strokes to Jr/High School scores translating to college.
  11. If young men win at the level they are at the next step will take care of itself. Walkons as a rule aren't considered by many programs as tournaments outside of, and prior to college golf, provide ample opportunities to prove the game. I understand why it doesn't make sense to some, but when coaches take on a developmental "project" just providing another spot on the team it does have its consequences as attention to the bottom of the lineup takes away time that could be spent on the better players.
  12. 1. Grand Junction, CO 2. +2.2 Handicap 3. ZX7 and ZX Utility 2 Iron if possible 4. Yes to on the course. 5. Current Iron setup: Z785 4-PW, P790 2 Iron. 6. Most exciting: Turf interaction is outstanding in the Z785 and very curious to see how the ZX7 performs. I coach D2 college golf and have four of my guys in Srixon Irons, so wanting to see how the ZX7 performs and to get their feedback. 7. Of course we will post all findings!
  13. I have been experimenting with a TM FCG putter with toe hang (Morikawa's putter this past weekend)- usual gamer is a Cameron Newport 2. The FCG is intriguing with an attempt to design a putter combining blade characteristics (toe hang) and incorporating benefits of MOI. So just a thought. I really like how I am making putts in the 5-20 foot range with the TM FCG, however my speed control is very inconsistent so far. Why is it, when high MOI is supposed to result in more consistent strikes eliminating twist, that many players have issues with speed control with high MOI designs?
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