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  1. I’ve been in a Thursday league for 32 years that uses this formula; Age and handicap added together; up to 89 blue tee, 90-99 white tee, 100 and over red tee. It’s kept guys in the league that otherwise would drop out as age increases and ability decreases.
  2. Finally got the email that my irons have been built and were shipped Fed Ex yesterday...supposed to arrive by Friday, too late for Ohio weather but heading south right after Christmas for 3 months.
  3. Placed my order for G410 irons on 8/21...thinking the G445’s might be out before mine are delivered.
  4. I recently sent my G25’s (6-LW) to Ping for loft/lie checks and adjustments. They look like an almost new set, cleaned up, all paint fill redone. Best $30 I’ve spent in a long time.
  5. I’ll throw this out there...Functional Patterns, google it and decide for yourself.
  6. Properly tucking in my white sleeveless shirt into my jeans...
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