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  1. Calloway Rogue Draw 9* head and tip only. Plus headcover $100 SOLD Mizuno JPX 900 forged 4-GW 1* up standard length Px launch zone 6.5 golf pride +4 grips $550 Mizuno JPX 850 forged 5-GW standard L&L s300 XP115 shafts factory grip $300 PING s56/i20 combo set green dot painted white tour s 50/12 s+ c tapers lamkin grips 4/5/6 s56 included $400 buyer to send zip code to get shipping prices. more pictures if requested
  2. Thanks to golf wrx I have had my eyes opened to the available equiptment out there that the big box stores just don't get into. Thanks for the giveaway.
  3. Attas still for sale? Can it be played at factory length? Pm me.
  4. I heard back from Kevin and I should have my putter back soon. He said it turned out great.
  5. I love mine. Best thing I've done for lowering my hdcp period.
  6. I just wish the communication was a little better. I am local to him. I was told to drop it off so it could make the next batch. And I was told 2 weeks. Well that's came and gone and when I asked about a simple ETA. I got no reply.. I'll give it another week and then I'm calling/showing up.
  7. [quote name='jshear' timestamp='1366841081' post='6910959'] Under Armor and Oakley look and feel great. [/quote] +1
  8. Sunice typhoon. Very light and dry. Feels more like a wind jacket. Deep pockets required.
  9. [quote name='blinkstafoo182' timestamp='1366583334' post='6889227'] I got mine yesterday. Played 18 with it today. Its the real deal best day of putting I've had in years. [/quote] Hope it lasts longer than a honeymoon.
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