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  1. Looking for a set of AP2 718 irons. Ideal set would be 5-GW with AMT White S300’s but will consider all. Must be in very good condition Let me know what ya got Raskal
  2. Tensei Blue Raw 55 Stiff from a new TSi2. Midsize CP2 Wrap grip. $OLD paypal’d and shipped to US
  3. Looking for a driver lengrh Tour AD DI 6S. Must be at least 44” and I tipped. No extensions. Would prefer new graphics with Titleist tip but will consider all. Must be in excellent condition Thanks in advance, Raskal
  4. Looking for an Evenflow Blue Stiff flex hybrid shaft, ideally with a Titleist adapter
  5. Looking for a set of AMT White S300 pulls. Let me know what ya got Raskal21
  6. For Sale: Hard to fund Lefty Scotty Cameron 34” Futura X5. I would rate it 7/10 with light marks and dings. (See pics) Was headed to get refinished and went another direction. No headcover. $OLD. paypal’d and shipped to US. For Sale: Cobra F9 21* Hybrid with stock Atmos 7S shaft. Currently no grip but can add for small $. 7/10 condition with some marks on the Matt finish on the crown. No sky marks $75 paypal’d and shipped to US
  7. Looking for a 10* TSi2 Driver. Shaft is not important and head only woul be better. Also looking for a set of T100”S” irons. Presence would be 5-GW Thanks
  8. For Sale: PING i210 4-UW Black Dot Heads Only! (Shafts are headed for a diff project). Great condition! $OLD paypal’d and shipped to US. For Sale: PING G410 Plus 10.5* with Tour AD DI-6S. Great Condition, has some custom blue paint full that could easily be removed. Shaft is 43 1/2” with Lefthanded PING adapter. I sell w/o grip to show no butt extensions. Shaft is in excellent condition. Headcover and wrench included. $OLD
  9. For Sale: custom Evnroll ER5 with welded flow neck. 34” 370gm model with Gravity grip. Minor marks and a small ding on the leading edge. Was getting ready to ship it out to get cleaned up an blacked out. $325 $300 $275 $250 $215 paypal’d and shipped to US only trade interest is a TSi2 Head
  10. The 0211’s hosel is parallel.370. If the Elevate shafts in them are Taper tip (they likely will have the spacers over the end of the shaft. In any case buy the PXG ferrules from someplace like billy bobs. if you are installing Taper tip shafts put the space over the tip. If installing.370 shafts, straight in with no spacer. I’ve done 2 sets and the PXG ferrules make everything fit perfect! Hope this helps
  11. For Sale: Dynamic Gold 120 S300. 4-GW pulled from a newer set of i210’s. Tour velvet Standard grips in excellent condition. $OLD paypal’d and shipped to US
  12. I appreciate all of the reply’s that have been pretty reasonable and objective (except the mail fraud one). I have completed a lot of BST transactions. I feel both the buyer and seller assume risk in these transactions. Hell, I’ve sent $1000 sets of irons to people I don’t know. If that club doesn’t show up, I own it. If it shows up and is damaged, I own it. But at some point the buyer assumes the risk and I feel that happened when the club was inspected, no problems identified, and then hit at the range. Even if the close inspection didn’t occur, that’s on the buyer. I just can’t f
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