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  1. I would give you an even $200 mailed to 34209 if interested. Thanks, Sam
  2. I would make an offer on the shaft if you get a buyer for the head or want to separate.
  3. Would you take $180 for it shipped to 34209? If so I'll take it please send PayPal address. Thanks, Sam
  4. Thanks, I try to keep my stuff nice because it always ends up on here!
  5. Just as the title says I have a set of Titleist AP3s 4-p(Seven Clubs Total). These are shafted with AMT Black s300 shafts and come with near new MCC+4 standard red/black grips. The clubs are 2* upright per Titleist standard. They were checked this fall. I have only played a handful of rounds with them and they have been taken care of very well. I am looking to get $495/obo shipped CONUS. Thanks for looking!!
  6. Toulon Columbus-Measures 33.5" and comes with original headcover and SuperStroke Pistol GT 1.0 Blue/White(althought white is sun faded) with counterbalance weight and extra cap $175/0b0 Toulon Columbus--Measures 34" and comes with original headcover and SuperStroke Pistol GT 1.0 Black/White with counterbalance weight $175/obo 818 H2 21* with Atmos Stiff Shaft and stock headcover-probably hit only a couple of dozen times(no topline or crown issues) $100/obo 915 D4 9.5* with definite signs of wear. Comes with Fuji Pro 74 Stiff shaft and matching headcover $100/obo TS
  7. For the record I reached out to Golf Avenue about the issue and they are sending me replacements for the used balls. Pretty impressed with their customer service and the timeliness of the response. Makes me have confidence in buying from them again.
  8. I hate to burst anybody's bubble but the TP5x I received were not all new and some look recycled. Also, they sent me a TP5 for one of the balls.
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