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  1. I have been wanting this forever.
  2. Hi all, I’m not really sure what these clubs are worth, and I can’t find too many examples, so hopefully these prices make sense. I’m happy to hear offers. 1. Miura 1957 Baby Blade irons, 3-PW. KBS Tour 120 Stiff shafts. Standard length and loft. Lie is 1° flat. Swingweight is about D-2 on the irons and D-4 on the PW. Grips need to be replaced; Karma undersize grips. I bought the 3 iron separately from someone here in the forums, which is why it has paintfill and the others don’t. I just never got around to removing it to match. Shaft bands are beat up, but they're intact. The indi
  3. Thanks for the detailed info!
  4. Hi, I'm looking at a set of irons that have the Steelfiber 125CW stiff installed. I just want to try the irons, and they're hard to come by. I'm looking for any info or experiences on how these compare to other shafts, flexes, etc. I currently play KBS Tour stiff+, and I've previously played KBS C Taper stiff+, DG S300, Project X 6.0, NS Pro 1150. Are the Steelfiber shafts in the same ballpark as any of these? If not, I'm going to pass, because I just want to try the clubs out and I'm not going to bother reshafting. Thanks for any input!
  5. Any updates on the wear in the past few months?? I don't really care what happens to the look. I'm more interested in if the grooves would wear any worse than a raw iron. I can't imagine these would wear any differently than a raw iron, but people are acting like these clubs would practically disintegrate.
  6. You’re either a politician or Chamblee himself. Your critical thinking skills are negative, and all you’ve done is practiced sophistry. Pretty much every line is a fallacy. Would you like me to continue, line by line?
  7. This is called an appeal to authority fallacy. Would you like to keep playing this game? “You people” should take a logic class before speaking.
  8. Hey bud, cool talk. These are also fallacies. My post was about the fact that he makes errors in reasoning and I demonstrated them. You committed a tu quoque fallacy by saying I need to give my Own analysis. But I don’t. This is called logic. Welcome to class.
  9. Who tf thinks people are entitled to opinions?
  10. Have you seen his face? It looks like a rubber glove
  11. Thanks for another fallacy!
  12. This is possibly the most pathetic analysis I’ve ever read, but it’s not surprising from Osteen’s rubber glove face brother, Chamblee. There are so many errors in reasoning. Maybe he should take a logic or statistics class. Basically, Chamblee says that “Tiger won more, so he must not have had as good competition”. Think about that for two seconds...maybe Tiger won more often and his competition lost more often, because he was...I don’t know...BETTER?! Chamblee literally tries to say that because Jack didn’t win as often and his competition won more often that he must’ve faced tougher competit
  13. lol did you just find out about the MP 20s?
  14. Doesn't look like this works anymore.
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