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  1. [quote name='SilverBullets' timestamp='1366642057' post='6892821'] Your buddy is significantly more likely to end up as a bar tender for the rest of his life than getting into college if he drops out and goes the GED route... School and college are not for everyone though and I would never urge someone to go to school if they don't want to work in a career that requires a college degree. I have a friend who graduated HS but passed up on college because he couldn't stand the thought of sitting behind a desk later in life (or being a dr. etc.). He went to tech school, acquired skills, and went on to be a mechanic. He loved his job and did photography on the side as hobby. That hobby picked up and now is a surfing photographer in Hawaii. He is one of the most satisfied people I know. At the time everyone thought he was crazy, but, it's who he is. School was not the best option FOR HIM. I would just sit down with him and try to understand his reasoning. College is not the best option for everyone. But as a close friend I would want to make sure he has thought through 5 years, 10 years, etc. down to the road. [/quote] Great information thanks
  2. Okay haha i was a 3 handi last season. I have made a lot of improvements and am better than i was last season and so far this season i haven't tracked anything through 11 rounds and i was just giving information from memory which obviously is slightly off. My bad. I did however say "probably" and "i'de say" so don't shoot me yet. Next few rounds ill keep exact stats and let you guys know where i'm at.
  3. [quote name='jah7838' timestamp='1366639394' post='6892523'] I play the Nike Vr Forged wedges in 54* and 58*....very versitlie around the greens, great spin, great feel, and extremely consistent. I bought the black satin of each, and soaked them both in coke, and the finish looks great! [/quote] pictures?
  4. [quote name='Neverfaze' timestamp='1366629881' post='6891901'] Im a sweeper also, just switched to JPX 825 Pro's for the forgiveness this year, but when I was hitting blades I really like the Nike VR Forged (last years model). Only other set of blades ive like that much were the older Mizuno MP67's and 32's (both of which im sure you can get for dirt cheap right now). If you don't mind a touch of forgiveness the Pro Combo CB's are also a great choice, and they feel awesome. I played those all of last year, only thing that really got to me was the sound the pocket cavity made on the long irons, but it definitely helped on slight miss-hits. [/quote] I used to game the 32's. loved them thinking about finding a set
  5. [quote name='JJK947' timestamp='1366607139' post='6891509'] -Do what ever you have to do to eliminate 3 putts from your rounds, this will be a combination of working on your lag putting, putting from 3-6 feet and managing your approach shots better. -Figure out where you are losing shots around the green. Are you leaving yourself 5-10 feet after the chip/pitch or are you missing the 4-5 footers? -Course management in general, with your length you really need to be careful with where you decide to pull out the driver. Bomb and gouge only works if you can keep it on the course and you have a good wedge game, which by your own admission sounds like your weak link? Overall, 10-13 greens are not enough to get to scratch unless you have a good short game (doesn't need to be crazy good). For example I'm hitting 62% GIR which is about 11 greens. But I have an excellent short game and decent putter so my putts per round averaged about 29.5 last year. That added up to a +1.6 handicap for me. [/quote] I actually am very accurate with the driver as well as long. I probably miss a couple fairways a day on average. I think i just really need to get my 100 yard and in shots from being within 20 feet to something more like 10 feet
  6. I sweep the ball with my irons and was wondering what fellow sweepers prefer. I also prefer a blade so if we could narrow it down to those or at least something similar just no game improvers please. Thoughts?
  7. [quote name='JustTheTips' timestamp='1366597398' post='6890683'] I think you are looking at this the wrong way. If you can get better somewhere, you do it. If adding on 20 yards(working out, overspeed training,...) is possible, you would be a fool not to do it. Only you can evaluate your past training and decide if an area can be improved significantly. You need to look at your missed pars more closely and figure out where the strokes are being lost. Is it a bad tee shot that leads to a missed GIR which then leads to a bad short game shot and then you miss a 10 footer for par. Or are you 3 putting GIR a lot but part of that is because the first putt is a tricky 40' downhill putt across 2 tiers? You need to figure out something to specific to work on. Not 3 putting is not a specific enough goal at your level. It needs to be something like get better at 6' putts. It is real easy to blame putting and the short game since it is obvious when you lose shots there. It isn't as obvious that hitting a tee shot to the wrong side of the fairway cost you .5 shot. [quote name='jonnyh' timestamp='1366511256' post='6885689'] Whats up fellow golfers, [size=4]I'm 17, 5' 10 and pretty athletic. Distance would be the last thing i lack i hit the ball anywhere from 295-315 depending on weather, how i'm feeling, etc. Generally i'll reach all the par fives if not be around the green lying 2 and i'de say on a bad day ill birdie 1-2 par 5's and a good day 3 or all of them. I hit 10-13 GIR's per round and my short game is generally average getting it up and down probably 50% of the time. On a good day ill get 4-6 birdies and on a bad day 1-3 birdies. My putting is definitely hot and cold and my rounds go as the flat stick goes. So my question is what things do you think i should really focus on to shave those last 3 strokes and become a scratch? I feel like i'm going to hear SHORT GAME SHORT GAME SHORT GAME but i just would like to see all opinions. [/size] Golfs my passion and it's what i want to do in life whether it be professionally playing(go ahead and hound me) or teaching. So all advice is great and helpful. Thanks, Jon [/quote] [/quote] Great points, thanks. I noticed today that a lot of where the strokes are being dropped is not that the green is missed but where that shot that missed the green finished like short siding myself
  8. [quote name='Thrillhouse' timestamp='1366597165' post='6890661'] First of all he'd have to get into a school, and I'm assuming that would be a case by case decision depending on the school. Honestly dropping out of high school and getting a GED isn't a great idea if you want to go to college later on. Then he'd have to be cleared by the NCAA clearinghouse in order to play, and I have no idea how that would work with a GED so he'd have to talk to them. On top of the fact that as a 3-5 he probably wasn't going to get offered much anyway (if anything), so this thing looks like its going to create a lot of hurdles. So even though I dont have concrete answers, staying in school definitely would be the way to go. This is the kind of decision that people REALLY wind up regretting later on. [/quote] Good points thanks appreciate it
  9. Was tiger using mizzy's for all 3 of his US Am titles?
  10. [quote name='PedronNiall' timestamp='1366590998' post='6889915'] Can he? Yes, so long as schools accept him. Honestly though, better schools are far less likely to take him with a GED. Hope he rethinks things before it's too late. [/quote] And youre 100 percent sure of this?
  11. [quote name='Vindog' timestamp='1366569717' post='6888319'] You're either crazy or not paying attention if you think they get "no love" [/quote] compared to titleist, taylormade, nike, callaway yeah they get no love. Im not crazy and im paying plently of attention lol
  12. Afternoon everyone. Hope we all played some golf today, So question, a friend of mine who played on our high school team recently dropped out (not sure why) and is going to be getting his GED. He and I were recently talking and he told me he doesn't know if he can play collegiate golf with a GED. I figured for him i'de just ask you guys and see if anyone has any info on this. He was probably a 3-5 handicap last season and was a junior this year and prior to dropping out was right on track to getting scholarship offers from D-2 schools and the smaller D-1 schools by the end of his senior season (assuming he takes steps forward by June next year, I know I will). So again question is can he play college golf with a GED or does that make him ineligible? He and I are great friends and were actually planning on attending the same college for golf so this is actually really important to me too. Hope someone has some familiarity with this, Thanks -Jon
  13. [quote name='lumberman2462' timestamp='1366555044' post='6887391'] I can promise that there is a cosmetic dentist in Orlando that can slap a veneer on that toofer and fix him right up. I've actually wondered why he hasn't had that done. They can photoshop that out in advertisements but it's noticeable in interviews. Then again - it's Tiger tooth and he might just not give a good #*$(. [/quote] thats exactly what i was thinking
  14. [quote name='lilmike24' timestamp='1366515394' post='6886085'] yupp yupp! Heel fan, but plan on going to Nc State... [/quote] a friend of mine is goes there. She loves the campus
  15. [quote name='conkara' timestamp='1366546433' post='6886907'] [quote name='jonnyh' timestamp='1366514166' post='6885979'] How's everybody doing tonight? Just like to hear what your favorite current wedge's are that [b]ARE NOT[/b] Vokey's[b].[/b] Im looking to buy new wedges (54, 60) this season and know that Vokey's have a huuuuge following-well deserved- however i just have never been able to keep them in the bag. So if i could just weed out those posts now because i know half of them will be Bobby V's it will be more effective to me. Thanks [b]Currently playing: 54 degree Callaway X-Tour vintage finish; 60 degree Callaway JAWS x series chrome finish- Both have 13 degrees of bounce[/b] -Jon Also- Im a low handicapper so if you could list if you're -lets just say- high (90's), mid (80's) or low (70's) [/quote]I am an 8 handicap and I am going between some new JDM vokeys and some new miura mb 5000 , you are welcome to pm me if you are interested in the miuras brand new 57 and 52 deg shafted w/ nspro 950 [/quote] awesome thanks
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