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  1. Hit my buddies and fell in love with it. He won't sell so trying to find the same set up. Prefer the whole package but will listen to offers for head only.
  2. 1. Powhatan, Va 2. 8.4 3. Grandsport Armlock 4. Ping Redwood Zing 5. Forgiveness in a blade package 6. Yes!
  3. Both have some toe hang but nothing too severe. I'll try to take some photos tonight.
  4. Only trade interest would be a slant/flow neck blade (Anser 4, Newport 1.5/2.5) 34” Odyssey O-works Jailbird Mini S- Bought new and used only 2 rounds. Replaced the stock grip with the pro only cord between rounds. Headcover included, asking $135 shipped 34” Ping Sigma G Piper 3- bought this one off eBay, really wanted to like it but didn’t fit my stroke. Replaced the original grip with the Ping Cord (used only 1 round). No headcover but head will be wrapped SPF
  5. Ughh, release one of those in a slant or flow neck and I’d be all over it!
  6. Even though I'm right eye dominant in everything else, I'm left eye in putting. Agree with what everybody else here has said. My best putting has been with a center shafted putter or a slant neck with less than a shaft of offset. Currently rolling a Ping Redwood Zing but looking at a Spider Tour or Cleveland 11s for a little less toe hang and stability.
  7. I have polarized Ray Bans for everyday use and non polarized Oakleys for golf. Bought them off the bay with the original g30 lenses but also bought a pair of copper lenses from Fuse for brighter days. Would love to find a lens I can use all the time. How do the Enliven lenses hold up on sunny days?
  8. Used but in good shape, perfect for the man cave or office. Price is $80 plus actual shipping. Can send more pics upon request. Trade interest limited to putters (nothing double bend or plumbers neck please).
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