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  1. Product Name Unit Price Quantity Subtotal KING F9 SPEEDBACK DRIVER CUSTOM Color Satin Black / Avalanche Hand Right Loft 10.5 Shaft Flex Option Graphite Stiff Shaft Fujikura ATMOS TS Black 7 (Black) - Graphite Stiff (Sug ... Shaft Fujikura ATMOS TS Black 7 (Black) - Graphite Stiff (Suggested Shaft) Shaft Length -1/2" SHORT Grip Type Standa
  2. Is there anything in the Modus line that would be similar to the True Temper Black Gold? I play the black gold in stiff flex and really like them. I've got an extra set of heads and would like to shaft them up and of course I've heard good things about the Nippons. I know the black golds have a bit of a reputation as playing stiffer to flex, but I've always got along well with them. Driver ss 105-108. Thanks for any insight.
  3. Because I still regret selling my mp-32's! Would love to play these!
  4. Another vote for the t-60. Stupid long off the tee.
  5. I really like the Edwin Watts Premier Soft gloves. Feel just as good as a Footjoy and only about 9 bucks.
  6. Pushcart. Used to carry but after using a pushcart once decided it was much easier on my back. I'll ride every so often (gets pretty hot here in Florida) but usually walk. I seem to play better when walking.
  7. I have 52/08 and 58/12 Vokeys. Had the 52 bent to 53 so essentially it has 9 degrees of bounce. Seems to help cover the gap better to my 48 PW. Plus I kinda go with the Utley method of a little more bounce on my wedges.
  8. I would have to go with Taylormade. Although I currently wear almost all Nike apparel (clothes and shoes) I have a few Adidas things and could easily wear that almost exclusively. I would have no problem using all Taylormade equipment. Just can't afford it now!
  9. A vise will definitely make things easier. Just to help keep the club secure while you're using a razor knife! Would hate to slip with one of those things! Be forewarned though... once you start doing grips it won't be before you want to start tinkering with shafts too! Before long you will have spent the money on tools to do all your own club work!
  10. Great videos! That actually makes a lot of sense.
  11. I've bought lots of stuff from golflocker.com. It's mostly Nike and Adidas apparel but they have some other stuff there as well. Great prices.
  12. Lots of guys have been having success with the Harrison Saga as well. Pretty inexpensive also.
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