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  1. Titleist TS3 9.5 driver with Hzrdus smoke stiff shaft. 60g Has scuffs and marks from use, 7/10 condition. No major scratches or dents. Comes with head cover. Titleist TS2 15* 3 wood with Hzrdus smoke stiff shaft. 70g Has scuffs and marks from use, 7/10 condition. No major scratches or dents. Comes with head cover. No trades, not interested in splitting heads/shafts.
  2. Not looking for trades at this time. Let me know if you have any questions. Titleist 818 H1 21* (3i hybrid) Right handed with orange Graphite Design Tour AD DI 85s stiff shaft, tipped .5", IOmic grip. comes with original head cover, playing length is 40.5" $SOLD Light wear on sole and normal scuffs on face, crown is mint. 8/10 condition. (first picture below shows different shaft, comes with mint DI 85s shaft) TaylorMade SIM Max 3 wood 15*, right handed with GD Tour AD DI 7s shaft. 42.75" Tipped 1" comes with head cover, head is MINT and shaft logo has some wear but otherwise and great shape. $SOLD shipped TaylorMade SIM Max 10.5 driver, right handed, with Graphite Design Tour AD DI 6s shaft. Play 44.75" Tipped .5" and has 1" butt extension. No original headcover, but will include a cool Nippon Shaft cover. Head and shaft are mint. $SOLD shipped. Graphite Design Tour AD DI 85s stiff shaft with IOmic grip and new style Titleist hybrid adapter. Length is just over 39" from adapter to end of grip. (4i hybrid) Has paint scratch from previous adapter removal, but no affect on play-ability. Tipped .5" $SOLD
  3. Selling off the long irons as I'll be sticking with hybrids. Mizuno MP-20 HMB 2i, 3i and 4i with NS Pro Modus 120 stiff shaft. Factory white/black Golf Pride MCC grips. Standard loft, lie and length. 3 and 4 irons still have shrink wrap on heads. 2 iron was hit a few times. (Stingers!) Essentially, these are NEW! $SOLD Titleist 818 H1 21* and 23* hybrids Both used for a couple of years, no skymarks but some light bottom and face scuffing from normal play. Still look great! 21* has Hazrd Smoke 80g stiff shaft - plays to 40.5" (+.5" or plays standard in 19* head) Comes with original head cover - $80 23* has Tensi Blue 70g stiff shaft - plays to 39.5" (normal length) Comes with original cover - $SOLD Graphite Design Tour AD DI 85s (85 gram) stiff shaft with OEM Titleist hybrid adapter. 38.5" long from adapter tip to end of grip. (For newer Titleist hybrids) This was used a few rounds, looks mint. $SOLD
  4. Hey all, making some room for new stuff. 1.) Mizuno ST190G driver, with stock Atmos black stiff shaft. Standard length, with head cover and tool. Used on the range a couple of times but just didn't get along, a few ball marks, but in like new condition. $-ebayed shipped 2.) TaylorMade M4 10.5 driver, with Tour AD GT-6 stiff shaft. 45" Used a few years, shaft is recent upgrade. With headcover and tool. Top line is clean, no scratches or dings, still looks great! $ebayed shipped 3.) Royal Collection JDM 3 wood, 15* with Tour AD GT-7 stiff shaft. Really awesome titanium 3 wood, super easy to hit. Factory upgraded shaft with headcover. White paint in grooves have chipped off, but otherwise, looks great. No skymarks, dings or major scratches. $ebayed shipped No trades at this time. All items shipped USPS Priority Mail.
  5. Sorry, it is. You might also try PMing me, as I might not see replies on the thread itself. PMs will send me an email alert.
  6. Tourstage Forged X-Blade 705 Type-S iron set, 5-PW, right handed. Nice set of forged clubs, no browning and some light chatter. Tourstage standard L/L/L. Shafts are Dynamic Gold S200 and still has Tourstage grips. $325 shipped Graphite Design Tour AD DI 6s driver shaft with Titleist sleeve. The logo markings have worn off, but guaranteed authentic. 45" long from sleeve tip to end of grip. Standard Titleist tipping of .5". Other than the logo markings, it's in great condition. Iomic grip. $175 shipped Not sure of the interest for this, kind of a JDM niche brand. Le Coq Sportif black/red cart bag. I believe it was a 2015 model. I don't mind keeping it, as it is still in great shape and looks awesome. I did pick up a new cart/stand bag, so just testing the waters. Comes with rain cover. Some wear on the slots, but still in great condition overall. All zippers works just fine. $250 shipped SOLD Titleist 915 D2 10.5* head only Great condition - just some light wear and scuffs from a couple of rounds. Top line is nice and clean. $125 shipped Titleist 915h 3-hybrid 21* with Project-x Evenflow stiff shaft Comes with cover. couple of tiny chips in the topline, but no skymarks. In great condition otherwise. $80 shipped
  7. Let's try this again. (Sorry, closed my old last FS post.) Up for sale: JDM Tourstage (Bridgestone) X-Blade 705 Type-M iron set, 5-PW Standard L/L/L and in great condition. No browning and just light chatter/wear. Shafts are Dynamic Gold S200 and still has original Tourstage grips. $350 shipped Titleist 915 D2 Driver, 10.5*, head only In good condition with normal wear. No chips in topline $120 shipped Graphite Design Tour AD DI 6s, black with Titleist sleeve 45" long from grip end to tip of sleeve. The logo has worn off, but guaranteed authentic shaft. No other scratches or scuffs, in great condition. $170 shipped
  8. For sale JDM Tourstage (Bridgestone) X-Blade Forged 705 Type-M Iron Set, 5-P. No browning and has some light chatter/wear, in great condition. Shafts are DG S200. Still has original Tourstage grips. These are great feeling forged irons. Standard Tourstage L/L/L. $350 shipped Titleist 915 D2 10.5, head only. Great condition, no chips on the topline, has normal light scuffs and marks. $120 Graphite Design Tour AD Di 6s, black with Titleist driver sleeve. 45" from end of grip to tip of sleeve. Standard .5" Titleist tipping. The logo/markings have all faded/rubbed off, but it's authentic. No scratches or issues at all with the shaft. Has Iomic grip (Black with red cap) $170 shipped.
  9. Up for sale, TaylorMade 2016 model M1 3 wood HL 17* (Right handed) In great shape, head only and does comes with head cover - weight is 214g Some very light scratches on the top line, but nothing you can see from address. Otherwise in great condition, couple of years of light use so some light scuffs here and there. $120 shipped.
  10. Since I live in Seattle, waterproof is the way to go. Gray Waterproof Cart Black/Red Waterproof stand Thanks OUUL and WRX!
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