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  1. Short set of right handed Maltby DBM Forged heads. 7, 8, 9, W. Shafted up and demoed once. No signs of wear. Forgiving head in a player's profile. See forum topics on these for reviews. New cost is $30 each. Get this set for half price. $60 shipped CONUS. SOLD
  2. Is Phil bringing the chewing gum and cool shades into this tour? I don't watch many senior events, but I might follow Lefty!
  3. My 2007 TM Burner driver is back in the bag. Dunno if 13 years old qualifies as old school, but this club still delivers.
  4. Here's some info on the groove controversy. http://www.tutelman.com/golf/justgolf/squaregroove.php
  5. I'm only 68 and feel like you do a lot. The nostalgia of the classics is luring and we can play well with them. I like your idea of soft stepping the TT Lite XL. Another option is to bore the hosels to .370 and that will give you a plethora of steel shaft choices in weight and flex. LOVE the PING Eye 2 irons!
  6. What model PING iron are they? If the serial# on the hosel wraps horizontally around the radius of the hosel (instead of along the length of the hosel), they are probably made for Japan models. PING told me that this was the case for Eye 2 models.
  7. I don't make enough clubhead speed to take advantage of modern thin-faced, multi-piece irons. I tend to hit and hold more greens with old school lofts and a single cast or forged head. I get higher flight and softer landings.
  8. Go for it. See how it works out. You'll be like a stealth/hustler. Playa-guys will look at your bag and dismiss you - they'll never see you coming!
  9. 15 minutes by car to my home course in VA and I live on my home course in Florida (6 months of the year). That's a 10 minute ride by golf cart to the clubhouse.
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