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  1. Sold NICE G400 SFT 12* Head with headcover and shaft tip adapter. See pics. $200 shipped. Sold
  2. Sold - VERY nice shape, very little use. Just the head and adapter screw. No tool, no headcover. $125 shipped?
  3. One of my favorite riffs is Joe Walsh's opener on Life's Been Good, although, most of his tunes hook me. Solo-wise, Jimmy Page on WhollottaLove after the drum solo. I still turn the volume all the way up just for that masterpiece.
  4. 12 weeks......twice! Lumbar surgery, shoulder replacement surgery. Both of my knee replacements were only 5 week layoffs. I'm an orthopedic dumpster .
  5. PING spec is 34.5 degrees. I have no way to check/measure but I assume it's on spec.
  6. Classic set of heads. 4 - W are blue dot, matching serial numbers. SW (not pictured) is green dot. Typical PING indestructible condition. Nice build project. Player's cavity back in a blade-size profile with traditional lofts. $99 shipped or best offer.
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