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  1. 6 sleeves of Titleist Pro V1x Golf Balls. These balls do not have logos or any markings. They have been in my closet for 2 years. 4 sleeves are high numbers (5,6,7,8) other sleeves are low numbers. $45 shipped for all six sleeves.
  2. So the studio stock 12 is now the studio stock 28?
  3. Kingston's are great putter and great value! I love my carbon KP1 Wish Kyle had hats for sale on his site.
  4. These are great. I can't wait for China to copy them and I'll pick one up for $7..ha
  5. This could NOT be further from the truth! I'm just basing that on the wholesale pricing I've seen vs the retail price it's being sold at vs the same from other manufacturers. Margins have gone down from other OEMs. PXG are the best I've seen. That's a good thing for the long term survival of the company. Keeps retailers happy and excited about the product. I'm just gonna throw it out there that you might be the last person that wants to give advice to other golf companies about "long term survival"...Jus Sayn
  6. Who in Gods name allowed that voiceover to be used? It sounds awful. Do they not know that they could have hired a professional voiceover to be used for their commercials? Epic fail
  7. You do realize the custom shop can add a sight line? He's just tired kicking...trust me
  8. Funny. People are stupid. Paying a premium for someone elses screw up. Only from the Cameronites.
  9. This thread is silly. A 4 handicap cannot sniff an LPGA player....
  10. the garage sale "diamond in the rough" every wrx'er dreams about! awesome find!
  11. Scotty everyday that ends in Y *RJB honeycomb skeptic here*
  12. Julieta Granada on the GC morning drive carrying the flag for Paraguay in the Olympics... I thought the Olympics was supposed to be the best athletes in their respective sport from around the world? Shes only made 8 of 20 cuts on the LPGA tour this year, where is the excitment in that? Its nothing against her but if she is the best Paraguay has to offer then they just dont qualify for the games this year... She makes a nice living on the LPGA and is deserving of her status there but this is the Olympics and supposed to be next level top tier type golf.
  13. IMO this would be so much more exciting if the format was team based....regular old stroke play with players that arent even good enough to play on the pga tour is tough to watch. The womens is going to be even worse, players going that cant even sniff a cut on the lpga tour are qualified ZZzzzzz.
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