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  1. Nothing is worse than Johnny Millers pompous a**
  2. [quote name='methodmik' timestamp='1335579881' post='4803902'] More pics of the Byron please. Grip, face and any dings would be appreciated. Thanks [/quote] replied and sent, thanks
  3. 1. Custom Byron Morgan CI-18, 33", Tuna Milled, SS Torched, ½ shaft offset, leather wrap over gripmaster (similar to tennis racket), GONE 2. Scratch 8620 53* DS, KBS wedge shaft, white ferrule and black gripmaster. Gamer off and on, solid 7.5/10 SOLD 3. Scratch 8620 56* DD, white ferrule, black nickel KBS, no shaft band (have it somewhere if you want, liked the blackout with grip better) and black gripmaster. 7.5/10 $60 shipped 4. Royal collection Super CV BBD Type H Proto HEAD from Japan. 4W 17*. Another club that didn't see steady use. Face is in great shape. There is one dummy mark
  4. [quote name='bobcat' timestamp='1334105795' post='4696694'] Actually not everyone thinks Cameron putters are that good. I personally think Bettinardi's are way, way, better than Camerons, but each to his own. [/quote] +1 on first sentence
  5. [quote name='Prog8r' timestamp='1327347267' post='4140757'] weird... I clicked on a shirt to get a better view and the work firewall flagged that site as pornography... [/quote] Haha, HR meeting tomorrow? Dunno why that happened, apologies. Shoot me a PM with your e-mail and I can send whichever one you were trying to look at if your still interested.
  6. JL, Sub70, Nike, Adidas, & moreAll shirts are barely worn and will ship out tomorrow. I can send more pics on request, thanks for looking! Golf Polo FIRESALE, all $20 ea. shipped. 1. Fairway &Greene, Green @ Grey striped, stitched Firestone CC logo, 100 % cotton, size XL 2. Sub 70, SOLD 3. Sub 70, orange, 60/35/5 cotton/poly/spandex, XXL fitsmore like L (euro fit) 4. Adidas ClimaLitestretch, red, 53/42/5 cps blend, XL 5. JL, blue and blackstripe, SOLD 6. JL, white, grey, red trim, SOLD 7. Claiborne, grey,52 pima cotton/48 poly, size L 8. Polo golf, pink, SOLD 9. N
  7. Sign me up, played there a couple times Brandon 28 Ashland 6
  8. SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE, Pic Heavy!Thanks for checking out my ad. All prices are PP'd and shipped. I currently do not have any trade interest as I am about to move in a couple weeks, but you never know. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions 1. Byron MorganCI-18, 33", Tuna Milled, SS Torched, ½ shaft offset, leather wrap over gripmaster (similar to tennis racket), Asking $350 2. TP Mills Tour TradII, 34", 1 of 4 to rep on European Tour (stamped on sole), gamed but in very good shape, Asking SOLD 3. Odyssey 9, Black Series, 33", Asking $105 4. C&L 350Milled, custo
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