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  1. Up for sale today is a barely used P790 UDI 2 Iron with a PX HZRDUS Black 85 in 6.0 flex. The clubs is standard L/L/L and has only hit a handful of balls. As the pictures show, it is in near new shape. The price is SOLD shipped to the Cont. U.S. via USPS Priority Mail (it will go out on Monday as I'm traveling this weekend).
  2. Up for sale today is a set of Callaway Apex CF16 Black, 5-PW, with Steelfiber 110i in stiff flex. They play standard length and I have a bending machine and recently bent them back to standard specs (there are some slight marring marks on the hosels given the soft metal and black finish - however, they cannot be seen on address). They are gripped with MCC +4 Align grips, which have plenty of life left in them. The clubs are really in far better shape than the pictures reflect as the black finish gets rather rustic looking very quickly. The groves are all very sharp and the bag chatter is n
  3. Up for sale today is a near mint Odyssey O-Works #1WS, which plays 34.5" and has a SuperStroke Pistol GTR Tour grip. This putter has been rolled on the putting green a few times and on the course once. The price $170 shipped to the Cont. US.
  4. Yes, with no grip. Wouldn’t it be safe to say you mean “”43 3/4”” unless this was a child’s club shaft? You are correct - 43 3/4"
  5. First up is a 9* Epic with 2 shafts. The shafts include a Rogue Black 60 in stiff flex but tipped to play between a stiff and x-flex. The Rogue Black plays just under 45". Also included is the stock Rogue MAX, which has not been used. This head is in great shape - no sky marks, etc. I don't have the Epic cover but will ship it with the cover in the picture. SOLD Next is a rare Ping IsoForce Anser F. This is the Limited Edition with the titanium insert and a black finish. The sight dot is drawn on with a Sharpie and can be removed. This plays right around 34" and is griped with a Sup
  6. I'm sure the answer to this question is buried in this thread somewhere but I am yet to find a direct answer. I just picked up a G LS Tec in 9* with a HZRDUS Yellow and am loving it. With that said, it is rather beat up (I got it on the cheap). My question is, how does it stack up to the G400 LST? I cannot find a demo to try out and am curious if those who made the switch to the G400 stuck with the LST version and did those of you who played the 9* head in the G go with the 8.5 in the G400? Also, I find that I cannot miss left with the G LS Tec, which I love. Does the same hold true wi
  7. I too had been searching for a good hybrid bag for splt use riding and with my Clicgear 3.5+ and went with the C130S. It works great on both the riding cart and Clicgear. Plus, the storage is second only to a huge cart bag (I love the beverage pocket where I can fit multiple drinks and an ice pack as opposed to a beverage sleeve) and the stand is important to me for range use and storage in the garage.
  8. I found them to be very similar in performance on all shots except wedges into the green. I was able to spin the Chrome Soft more on partial wedge shots.
  9. Glad to hear this as I was starting to lean toward the C-130 Stand Bag and already have the riser on my 3.5. I also have the Bag Cozy that adjusts to fit the legs on stand bags and keeps them from rotating.
  10. I've been eyeing Galway Bay products for a while now as I need rain-gear but have not found the perfect fit yet. With that said, thanks for this opportunity. 1) What is your current rainwear? A towel to wipe myself down with as I don't have any gear. 2) What is your Favorite Galway Bay product? The All Weather Jacket (Black/Blue) 3) Why do you want to win? The All Weather Jacket
  11. I've been searching the boards and while this topic comes up occasionally, I have not seen any recent results. With that said, I'm in need of a new bag as my 5+ year old Hoofer is finally starting to show its age. I walk frequently and used to split time between carrying and pushing my Clicgear but a recent knee issue has me pushing more often than not. On that note, I'm in the market for a cart bag so as to take the decision to carry out of the picture (the impact from the added weight is not doing my knee any favors and there are times that I will carry simply because I want to hit the c
  12. Up for sale today is a lightly used Tour Issue M1 440 head in 9.5*. The crown is perfect and it shows minimal signs of use on the sole and face. The pictures speak for themselves. I, unfortunately, do not have the spec sheet as I got this from a guy at my club who plays the mini tours and some Web.com events (my club hosts a Web.com event). I can, however, say that it weights 195 grams. The price is $225 shipped to the lower 48 and although I do not have an M1 cover, I will include a new M2 cover. The below pics show the "+" sign and the COR measurement marking from when I first got it.
  13. I prefer a sight dot if anything. I'm right handed but very left eye dominant and find that if I have lines on the putter I can't help but watch them go back and forth in the stroke. Given the left eye dominance, the lines never look right to me and I wind up trying to guide putts. I occasionally use a line on the ball but that never lasts very long as I find that I putt better by picking a spot just in front of the ball to aim at.
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