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  1. Got a used limited Pizza Headcover for Spider putters. Everytime you open it its delivery time! 100 OBO Shipped con48 PM for paypal
  2. 1. Los Angeles, CA 2. 8 3. ZX7 3. Yes, also can do Mevo+ Analysis 4. Srixon z745, KBS TourV Stiff 5. It's just a beauty, at a certain point you're looking for irons that you love to look at and can trust. The z745 were those for me and I have a good feeling the ZX7 will be the same. Set them up and get out of the way, blame it on yourself at that point. Excited for the VT sole as well. 6. Yes
  3. Payment sent for: Like New Graphite Design IZ 85X w/ Ping G410 Adapter 39.75"- $150
  4. Hey All, Just trying to consolidate some items that have sat in the closet for a while. All prices shipped and paypal fees included. As always feel free to shoot me an offer. *Added SM5 and Ketsch **Price Drops for some of the items! 1.) First up is a Nike Method 003, 34" with the Nike Method Pistol Grip. Bought it off here about a year or two ago and have barely used it at all outside of carpet rolling it. Turns out I just putt better with spaceships. $60 SOLD 2/3.) Next up are a pair of Fourteen RM 12 Wedges. Gamed for a little over 2 years. 56* has the most wear and some browning (also a small nick from what looks to be a rock in a bunker along the leading edge but does not affect playability) and a DG Wedge flex shaft and Lamking REL 3GEN at 35/35.25" measured along the spine. 60* is much less used with a Dynalite SL shaft, and a GP NDMC Black/White at 36" measured along the spine. $60 50 each or $100 90 for the pair. 4/5/6.) Next up are three shafts, $60 $50 each, make me an offer for all 3 2. Please see pictures for lengths. 4.) Oban Kiyoshi White Stiff with R1 Graphics and R1 Tip (Fits SLDR as well) [pictured on far right on measured photo] SOLD! 5.) Fujikura Fuel Stiff with R1 Graphics and R1 Tip (Fits SLDR as well) [pictured in middle on measured photo] 6.) Fujikura Speeder 6.2 Stiff with Ping Tip (played 44.25" in G25) 7.) Ping Ketsch 35" 355g in great shape. Rolled it great on the golf shop floor, bought it and immediately went back to the Scotty. $120 SOLD! 8.) Vokey SM5 Gold 60* M Grind, standard L/L/ $55
  5. Would love to stack it against my Speeder 661 Evo TS and Oban Kiyoshi White! [b]60S[/b] Please!
  6. I guess he just wanted a reason to switch to the Vapor Pro's? Haha, I wonder if someone is going to fish it out for him.
  7. Always a fun topic. But I've seen so many different combos be "quality" players. However, there are a two somewhat sarcastic "truths" imo. And maybe 2 extras. 1.) High-End Off Brand Putter from 5-15 years ago. I'm talking Bobby Grace's (the vfoil/m5k especially), Tad Moore's, Bettinardi Big/Baby Ben's, Callaway Blue's. Basically things that are hard to find and not popular enough to be a hand me down (i.e. Scotty's and Odyssey's). If you see one of these in the wild, run far far away in a money game. This dude probably can putt! 2.) Top of the line 3 wood from 8-10 years ago with exotic shafts. This is the classic V-Steel, MP-001, Tour Edge CB1 category. If those heads are paired with high end shafts, look out. This guy probably knows what he's doing. Possible Extras: 1.) Guy with a bag full of new clubs with exotic everything except his putter (putts with a well worn odyssey/cameron/etc...). This guy can afford it all, wants the latest and greatest but he has old faithful in the bag. Only reason this is not tried and true is it may be some new guy upgrading and he hasn't put much thought into his putter yet. 2.) Guys with the OG X flex Yellow and Purple ProForce in his old driver. This is the classic, I used to have game once upon of time guy. Probably played HS/Collegiate golf and now has a family and life. Can still stripe it from time to time, but doesn't get to practice as much as he likes to but can still hit it well enough for decent scores. This dude is also very very long.
  8. Anyone know where to get these guys anymore??? Anyone have any left? Willing to buy some stock off of people! Can't seem to find them anywhere online other than the odd dozen here or there on ebay.
  9. [quote name='phil75070' timestamp='1415143266' post='10397873'] The DPF was OK but certainly more in the GI category. The DF by comparison to the DPF seemed to have an excessively high launch and ball flight. The CB I hit better as it had a little less off-set and just the solid feel and consistent launch and trajectory were a pleasure to watch. I only hit graphite shafts or that SteelFiber that they will be offering *which I liked the feel of) but I can't recall which iron I hit that had that shaft. There were demo clubs set up on the range but it was tough to spend a lot of time there due to the total number of participants. There was also an iron "station" where you couldn't hit more than about three balls and for those I used the CB because of the performance I saw on the range. I failed to mention that I also putted with the D03 putter with the smaller grip and that is one fine feeling putter. I stroked about 10 putts from about four feet and holed every one of them. The irons are probably going to be out of my budget for the time being but I may just have to pick up that putter - it felt that nice! For reference, I am a low to mid single digit handicap senior. [/quote] For the DF high is interesting, so would you say it had relatively decent forgiveness high to low on the face as opposed to forgiveness on the toe etc? Also, does anyone know when these are going to be released in the US/Bridgestone US site? I'm hoping they run their Trial/Test Drive program again.
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