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  1. The purge continues. Clearing out all golf related clothing. 9 shirts are Under Armor along with 1 Puma. All size small and each one pretty much fits the same. For reference, I'm 5'8" around 130-135lb and these fit well, not too baggy, not too snug. If you only see 1 picture of a shirt its because that shirt is essentially new and in near perfect condition. If you see two pictures the shirt was worn more often and had sweat stain in the collar that I tried to show in the 2nd picture. I think the colors are pretty obvious and I'll throw in the nearly new pair of UA shirts size 30 as a bonus
  2. I gave up golf. 3 knee surgeries in 2014 and it looks like another this fall. I'm now wearing Hoka One One running shoes daily since they have so much padding it takes pressure off my knee.
  3. I haven't touched a club in over 13 months, so its time to get rid of everything golf related. First up is shoes and once these are gone some clothes, then leaving the best for last...A brand new Scratch DW Proto set of irons, 1 of only 2 sets ever made of this particular design and finish...matching wedges as well;) The size 8s are the older True's and fit exactly the same as their newer size 8.5. If you don't see a box, I don't have the box for that shoe. 1. New in the box True Linkswear Gent Wingtip Brown 8.5. $65 Shipped. 2. 3 Pair of True Proto all size 8. I do not want to
  4. I'd prefer to sell as a group but I understand the different cuts make a difference. I've listed each cut below and would sell each 'cut group' as a lot for $15 per hat shipped. So if you wanted the Classic Cut, you'd get 6 hats for $90 shipped, etc. Kiawah - Ahead Classic Cut Harbour Town - Ahead Classic Cut Winged Foot - Ahead Mid Cut Harding Park - Ahead Classic Cut Shinnecock - Ahead Extreme Fit Hazeltine - Ahead Extreme Fit Pebble Beach - Ahead Classic Cut Medinah - Ahead Classic Cut Congressional - Ahead Extreme Fit Pinehurst - Ahead Classic Cut
  5. Hi guys, thanks for looking. Price is obo and includes shipping to CONUS only. I have 10 new hats from some of the best courses in America. All are brand new, never worn, not even tried on. Sold locally. 1. Pinehurst 2. Congressional 3. Medinah 4. Pebble Beach 5. Hazeltine 6. Shinnecock 7. Harding Park 8. Winged Foot 9. Harbour Town 10. Kiawah - The Ocean Course
  6. Last 2 years scoring ave is a shade over 74. Low round ever a 64 on a par 72, slope 133, and 6750 yards. Recently played Harbor Shores in Michigan with a slope of 143 @ 6852yds...good news I had 6 birdies...bad news I had 2 triples, 1 double, and 4 bogies to shoot 77! More birdies than pars, lol, crazy game. You miss in the wrong spot on that beast and its gonna be a long day and I did and it was:) Golf is funny though, I read everyones comments about easy courses and I just don't get it. Maybe the problem is when I play an easy course I expect to go low but I rarely go truly low, maybe 1 o
  7. Best score w/out mulligans or handicap (3 players were scratch) was 52. We had 2 eagles and a hole in one. Fill the rest in with birdies and there ya go. It would be an understatement to say we cleaned up. We won the outing, longest drive, closest to pin, all skin money, and a $14,000 bass boat for the ace. Thats a good day:)
  8. Thermacare heat wraps work wonderfully! They wrap around your body and velcro in place. I've been wearing them during my rounds for 3 years to deal with a back lower back. The great part is they stay hot for 8-12 hours and you can get them at Costco in bulk and usually on sale for much cheaper than normal retail.
  9. [quote name='Conrad1953' timestamp='1407897371' post='9921743'] [quote name='Pepperturbo' timestamp='1407874399' post='9919095'] To be direct, threads like this are strange to me. I suppose it has something to do with, as a young mid-western boy, being taught men do not talk about our ailments and commiserate, besides, it doesn't help anything. If I need something, I look to my wife. Though, over recent years, its more prevalent with males, it still hasn't shown me any value. What it has shown me, more males are choosing to behave similarly to females... I won't go into my aches, pains
  10. How's this for a kick in the s*ck...In Sept 2013 I had Tommy John surgery followed by knee surgery in Dec, followed by another knee surgery in March (same knee, tripped while on crutches from 1st one and re-tore everything). Finally in May of this year I can play, so I get my game together then travel to Detroit in June and get fit for a set of Don White proto irons. I'm told it will take 6-8 weeks which is fine. Then this past saturday I swing driver and POP. Same freaking knee! Now I'm out for the season and wouldn't you know it, my shiny new DW irons will be in next week and I have to just
  11. Thanks for looking. I've priced these for a quick sell and would like to ship tomorrow. Prices includes shipping to the lower 48. 1. Ping Ketsch 34" Slight Arc Orange dot. I bought this last week in the BST thinking I had to give it a shot based on the golf spy testing. After 1 putting session I'll just stick with my Seemore. SOLD! 2. Taylormade 300 Forged 4-PW with Aldila TGi 120 stiff graphite shafts. I bought these to play while I waited for my Scratch irons to be built. These were in VERY WELL USED condition when I got them. They're +1/2" and I just put new Karma grips on. They'r
  12. I'd been playing Recoil Proto 110 F4s before being fit into the regular 110 F4. For me, I could feel the standard version load whereas the proto felt like I had to work a little harder. For whatever reason my ball speed went up and the dispersion was tighter. Win win!! At the fitting I hit the Aerotech as well but the standard 110s just felt and performed better...according to trackman anyway:)
  13. [quote name='fightingbees' timestamp='1405468855' post='9708283'] Hi. How about 90 for the wedges? [/quote] I'll pass!
  14. Find someone local who teaches AimPoint. I was a decent putter prior to AP but after taking the Express class my confidence is on a whole other level. There's no more guesswork, its the t$ts!
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