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  1. **SOLD - FS: Titleist 818 H2 hybrids - 17° & 21° - $110 each (OBO) - SOLD ** Each club has head cover and includes both weights (see photo). *Please note, each has a Diamana Blue shaft S+ 70g HY. HOWEVER, the 17° is stiff and the 21° is a regular. Because of the shaft difference, I'd expect they go separately, but will gladly consider offers for the pair if interested. Thank you for looking. Any questions, please feel free. Titliest 818 H2 17° - Diamana Blue Stiff Titliest 818 H2
  2. going down to the San Diego area. Have heard really good things about Maderas Golf Club and booked a time. under further digging, found out it's a Johnny Miller design. Personally never liked any courses of his I've played, but willing. Any thoughts? Also, anyone familiar with the Singing Hills Resort down that way? There are 2 courses, Willow Glen and Oak Glen. Any info would be appreciated. And maybe how they compare to Maderas. Thanks
  3. not a course I know, but always liked this one
  4. FS: Srixon 565/756 Combo iron set. $600 OBO - 5 & 6 iron = Srixon Z565 - 7-PW = Srixon Z765 - Shaft = Project X 6.0 (stiff) - Length = standard length - Lie angle = 1° flat from standard - Loft = 1° strong from standard - Grip = Golf Pride Z cord I can bend clubs to whatever specs you would prefer prior to shipping. Clubs are in very nice condition. Expected bag chatter. Lots of life left in grooves. Pictures don't show too well, the bottom numbers are paint filled black and I will gladly touch up where needed prior to shipping.
  5. I think you're spot on with going a little shorter. Been playing 44.5" for years with the driver. It's all about impact. Obviously you can change the "arrow" too much that could make some things inefficient, however hitting it on the face gives the best results, and as long as the change isn't too radical, you should keep (or increase) ball speed due to better contact. Most manufacturers now are having the stock drivers at a little over 45". Presumably this is to increase clubhead speed with the longer arc etc. however, imo what good is increasing your clubhead speed if you miss th
  6. I have about 200+ pencils in the collection, maybe 10% at most have erasers.
  7. Agree with Imp on this one and the actual reason for the original post. OK, here's the link of shots 2 and 3. from a hazard, NOT a penalty area. unfortunately, neither of these videos show the flick backwards with the wedge. when I watched it, he flips the ball backwards from this terrible lie and leaves it in the creek. perhaps this helps clear it up a little https://www.golfdigest.com/story/masters-2021-billy-horschel-13th-hole-raes-creek the announcers said (pretty sure) that he was taking an unplayable, which spurred my first question(s) about when you
  8. after speaking with a PGA Class A pro rules guy, here's what I now understand. He admittedly DID NOT see this happen. BH hit one into creek on 13 (1), takes 2 attempts to extricate himself from hazard (2,3). decides he's had enough and then goes back on line entered, drops, takes stroke and hits 5 (4.5). Ball was not necessarily declared unplayable, but simply relief. (this part I was unclear on and wrong about, i'm now corrected). however, the questions still remains: did he take a stroke when flipping the ball back into creek with wedge vs. picking it up with his hand
  9. Truly was not trying to be a Gotcha Wise Guy. I understand your POV on this and it's noted. Commentary still comes across as needlessly harsh. If you don't believe or understand my mea culpa then why should your responses be viewed differently by me? Every one of my assertions has a question ending the sentence. and, if I am correct, which I may not be, then he should be DQ'd.
  10. Time to defend myself I guess. I reread my post and I was/am posing questions, NOT making accusations. That's what it means when I said, "If I'm correct ..." #1 I was trying to pose questions because I didn't know. If it came across as accusatory then I apologize. Not trying to "nail" anyone (and I like BH) perhaps I didn't write it correctly, but I find it interesting how quickly this wonderful community is to judge and ridicule someone. #2 I guess I'm trying to figure out intent, which is what much of the rules take into consideration and are based upon. D
  11. I believe Billy Horschel posted an incorrect score on #13 of final round of Masters. Here's what was counted. 1 = tee shot on 13 into water 2 = one shot out of water a couple feet in front of him in the junk 3 = tried to hit from junk, barely moves ball 4 = declared unplayable - drops back behind creek 5 = hits shot into patrons area 6 = onto green 7 = first putt 8 = second putt however, before deciding to take an unplayable drop, he took his club and flipped a ball out of the junk backward into creek. he then decided to play an unplayable, drop
  12. how does one close an open BST listing? Thx
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