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  1. No they don't. The reason being when you are vaccinated, your viral load is almost non-existent (that's also why your symptoms will be almost non-existent. With a super low viral load, that means it is almost impossible for a vaccinated, but positive person to spread it to another person.
  2. I actually think the tour handled the situation perfectly fine. They set out the rules beforehand, the players agreed to them, and the tour stick to the rules. It is unfortunately that it is the leader that has to withdraw as a result. Would you guys be mad if it was say the 60th place player who has to withdrawn instead of the leader? It also seems that a lot of the replies complaining about the tour officials are based on incorrect facts. According to the Tour, Rahm has been testing negative all week. His positive test was done after the 2nd round (which ended Saturday morning d
  3. Good that Hideki is not EMPLOYED in USA then.
  4. Just ordered one with the 15% discount code seeing all the favorable replies in this thread. Shipping is a little steep to Canada but o well. Excited to try this and see what kind of increase I can get (I only average 92-94 MPH from trackman, unlike many of the bombers on here).
  5. Can anyone recommend a good stand bag i can get on amazon for a decent price?
  6. > @ChillyDipper said: > A guy on reddit who is somehow in the golf/entertainment industry and seems to have good connections played there. Claims to be a 4 or 5 handicap, and playing from around 6400 yards shot 74: > > Does that solve the issue? > In my opinion, a scratch golfer could easily break 85 depending on the wind and hole positions. It's that simple. Just limit yourself to 12 bogeys and 6 pars and youre there. It doesn't solve the issue since those are different criteria from what was originally posted? Is it that hard to understand? I don't get it.
  7. The solution is pretty simple actually. Just get rid of all the woman's sports league and have 1 league for both male and female (NBA, NHL, PGA, Tennis, etc). Then the pay will be equal based on their ability. Just like at my industry where I compete with both men and women for promotion, jobs opening etc. It is actually pretty ironic that women are asking for equal pay all across sports thinking that equal pay = equality. Equality doesn't mean equal pay. It means everyone should be on a level playing field, meaning the best players (or players who bring in the most revenue for the owners) w
  8. Will there be any sale for Black Friday? Looking for a rangefinder.
  9. He's really good at golf and hits it the golf ball (much) further than anyone on tour right now. Professional golf is entertainment and my favorite thing is to watch guys score well. But I definitely love to see them hit the sh*t out of the ball (in ways I never could) and score well too. I don't think there is anything wrong with that. Step off your high horse. High horse? Not sure you know what that expression means. But if you want to watch this guy bomb it off the tee go ahead - I recommend Thursdays and Fridays, since I don't think you'll see a lot of him on TV on the tour during the
  10. I buy a knife with the expectation of it being sharp enough to cut, which is its primary purpose. I buy a cup of coffee with the expectation of it being hot enough to enjoy consuming it, which is its primary purpose. If I want to buy something whose primary purpose is to burn something, I do not buy coffee to achieve that purpose. Actually different knives and different uses. If I buy a butter knife (the primary purpose is to cut butter, not meat, not metal, not cardboard, etc) and I stab myself, based on your logic, I should be able to sue right?
  11. How could a belly putter even be used without anchoring it, like the long putter users are? Simpson never had an option here, so he ended up with an armlock instead, which makes sense to me. I like how you slid not 1 but 2 premises in there. "How could the belly even be used with out anchoring it?" A HA..... EXACTLY MY POINT. "Like the long putter users are."...AGAIN, EXACTLY MY POINT! if he had a different moral compass, perhaps Webb would rest the putter real close to his belly (wink wink) but never, ever intentionally (wink wink) anchor it.....if it LOOKED to be anchored, that wou
  12. They don't need to go on strike. If the "have nots" have enough votes, they can implement a system where people failing to make the cut get paid. That's how we got the all exempt tour in 1983. There are a lot more Gary McCords, Jeff Goves and Tommy Gaineys out there than Jacks and Tigers. Of course there are more less successful players out there than Jacks and Tigers, and they are free to switch career if they want. There are also a lot more failed businesses out there than successful ones, a lot more failed professional athletes than successful ones, a lot more failed professional poker p
  13. 3-8-0 in the Ryder Cup. He shouldn't be given any more than 1 token round prior to singles just to make it feel like he's part of the team. Making stat up doesn't really strengthen your opinion you know? Everyone just seems to hate Webb on the team because of the shank. He has a better Ryder Cup record than Bubba and Rickie and is also in better form than several other Americans (Bubbas, Rickie, JS, Phil if he makes it). I really don't see Webb being the problem.
  14. Man like others have said, everyone just looking for a handout these days. A golfer is an independent contractor. Golf is their business. If the business is not going well (not making cuts), they can quit or change careers. There are plenty of decent salaried jobs for golfers. I'm a poker player. I pay the tournament buy-in, travel expenses, meals, etc to play in a tournament. It may be televised on TV. I may get some tv time if I'm at the featured table, or I knock out a pro, or I get knocked out by a pro. Should all players who got knocked out before the money be paid a fixed fee for show
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