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  1. Then- Phil Rogers Cobra or Hogan Colonial Now - Callaway MD forged And somewhere in between Eidolon V sole
  2. Surprised no mention of the 909h (19*) which has stayed in my bag for an age and it's going nowhere. I also have an 816 (23*) too, I do like the adjustable surefit hosel both look good and are solid performers.
  3. Current bag Yonex Ezone TYPE X Driver @ 9 Mizuno ST190 fairway @ 15 Titleist 917F fairway @ 21 Titleist 909h Hybrid @19 Titleist 816 H1 Hybrid @23 Tom Wishon 555cb 5 & 6 iron Tom Wishon 555mb 7,8,9 & PW Callaway Mack Daddy Forged 52 & 56 Cleveland H-Beach 4 or Yes! Tracy II Ball Srixon Zstar XV
  4. Winter has arrived and so have some new clubs, firstly a Yonex Ezone GT type X driver and secondly a Titleist 917 7 wood. Hope to bridge the gap to the 3 wood and hybrids. Happy Golfing and keep safe all
  5. More updates to the bag, traded the Bridgestone 3&5 iron and a Callaway Bertha 5 wood or a Mizuno ST190 3 fairway. I've also brought some Wishon 555 combo irons. 3,4,5,6 in Cavity and 6,7,8,9,PW in MB to test out over winter.
  6. August updates. Moved on Titleist 980F and Tour Edge Exotics Ex9. But have added a Mitsubishi Rayon C6 Red Shaft into the Driver. (Current is Aldila ATX). The Rayon shaft is shorter than normal so hoping to find Fairways. I have. Bridgestone J38 DPC 3 Iron head incoming.
  7. New wedges have arrived as the Eidolons are around 10 Years old. The Callaway Xr steelhead 4wood has departed along withe the Ping 4 iron.
  8. 56 degrees usually sometime the 59 gets a round or two
  9. Epic/Epic flash or Rogue sub zero might suit
  10. Adjustable hybrids are the way to go. I have a 816 H1 23* and I've just acquired an F7 Cobra, (16/19*) which use the same key?
  11. Radius Linea SL Thames in the bag
  12. Drivers: Cobra Fly Z+ (Adjustable) Callaway Diablo Octane Black Tour Fairways: Cobra BioCell (adjustable), Callaway XR steelhead 4+ Mizuno T-zoid (3), Makser TW400 (3 & 5), Titleist 980F (4 Wood). Tour Edge Exotics EX9 (5 wood) Hybrids: , Titleist 909h (19), Titleist 816 H1 (adjustable 23*) Irons: Wilson FGF5 5-PW, Bridgestone J15DF (5 Iron). Ping S57 (4 Iron) Wedges: Eidolon V-sole (52*, 56*) ON Off Labospec (59) Snake Eyes TM655 (56) Lynx Blade (57) Putters: Cleveland Huntington Beach #4, Odyssey White Hot #2 & un-branded blade Putter with added leadtape.
  13. So a re-arrangement made, releasing the Cobra F6 hybrid, Cobra Trusty wedge, Wilson PmP Raw and the Nike putter.
  14. Ram Tour Balata Top Flite Magna Maxfli DDH Rextar
  15. My curve ball choice would be Cobra Bio Cell, it's adjustable & good looking. I believe the + version is a smaller head footprint.
  16. Pinseeker Blades Maxfli Australian Blade Rogue USA (CB) Lynx Parallax Tour Carbon Macgregor VIP 1025c Mizuno MX20 Cleveland CG Red Titleist 712 MB Mizuno MP-58 Wilson Staff FGF5 Tour
  17. Hi guys, I used a Tour Preferred X ball at the weekend that was lying in my bag, really liked it just wondering which new ball plays like it. Should I be looking at the Tp5x ?
  18. I have PmP Raw gap wedge from Wilson, Cobra offers some nice options both decent enough. However, my Eidolons are going nowhere !
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