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  1. Apparently I am a little high on price. Lets try $175 OBO
  2. *Tour issue RBZ 14.5 Double stamp* -Smaller head than retail. 1.5 degrees open and plays 42.5 inches in length -Txxx serial number -Tour AD DI black 7x shaft -Golf pride tour velvet standard size grip (like new). Will include a used M2 headcover. Not really sure of a value on this one so I’ll start at $250 shipped OBO. No trades at this time. If you are outside the continental US please message me to work out shipping.
  3. Update- They replaced my 818 h2 head with one of the last remaining 818's they had in stock. Very satisfied!
  4. Trying to use the search function as opposed to starting a new topic.. OP were you able to get this resolved with Titleist? I am in the exact same situation as you were in. Cracked face of an 818 h2 that I bought used. I am going to my pro today.
  5. Any idea when we'll be able to do custom orders? Very interested in the premium carry bag and would like to get my company's logo on it.
  6. Any idea the story behind that ball?
  7. Irons I could do, maybe drivers. Putters- no way lol
  8. Are those black with red/white stripes? Or like a dark navy?
  9. Does the 'Patina' name mean that they are a raw finish and will rust over time?
  10. Price drop to $160 shipped. Feel free to send offers. Going on eBay if not sold by the end of the weekend.
  11. Swing weight is C8. I will add as much lead tape is reasonable to get to the buyers desired swing weight.
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