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  1. Hey guys, Selling my Modus 3 shafts (5 to P) that came off from my Miuras. The have the GP MCC standard grips on them. Asking 180obo shipped. Next up is my 52 degree Sugar daddy (DGs300) in excellent condition for SOLD And lastly a barely used PXG proto x+ head with a PXG headcover for SOLD
  2. I'm looking for more of a muscle back iron. Maybe the 620mb or maybe try the t100
  3. How are you liking the cb57? Thinking of switching to Miura
  4. Hey there! I'm also about thr same index as you. What specific parts of your game that you are focusing on to lower down your hcp?
  5. How's the mp20 working for you? Thinking swiching the that or thr hmb
  6. Just wanted to know also where you got the brand new mp32?
  7. Hello, I'm selling my 505x with a PXG adapter. Tip to end of grip is 45". It plays to about 46" when in a proto + head. Looks like 505 is better for me than the 505x. 750 shipped.
  8. Oh man! I knew something like this would come up! If only I waited a few more days haha. Thank you!
  9. For sale is a mint PXG Proto (9 deg) driver head. Only used in the range a few times. I have been a 10.5 guy and just wanted to try a lower lofted driver. Unfortunately, it did not work out for me. I just purchased the Proto+. No headcover. SOLD firm.Thanks for looking. Cheers!
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