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  1. Omg, I had forgotten all about that until you said this. I remember cackling reading through the comments on that one. Wonder if that post is still hanging around somewhere? That was a real gem. WRX needs an archive of all the classic threads over the years. Some sort of comedy corner where you can go read through those old ones. They can take the names away for all I care, I just want to read some of them again lol
  2. Back in April around the Masters, I was getting slaughtered by the pollen. My allergies and sinuses were in full force, yet I decided it would be a good idea to try to hit the range. Dizzy from the sinus pressure, yet undaunted, I went out there with a bucket of balls and hope. I proceeded to (I am not joking here) hit 12 shanks in a row. I say it again, 12 SHANKS...in a row. While I stood there becoming a danger to the golfing public, I made the executive decision to leave the rest of the bucket there and go home.
  3. This is an underrated post. Also, @JeffreySpicoli, you're killing me in this thread. I am cackling.
  4. I recall Tem and TDO had a bit of an, ummm, strained relationship lol. TDO was a character in his own right.
  5. Jeff, I thought I had problems with lead tape. You, sir, need a support group!
  6. Man those CB's are such solid clubs, but the vibes off those Mac's are world class! You got me over here on ebay!
  7. That's hysterical lol. I do wonder if it's the clubs or due to the sudden demand for used golf equipment? It seems like a lot of older stuff I've looked at out of curiosity lately have been selling for more than what I thought they would've been. But nowhere near the gem you got out of those Nike's lmao
  8. My buddy has decided to buy all of his balls from Wish. The way he pounds balls into oblivion never to be seen again, it's for the best. He gets some interesting ones in those ball shipments. I'm praying for the day he finally gets one of those exploding balls in one of his orders. They'll have to bury me on the tee, for I will be deceased.
  9. Man, I'm glad you were able to move them for that but good lord! I bought mine for $400 in 2011. Crazy that heads now are going for triple that!
  10. For my personal taste a putter is heavier than I like to throw, so I don't really have any data for that.
  11. It's worth noting my lob wedge also has lead tape slapped on it. Not for swingweight/CG, its purely for downforce.
  12. Happy to address these. Two handed I feel, surprisingly, that you actually lose speed. I think one hand really lets the hips rotate and lets you fire that thing out there. Something else we need to discuss is what hand you're going to toss it with. Plan this out ahead of time. Nothing worse than looking like a fool while you stand there trying to decide which hand to throw the club with, it just isn't a good luck for the brand. I golf right handed, but I grew up a pitcher and QB playing lefty, so the club ALWAYS goes to the left hand for the toss. I'm not throwing off-hand, I'm a p
  13. I have the opposite issue. I aim left and block it out to the right. I've spent more time working on getting that gem out of my putting stroke than I've worked on anything in golf. If we split the difference between our strokes, we'd probably make a lot of putts.
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