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  1. I've seen older, but not by much. This one is up there.
  2. Out of everything shown, the thing I want most is that jet skiing wizard head cover
  3. Oh, I know they're not. I can still wish they would, though.
  4. It seems the common trend is to have the "tour version" be minimal stampings, lines, etc., then have the standard retail line have more stampings than a wood shop and more visual lines than an airport runway so they better function as billboards. In other words, I'd love to see it come to retail, but until they best figure out how to still cram 15 logos onto the thing, it probably won't happen. Or it will but will still have 3 sightlines on it because why the hell not?
  5. Nah, man. I turn it up loud enough to make sure everyone can hear it clearly.
  6. I’ll keep it in mind, man! I don’t have time to fool with it currently, if I do get around to it I’ll shoot you a pm.
  7. The Hogan/Snead episode was on youtube, at least it was a couple months ago when I watched it. It's sort of hit and miss what is and isn't on there. Sometimes you have to find and watch them before the Tour copyright strikes them lol
  8. I do it all the time. How hard are you stepping on a club head that it's leaving a dent on the green? It doesn't take much pressure to get the handle moving in an upward direction lol
  9. Elite username and profile pic combination. I also cannot help but feel the process is *slightly* above my level of DIY ability, but I just so happen to have an old stainless putter head laying around that I might have to find out now
  10. I've been using an AD-DI for so long now, anything else just feels wrong. I did switch a handful of years ago from a 7x to a 6x. I have no idea if it made any difference whatsoever. Every time I get a new driver, I just put the new adapter on that shaft and call it a day.
  11. I broke a putter shaft in a Circa 62, and thought of this same thing. I remembered I had a PX 6.0 laying around, so I stuck it in the putter as a temporary fix. I ended up loving it and just left it in there. It looks like a nightmare (I was classy enough to cut the label off, at least) but it works. Would I spend the money on another PX shaft for another putter? Maybe. Would I spend $250-$400 for a high speed putter shaft? Not unless I suffer head trauma.
  12. Oh lord yes. Nothing could be worse than opening your newest item without showing off your watch in your "wrist check" and then your "pocket check" with your new high speed, even more impractical than the last one, knife.
  13. As long as said slobs aren't setting elitist, stuffy dress codes, then I'm fine with it.
  14. I'm ready for the day stuffy dress codes go into their long overdue grave. If someone else's attire bothers you THAT much, it's not an indictment of them. For the record, before anyone starts, basically my entire life I've worked in a field that requires extremely strict uniform standards. So yes, I do know what it means to "look professional," I'm just not in the business of telling other grown adults how they should dress.
  15. I've never seen it happen, but if you aren't slowing anything down, have at it I guess.
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