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  1. Here's some pics of a few polished finish putters.
  2. Just like any of our clients I'm anxiously awaiting my new mallet that's in production. I've added a screen shot of the CAD rendering. Right now gaming a Campbell that I really love. This is our version of a fanged mallet. Here's some pics of my favorite Campbell that we just finished for a client with a hickory shaft!
  3. Some killer pics in this thread! I'm happy to answer any questions you guys have. I'm obviously biased but these putters are amazing. Above all else I'm a huge putter and club HO and I've never had a putter before that performs like these. Again I'm obviously biased at this point but the performance of these putters was proven to me before NCW decided to partner with these guys to make them so my amazement with their performance is the genesis of them becoming the putter makers for NCW. To answer the question above, yes the Round 4 team lead by Al Vikmani
  4. Yes however it will have to wait until 2021 most likely. I'm in Scotland and I decided to stay here when all the covid craziness started and its not looking good for me getting back to the states before the end of the season. Happy to host when I'm back in town 2021 though. Course is amazing you guys will love it.
  5. Yes to Askernish. 6-17 is just amazing, imo the best stretch of links golf in Scotland. Isle of Harris is good and amazingly scenic but not on Askernish level. Worth playing if your on Harris but I'm not sure it's worth a special trip just to play it.
  6. LOVE that sign at Westward Ho! I actually had a logo file made of it and have had it embroidered on a couple bags and a few headcovers. Not sure when you were last there but there was 2 of those signs but the larger one got lost to the sea a year or 2 ago during a particularly bad storm.
  7. Old Mac would be my answer for biggest disappointment. This was somewhat due to my insanely high expectations but still I'd rate it 4/4 at the resort (haven't played new SR yet) and would happily skip it next time I'm at the resort for more time on the other courses. At the time the course was being built I lived in Oregon and owned a vacation home in Bandon. I used to walk my dogs on the land that became Old Mac so I knew it well. I was also at the time in the midst of a mild Raynor/Macdonald obsession and was in the process of trying to play all of their courses. So when I heard they wer
  8. The Nebraska comparison is not a good one. That land/topography is virtually perfect for golf, land is cheap, building a course is cheap as you already have natural drainage and do not need to move much land to create interesting golf holes. Florida is the exact opposite. Most people think of Nebraska as dead flat but in reality 1/3 of the state is the Sand Hills region which is filled with big, heaving sand dunes as far as the eye can see. It's much more reminiscent of the coastal dunes of Scotland or Ireland than anything else in the USA. This is where the great golf is in Nebraska and it
  9. The Campbeltown area is one of the best 54 hole days you can do without traveling more than 10 miles between courses. Add Machrihanish Dunes and Dunaverty to Machrihanish Old and it will make you more than happy you made the extra effort. Dunaverty is one of the world's hidden gems. 4800 yards and par 66 but on land that would make Pebble Beach jealous. Great way to start or finish the day.
  10. Yes played them all. Great courses all 3 but not quite in my top 5.
  11. Top 5 non USA Askernish Ardfin Royal County Down Cruden Bay Machrihanish
  12. Patrick Boyd and I dug the bunker left of 4 (?) green by hand with a shovel back when Scratch Golf was in Eugene.
  13. It is. Easily the most scenic and amazing piece of land I've seen golf on. You can see the ocean from every hole (one hole you have to look behind you) it's kinda like playing 6-10, 17/18 at Pebble Beach for 19 (yes there's 19) holes. The golf itself is top notch too great use of land and lots of variety.
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