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  1. Jeff we have discussed this multiple times. The wedge you wanted copied was one you modified not one that we ground. You are one person who cannot be made happy. You were also so rude to my employees that 2 of them refused to continue to work with you. That's the reason we chose to not work with you with the new company. Either way I hope your doing well and your game is good these days!
  2. Add the islands to Ayrshire and Machrihanish. Shiskine on Arran, Machrie on Islay and Ardfin on Jura. All easily accessible by ferry from Machrihanish area. Also if your in Machrihanish do not miss Dunaverty and stay in Campbeltown. Great little Scottish town.
  3. St Andrews is a great place to base your trip out of I was just saying make sure you get out of town and go play some other local spots or you don't really get a true Scottish flavor. St Andrews to me is its own thing especially during the busy season.
  4. The closest to Bandon would be St Andrews which is basically just a resort itself. They have 7 courses on site plus many others very close like Kingsbarns etc. Next id recommend the golf coast area of East Lothian which has 21 courses within a 30 mile stretch of coast including greats like N Berwick, Muirfield, Gullane etc. There's other options too. Troon and Prestwick are right next to each other and you could also play Western and Glasgow Gailes and drive 45 min or so to Turnberry. Dundonald is new and also in that area. Gleneagles is a very nice res
  5. I lived in Oregon for 10 years and spent a ton of time at Bandon. I have over 500 rounds on Pacific Dunes alone. I moved to Scotland a couple years ago so I have a ton of experience with both. Bandon is amazing. Absolutely one of my favorite places to play golf in the USA. It is absolutely authentic links golf, you can play the ground game, watch the ball bounce etc etc just like in Scotland. Bandon is where I fell in love with links golf. I find the biggest difference between Bandon and links in Scotland or Ireland etc is the width of the fairways. Bandon has very wide fairw
  6. Dishonest people generally do not stop being dishonest because a few years go by. And I don't appreciate being called a liar because I shared what happened to me. I'm sorry your offended by my experience. I'm very glad your experience was much better. Hoping you make lots of birdies the next time you play! I'm off to enjoy some other conversations!
  7. Again I'm glad you had a good experience. I can try to dig up some pics if you like. I definitely took some. I certainly was not expecting perfection and the putter I sent in was brand new. I work on golf clubs for a living so I understand the ins and outs of finishing and working on metal. All I was expecting was honesty and them doing what I paid for and I did not get that. I've dealt with almost every finisher, refinisher and custom golf club company that there is and this was by far the worst experience I've had in golf equipment. I think after that it's reasonable for me to share my exper
  8. I'm not trying to upset anyone or start an argument. I'll send you a PM.
  9. I'm glad you had a good experience. I've heard of quite a few others that have had bad experiences with norcal it's not just me. And I am absolutely not lying to anyone on here he did not take care of me with the issues I had so it's safe to assume that he might not take care of someone else. I make it a point to be honest in my business dealings but that's just me. Again glad you had a good experience!
  10. Just an FYI he actively deletes any IG content he does not like. I had an absolutely horrible experience with NorCal. He was completely dishonest which is what bothered me the most. Easily the worst golf equipment related experience I've ever had. As I posted above avoid NorCal. There are plenty of honest people doing great refinish work there is no reason to send something to someone who is dishonest and not trust worthy. I'm sure he does fine work from time to time but I can guarantee he will NOT take care of you if there is a problem and has no problem lying to people.
  11. I'd be up for a game as soon as we can travel a little bit.
  12. Dunaverty GC in Southend Scotland. Yearly membership costs me £190. Recently ranked #48 in Scotland by Golf World.
  13. Check out the patina after a month! So much darker. Love it. This putter is just absolutely amazing. My most frequent playing partner who I play a match with a couple times a week would really like it if I'd go back to my old putter! Hahaha
  14. Changed the shaft in my driver to an Aerotech Ti Fiber 60 and Im pretty settled. Love this driver. Looks and feel are top notch and I'm hitting it longer and straighter than my SIM. I like the deeper face I can vary the trajectory more based on wind conditions. I can even hit it off the deck which is key in Scotland. Overall very happy. I haven't liked a driver this much in a while. I should probably try the SIM2 also but I'd be shocked if I don't bag this driver all of 2021.
  15. It rolls the ball even better than it looks! The patina is coming along very nicely too........
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