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  1. Channahon, Illinois 10 handicap yes and no. If the snow stays away I’ll get on the course, if not I do have access to a heated range, golf dome, and indoor simulators with GCquad and trackman current irons are Mizuno mp18s and a set of Titleist 2, 4 irons u500, 5,6 T100, 7-W 620 mbs the most exciting thing is the sole design. I’ve never tried anything like it and it has always been a major point of the Srixon irons yes I would have no problem posting as much info as possible
  2. Hey guys, looking for either a Circle T flow neck mallet, or a flow neck Futura. It can be an off the rack putter that was sent in to a shop for the neck. I will consider the inspired by Justin Thomas, but I am not a big fan of the stamping. Thanks!!
  3. I did a wedge fitting right as the zip cores were being released. I so badly wanted the zip cores, they feel nice and look great, but I got the most consistent spin and distance out of the Sm8s. After trying to make the numbers do as I want and make the ZipCores better, it just didn’t happen and I ordered a set of raw SM8s and I’ve been very happy with them. Especially with all the options you can get. Love the 60° L, but I’m currently waiting on a 60° T to play with. I don’t think you could go wrong with any of them, hopefully you’re able to go head to head with a launch monitor so you can se
  4. Now willing to sell, not just trade! Would really love to find a 16.5 Tsi2 or TSi3 4 wood!! Merry Christmas!!
  5. I play a 50° bent to 49°, 54° bent to 53° and a 60° I dropped my 4 iron because I don’t use it as much because I have a driving iron for the tighter driving holes. On my home course I don’t have many shots where I’ll need a 4 iron, but I have a lot of shots 130 yards and in. I am good around the green but that 130-90 yard window I need all the help I can get so I like playing with 4 wedges. Definitely get more use in my game.
  6. Irons sold. also, please let me know here if you message me. I use wrx on my phone and it has been buggy the last couple days for me. thank you
  7. Matt send me a pm and we can talk. I have only had one other trade offer for the irons so far. I would prefer the t100s, but if nothing come around I may be interested
  8. Hey guys!! Living in Illinois, this time of year sucks because we can’t play golf. So what I do to keep from going insane is change my golf clubs as many times as possible before it warms up!!! Any ways... Mavrik Sub Zero 10.5° w graphite design Tour AD TP-7 X flex. Great condition. Always had a headcover when I wasn’t using it. 350 I’m pretty open for trades on this one. SIM Max rocket 3 14° with VA shafts Vylyn X 42” long. Great condition because I didn’t use this as much. Has lead tape that I will remove if requested. I only want to trade this for a 4 wood, something
  9. I’ve had an all Titleist bag, then Taylormade, then Callaway, and now I have 5 different brands in the bag. But to be honest, I’ve really been thinking of putting my Mp20 MMCs in the BST for some T100s. Already have a TSi3 coming to go against the Mavrik. That just leaves the Sim 3 wood that I hate and the sim hybrid I love. Oh and the putter. I hate inserts and Scotty doesn’t make a putter like my Bettinardi QB10. I can honestly see myself playing 12-13 Titleist clubs this year. I like their products, and their product cycle. I have played other balls but always come back to the prov1x. It’ll
  10. in your opinion, how different is the 2013 shaft compared to the KK XD?
  11. lmao that is awesome! Handicap was close, but I work in construction and never attended college. I do like Travis Mathew but you will never see me in a bucket cap!!! Lol this thread is awesome!
  12. Well I’m bored and this sounds fun. I don’t remember if I updated my sig lately or not and I can’t see it because I go on wrx on my phone Mavrik 10.5° w/ 2013 Kuro Kage TiNi proto 70S Taylormade Sim max rocket 3 w/ VA shafts vylyn X SIM max hybrid 19° w/ VA shafts Slay 85S Mizuno HMB 2 iron W/ KBS proto 85X Mizuno Mp20 MMC 5 and 6 iron w/ KBS tour 130x Mizuno MP18 MBs 7-pw with KBS tour 130x titleist SM8 wedges 50.08F bent to 49° 54.10S bent to 53° 60.04 Bettinardi QB10 Prov1x Mizuno Stand bag clic gear 3.5 bushnell pro xe
  13. Thank you guys! I did try finding an exact copy but I did not find anything. I will definitely try finding an XM, but if that doesn’t work I will try the others that you listed Valtiel!! Thank you guys again and I’ll let you know how it works out!
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