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  1. 1) I tend to struggle with alignment, so having a consistent set up will help out tremendously. 2) currently a 3, but I’ve been on a hot streak so between 3 and 6 3) Northern Illinois 4) a mallet. The two putters I rotate between is a Bettinardi qb10 proto and a Bettinardi inovi 6.0 center shaft. 5) speed and reading greens are my strengths. Weakness is that the ball doesn’t start on the line I intended, so alignment is definitely something I want to improve upon. 6) semi private. Greens are in very good shape and pretty quick. There are a good amount of multi tiered greens and once summer hits they are very quick. It’s also a links style course so I use my putter from off the green regularly. 7) absolutely, I try to play Atleast 2 times a week. If I’m working close to home I will stop and practice after work. 8 of course!
  2. I picked up a TSi3 5 wood, lofted down to 17.25° and it’s absolutely amazing. I’ve never been very reliable with fairway woods, but the TSi3 is awesome. I did like the g425 as well, but the spin was way to high. The TSi3 is perfect yardage and pretty forgiving.
  3. After reading through this thread, I am not optimistic lol. Ordered feb 9th 4-pw zx7s w/ KBS tour 130x +3/4” 2° upright and still no info from Srixon. I understand that things will be slow with everything going on, but like a previous poster said, it may be faster to just find a used set or a set in store and build to your specs.
  4. I ordered on 2/9 and the anticipation is killing me!! Especially with the weather finally getting better and the snow melting. My order is zx7s 4-pw w/ KBS tour 130x shafts, 3/4” long 2° upright. Congrats to all of you guys who have received your irons!! I can’t wait to get mine!!
  5. I appreciate the numbers! I’m not looking to cut 2000 all together, just lower it a bit. I do play a fade so I’m sure that doesn’t help with the spin. I’m sure the LST would most likely be a better option for me, but I’ve never hit a 3 wood as consistent as the 425 Max. I’m definitely going to wait to try out the 425 LST to see if it’s close in forgiveness. edit: I put 5000-6000 because I couldn’t remember the average spin number for the shots hit. I want to say it was closer to 5k. Sorry about the misinterpretation. I’m horrible at explaining, just ask my fiancé haha
  6. I heard in the TXG podcast yesterday that they had the Tsi4 head in but Ian kinda moved past it pretty quick, like he didn’t want to discuss it. I believe he also said it was a left hand, so that might mean it’ll be released in both Rh and LH. Probably old news but oh well. I’m loving my TSi3!
  7. Hey guys I was hoping you could help me with my situation. I have been demoing the g425 Max 3 wood at my clubs golf dome and I absolutely love how forgiving it is. Unfortunately, I’m hitting the 14.5° about 135 feet in the air with between 5000 and 6000 spin( the fitter let me hit it on the trackman for about a half hour, I can’t remember exact numbers) That was with the rogue white 80x, angle of attack was around 0. All the x shafts that have is the Rogue and raw orange. They also didn’t have the LST head and they don’t know when they will get it. I know the LST is probably the better choice, but I love how forgiving the Max is. I’d give up some distance for the forgiveness so I’d want to put a lower spinning shaft in the Max head. Just wondering what shafts you all have had success with, and if anyone was in the same situation as I am. Thanks!
  8. Price drop for Valentine’s Day! Nothing says I love you like a new set of irons!!!
  9. Willing to negotiate the price guys, send me a reasonable offer and we can talk!
  10. So, being in Illinois and buried in snow makes it really easy to want to club ho. So far this winter I’ve changed the following Mavrik 10.5° to the TSi3 10° Which has worked out very well so far at the golf dome and on trackman sold my SIM Max 14° and have yet to replace, but I’ve been hitting the new g425 Max 14.5 and it’s pretty good but a little to high of spin, they don’t have the LST yet so I’m eagerly waiting for that. Did hit the Sim2 and wasn’t a fan compared to the g425 irons went from mp20 MMCs to a Titleist combo set, and now I have a set of Srixon ZX7s ordered. Those are gonna stay in the bag, they are one of the best irons I’ve ever hit, super excited to get them!! wedges are staying the same, other then a 60 T grind Sm8 my brother ordered for me for Christmas, that we haven’t heard about since then haha and I changed putters from a Bettinardi Hexperimental QB10 to an awesome center shafted Inovi 6.0. That’s all for now, but we still have another month or so until we can actually go outside....
  11. So recently I’ve been looking for a new 3 wood, or a 4 wood. I recently sold my SIM Max because I didn’t have confidence in it and it just sat in the bag. I was at the golf dome with a couple of buddys and one of them brought a couple older three woods for me to try while I wait for warmer weather to get fit for a new one. After hitting the Ping G SF Tec 16° I think I’m going to permanently borrow that club from him. Super easy to hit and went as far as I needed it too.
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