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  1. i am looking for a PING EYE 2 + Copper PW /2 iron /3 iron /5 iron. Any color code and shaft.
  2. Powerbilts were the best of the best in their day. Anyone showing up with a bright orange golf bag must have had some game. I occasionally pull out my black gun metal TPS irons with the orange alignment dots and play a few nostalgic golf rounds with them.
  3. I loved the Stan Thompson Ginty irons. I used to play a very thick thatchy type muni golf course that had spongy fairways and deep rough. these irons were very playable on this type of course. i used to have the full arsenal of irons and woods. As I switched to shorter fairways , i played a set of Browning 400 irons that were the epitome of low centre of gravity and got the ball up high and soft. Great irons.
  4. Good day fellow wrx'ers, I am looking for information or pictures of Tom Watson playing Ram irons at the Open Championship. I read somewhere that he only hit his 1 iron whilst he was playing at the Open championship. Could anyone chime in on approx. when Mr. Watson was playing Ram irons and a picture showing him hitting a 1 iron? Deeply appreciated. More on story to come.
  5. Good day fellow Wrx'ers, I am looking to adjust a set of Ping Eye 2 + BeCus. Currently Orange (2 degrees flat) dot and hoping to bend them black (standard) dot. I have an older bending machine that is very exacting (Van-L O works). I am wondering if anyone has had any trouble bending these BeCu irons and actually have some horror stories (broken /fractured hosels). Would the 2 degrees really make a difference in club performance? I am currently playing around a + 18 stroke index. Ping is very adamant that these clubs can not be bent for they are cast and can potentially fracture/break, especially due to their age. Any help would be dearly appreciated.
  6. The serial number is also stamped around the hosel instead of parallel to the hosel. It is also a very low number. I spoke to the Ping club specialist and he asked me what the serial number was. After a long pause, he mentioned that this was a one off club based on the serial number and was specifically made for a golf professional. He wouldn't tell me who it was made for.
  7. I recently found this in my bag of excess wedges. It is a berylium copper Eye 2 + W2. 50.5 degrees. I have only ever seen one in 30 years of collecting. Ping confirmed that they were not so readily available. According to ping...loft is 50.5 which makes it an ideal gap wedge.
  8. Trying to find out some information on Lloyd Moody. Brother of "Sarge" Orville Moody. Does anyone know where he was from and is he still alive? Thanks in advance.
  9. Hopefully picking up one of these in the next few weeks from a retired club maker. Question: Looking to provide a blueprint for some custom made golf irons which I am selling. Is this the correct machine to measure lofts lies etc in addition to bending capabilities? Thanks in advance.
  10. Picked this up in a bag of clubs from Maxsold recently. It's a Spalding PRO MODEL putter with original leather grip and Spalding Power-Play shaft. I have never seen one. Barely used.Being a vintage Spalding guy I really love the classic look and originality of the putter. Anyone know anything about this putter? What does the C refer do? What does the LL refer to on the sole? Any help would be appreciated.
  11. I picked up a few of these from a golf specialty shop in Niagara Falls NY a while back. Accuform PTM SW. 303 Stainless steel - very soft material, soft sound and square grooves that bite. Gentleman that sold these to me said they once belonged to Joey Sindelar. I had them repurposed with brushed raw finish. Very underrated club.
  12. It's interesting to read about Lee Trevino's involvement with the TopFlite brand and how he helped develop the Intimidator 400 woods. https://www.jeffsheetsgolf.com/saplding---past-projects I knew a former PGA pro who played with Mr. Trevino in the late 60's. He gifted me one of Mr. Trevino's putters.....a banged up Spalding TPM 1 with an incredible ugly looking grip that had 2-3 wraps of tencel tape. The pro's name was Wilf Homeniuk from Winnipeg.
  13. I have some had some work done by both ir0nfac0ry and Doug Oughton. Ir0nfact0ry was more pricey and the quality and the workmanship has slipped in my opinion. He has been inundated by vintage hogans from overseas (we all know the dude with the vintage refinished Hogans) and is probably very sick and tired of people sending in Hogans to be restored to their original glory and expect new mint perfection. I have gotten to know Doug Oughton and I consider him to be the premier club refinisher in North America. His work is outstanding and he is the most honest golf pro on this planet. I have developed a great friendship with Doug and I look forward to the day when I can visit Doug in his shop and play a round of golf with him. Being from Canada there are many challenges in doing this during this global pandemic. I highly recommend Doug for his professionalism and quality of work. The guy really knows his stuff. Steven
  14. I Am trying to pick one of these up for my classic muirfield set. Nothing around at all. Am I missing something? Anyone have one that they are willing to part with? Price?
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