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  1. Yes. The gray one?! I still have one, with a Titleist tip. I think of it on the softer side. Not as soft as the old orange cream AD DI 6S. The Motore F1 was very stiff. I’m sure you can find the data online somewhere. With your swing speed, I’d give it a go - won’t know until you go.
  2. How bout the Australian or South African broadcasters remove their lips from Congaree’s putter head. Can’t fool us with your embellishments of amazement and gratitude.. they got a hold course ready for the pros in 90 days - big whoop. Us dumbed-down tv audiences know that they’re only so thankful because they now get a broadcast paycheck this week. Us sophisticates are done hearing about it, Trevor. Keith Mitchell, you’re unwatchable dude. Button up and one look and go, please, sir.
  3. I mean,,, a 41 is a complete bust. It’s not the caddie, her short game, or her putting. It’s all those things, plus missing fairways with 3Ws, and greens with wedges. She’s taking a beating in this thread, and I think it’s also because of her attitude out there too. She acted totally confused when a wedge would come up 20 yards short (she couldn’t have been seriously surprised.. pros look like they make the same swing every time, but they know when they mis hit it that much), and the downhill par putt on 18 that came up a foot short, and she throws her hands up like ‘How could that happen??!!’
  4. Hope you recorded enough channels.
  5. I could buy that. But damn, Lexi led that pair to their complaining, befuddled, false reactionary odd excuses after awful execution from tee to fairway to greens on the back nine.
  6. She’s embarrassing herself. I also like during the broadcast when Learner listed all the Olympic Club choke jobs, and Pressel said, Well Lexi is great company. Umm, no Morgon, not in that context. She’s right.. that Lexi is in that company, but for all the wrong reasons.
  7. So who won?!?! I’m watching the recording on NBC, and boom, after the second or so playoff hole, they switch over to Golf Channel, which was not recording hahaha. I just have to laugh.. NBC, USGA, LPGA - nice work. What a joke. At least I had Golf Central recorded and I get to hear Brandrel tell it exactly like it was with Lexi’s confidence, and that Paige tried to make an excuse for her but Brandrel powered through and set the record straight. Saso won....?!?! Oh fantastic Wife is Filipino so this is awesome. Saso is a stud for sure. Saso, man Saso.
  8. Auh, feel really bad for Thompson. By all appearances she’s a fantastic young lady. But that was an awful collapse. Poor girl almost tweaked out on the last nine inch putt too. So on to the playoff. Yes, I’m behind - so I’m just talking at y’all hahaha. Rooting for the Filipina here! The broadcast - poor. The LPGA Golf Channel regular tv crew is my favorite of all the networks and tours. So NBC decides to just butcher the big show, as if they have the power to make it bigger than what it just is.. Thumbs up, dopes..
  9. She didn’t mean to hit hit it low haha. Choke stroke. I know, it’s not nice to say, but come on, she’s an adult. She’s tough. She knows.
  10. Because they could lose $1.7 if they don’t..?
  11. You want drama...?! Get a camera on Lexi’s face every second of this what’s left. I believe she’s an emotional wreck right now. Will she pull this off...?!
  12. I’m late to this party (broadcast).. who’s the laughing announcer? Pressel? Where’s Judy?? And why isn’t this round played later in the evening? Lexi carrying 3W 214 yards is a “nobody out here hits it like Lexi does” moment... Pump the brakes Rich Gannon, I mean Leaner, no need to insult the audience’s intelligence okay, bub. Thompson better not have to rely on her short game to finish this off, cuz I don’t think she’ll win if that’s the case.
  13. Do you not like when the mic is picking up a convo between player and caddie, and Ian Baker-Finch speaks over the entire exchange by proclaiming, “Player and caddy having a conversation about it now..” I swear, they don’t realize it’s a tv show, and we have eyes.
  14. Hey peckerhead, does the B in your username stand for Bruce?
  15. Woods’s 70 was the third worst round in the top 13. But you’re right about Mickelson’s over par final round too. Both players held on to win. Woods’s huge shot was at 16. That birdie allowed him to come in with 4/5 on 17 and 18. Tiger’s 35 on the back nine wasn’t anything special, other than the fact that it lead to his win haha. Who knows, if he need a 32 or 33 on the back, could he have done it.. Phil’s dramatic scene from the rough on 18 was definitely more captivating than Woods’s stumble on 18. The chunk doesn’t matter and is never talked about, but really.. what was that..?!
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