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  1. I’m get ya OP. One of the swing thoughts that got me into plus index territory 12 years ago was the feel of stacking and titling! I wasn’t actually doing it, but my tendency was to move way off the ball and even though my head would stay pretty parallel to the ground, it would move about 6 inches away from the target. Then, I’d have to slide way forward, and if I didn’t I’d spin out and squish my right toe into the ground during the impact zone and the follow through. It have solid days when things were moving forward, and dreadfully awful days when I’d hang back. So I thought to myself - just
  2. Gosh, if that is the case, that really sucks. What is all the talk about the Genesis SUV safety design of the engine and trans being pushed under the car instead back through the firewall..? Doesn’t sound like that happened at all. His legs were crushed.
  3. Speculation again.. if Tiger is finished competitively, wow.. he was never beat by anyone other than himself. The insane SEAL training, the marriage, the knee and back injuries, the vehicle accident here.. His accomplishments are on the charts (15 majors) and off the charts (US Open 2000 and so many other records like the cut streak), but man.. did he cause self-harm directly and indirectly.
  4. The jaws of life isn’t a medical tool. I think there’s some misunderstanding on that. Yes, it’s heavy duty and it’s used in bad accidents. But it’s used to break open a vehicle to pull someone out. Back to the accident, the jaws of life tool was available for usage. It looks like the FD pulled open the broken windshield and pulled out Woods that way. If the windshield frame had been crushed, jaws of life would have been used to create an opening. https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/6/6c/03262012Demonstraciones_rescate_erum_fabian_acuña137.JPG/1200px-03262012Demonstra
  5. Blood is taken for testing in something like this. Even if he took no meds this morning, last night’s sleeping meds (speculation), and pain meds (speculation) will show up. This is a huge story and I don’t see it softening up as more official releases on the investigation come out. This is really sad to see.
  6. That’s my guess too. They say there are no skid marks. Falls asleep, hops curb, smashes sign, awake swerving and braking or just bracing his body for the worst, tumbles through and ends up on the other side of the road. So fortunate he didn’t crash into any on coming traffic. The top and passenger’s side of the SUV are not too damaged, as scene from the chopper views. It may have tipped once and came to rest how it did.
  7. Over the center island, through a heavy wooden Rolling Hills sign.. What is going on with Woods and his dangerous driving. The level of distraction to cause this accident is extremely serious. Thank god no one else was injured. As for Woods, wishing him all the best, but figure it out man. You’ve endangered too many lives on the roads for this to just be ‘stuff happens’.
  8. The Genesis courtesy truck ended up driver’s side down. His leg(s) were injuries. Easy to see why the Jaws of Life was used. Jim Gray is very emotional..?
  9. At the top of the wing, just looking at how far away his hands are from the ball.. He’s 6’4”? I’m 5’9” and my hands are no where near that far away from the ball, and then there’s the whole train wreck of my downswing compared to his.. I can absolutely see why he carries it 50 yards farther than I do.
  10. To say there’s not a problem here with Finau and winning is equal to saying he should switch putters. Tony, we’d all love to play golf like you do. But we hear you, and feel your runner’s-up pain. Whatever was going on inside you on 16, 17, and 18 tee.. Use the Force, Tony. Stay with the putter. Stay the course.
  11. Playing through = we found a way to show twice as many commercials
  12. Just finished the recording... gawd. Homa games, but man does he walk around like there’s loud noises happening all around him. And Finau... this is getting painful to watch. Sam crash and Burns mustn’t be too thrilled with how he finished either. Meltdowns aside, the announcers are hitting a groove. Nantz gets out of the way when it’s time to hit shots; Faldo made two great calls on 18 with Homa, and Dottie is the best in the business. Can’t remember one thing Nobilo said all week, that didn’t involve he being made fun of. In the JV game, Gannon has got to go. The look on his face whe
  13. Finau! Make me eat my words Finau! You can do it!! I don’t know what I’m watching anymore.. there is zero broadcast transition from one thing to the next, from what I can tell. We go from live coverage this morning, to a replay of yesterday, to the range today, to final round coverage, to Greatest Rounds.. and I don’t recall accidentally pressing any buttons.. I’m lost
  14. That’s Golf Channel’s new 2021 on air talent. I caught the pre game early this week, and this is her first week with the mic. Kira something. Very easy going. Like, she’s so firmly in spiritual bliss you’d never even reconsider being in a foul mood around her after an awful round.
  15. You’d think huh. But they don’t talk about money anymore. Not at all really. I honestly think the only time I’ve heard it mentioned was last week during a Jordan Spieth don’t talk to my girlfriend that way moment when the announcers reinterred some tweet shoveling the narrative that there’s nothing to see here.. something about how since his major meltdown all he’s made is $9 million in earnings the past four years - not bad. Not bad, he must play for the money. Ehh no, I’m okay watching, but thanks for lookin out
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