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  1. 8* SIM2 Driver - head only includes new & unopened head cover & wrench Club was only hit a half dozen times or so. Excellent condition!! SOLD
  2. Excellent Opportunity...love Bettinardi putters. Had the chance to see their Studio in Tinley Park a few years back - awesome! 1. City, State? Phoenix, AZ 2. Handicap? 7.7 3. Current putter? Taylormade Spider X, 35" 4. What Bettinardi Studio Stock putter do you want to test? Studio Stock 18, 35" 5. Are you able to test equipment on a golf course with one week of its receipt? Yes! 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yes!
  3. Glad to share my experiences and I've hit just about everything. On tour seems to be the case too, lots of Sim2's and Sim Max are fewer (drivers). I think the shaft combos you have are going to play well...Ventus still have some feel and flex to them so tipping them will certainly let them play to spec in TM heads. Should pair really well with the Sim Max FW/Hyb. I hope it all fits you well and I'd be pretty optimistic, SIM2 and SIM2 Max lines are fantastic.
  4. I game the SIM2 - I initially bought both the SIM2 and SIM2 Max so I could test them on course and SIM2 was a better fit. SIM2 Max does feel more like the M5/M6 - more of a mashed/muted feel on impact, but it did not launch higher. It was not a good fit for me....SIM2 Max spun more but launched a full degree lower - very evident on the course. Still hit some great drives but if it would have actually launched higher - I could have played a ball that spun less and taken the extra forgiveness and spin would still be under control. The fact that it launched lower though just doesn't fit with
  5. 1. Fujikura Ventus Black VeloCore 7x. Shaft is tipped 1/2". No adapter so it's ready to go in any head or adapter. Raw length is 41.5" and played 43" with a Callaway 3 wood adapter. Can be used for 3w or 5w - 1/2" tipping is for a 5 wood though so if you use it in a 3w it may launch and spin ever so slightly lower SOLD 2. Fujikura Ventus Blue VeloCore 7x. Shaft is not tipped (drivers and 3w are not tipped in the Ventus line). Has Callaway Optifit 2 adapter to fit original Epic 3 wood or any other Optifit 2 adapter fairways/drivers and played 43" installed. (note: this adapter is
  6. I really love my Ping G410 hybrid but I ordered the SIM2 Rescue on the spot after hitting it. Incredible feel and very consistent from shot to shot - more so than my current club. Launch and spin were all very similar to my G410 and the Ping has the PX Evenflow Black 85-x shaft. I think this SIM2 Rescue is going to be a gem. I ordered mine with an AD-DI 85x the weekend they came out and still no shipping notification. I actually hit it great with the stock Tensei Blue 85-x too but the AD-DI has been a good hybrid shaft for me (& many others). Probably one of the best looking hybrids
  7. Isn't the MAX LS supposed to be the Sub Zero? It's neutral weighted and low spin from what I can see on the website. I know a lot of their players are in the Triple Diamond head but the MAX LS is very forgiving and you put a HZRDUS or something along those lines in it and it's long and low spin.
  8. I just saw the DG band on his irons and also noticed the steps in the shaft on his second shot into #2 today at Riviera from 166 yds. Pretty crazy - he's gamed 6.5 then 7.0 is whole career with the 6.5 in the wedges for the last few years too. Pretty big change - curious to see if it sticks or not!
  9. I played the 60* Hi-Toe ATV sole & it was a phenomenal club. However, I Demo’d a Vokey D-grind 60*, loved it, put in play & it’s even better. They’re very similar - I was making better contact with the Vokey on tighter pitch shots though & also I get a bit more consistent spin
  10. I play between a 6 & 8 hdcp & love the Titleist T100 irons. I gamed the same TM MC for a while then the 2016 Apex Pro for a long time. T100 are really great fit for me - very forgiving, even on my toe misses, and they get the ball up in the air with really great feel. Take the time to get the right shaft for your swing & I think they’re as good as it gets for a players iron. Nice & thin top line too
  11. Up for grabs are some excellent shafts in Excellent condition! For Taylormade driver: Tour Only Dustin Johnson Fujikura Speeder 661 Evolution 2.0 Tour Spec X-flex. For years and years this has been Dustin Johnson's go-to driver shaft. 69g weight and 2.8* torque. Very low spin but pretty easy to load. Great shaft for anyone who needs to cut their spin down. Built by The Peoples Clubs and is in like new condition. Will play 45" installed in driver. These sell new for $300 and are hard to find. $Sold For Taylormade driver: Project-X HZRDUS Smoke Black 70 6.5 (X-flex)
  12. This is a mint set of 2020 Taylormade P770 irons. -4-PW (7 clubs) -Project X 6.0 shafts -shaft length is +1/4" -grips are brand new Golf Pride Z-Cord standard size (+1 wrap) - logo down -standard loft and lie Clubs were used for 2 rounds of play. Easy to hit and very long. Set ships in Taylormade P770 box. Mint condition - like new. SOLD no trades
  13. Never mind - false alarm. It's just a replacement wedge from Titleist that is arriving today....I saw Carlsbad as where they were shipping from and assumed it was the Taylormade package I've been waiting on. My original ship date upon order was 9/15 and now we're back to a ship date of 11/9....fun stuff
  14. Ordered 8/16 and my P770's shipped yesterday (10/28)...hoping to have them before the weekend and I'll post a review against my current Titleist T100 - both sets have PX 6.0
  15. Nice!! When did you order? I ordered on 8/16 but sounds like the PX 6.0 might be back-ordered too. No idea when I'll see them
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