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  1. I've been playing the u500 4i 23* with HZRDUS Smoke Black 90 6.5 for the last several weeks. Just picked up a T200 Utility Build 4i 22* with HZRDUS Black RDX 90 6.5 today so I'll be putting them head to head as soon as I can. I switched from a 3h to a 5w and created a bit of a distance gap between my 5w and 4i so was looking to get another 5-10 yds out of my 4i to close the gap a bit as I was playing the T100 4i with PX 6.0. Nothing was wrong with the u500 but just happened across the T200 UT in my golf shop with a 6.5 flex so had to grab it. Love the HZRDUS line and PX so already had my shaft of choice in there! T200 definitely has a touch more offset but it's really not that bad. No doubt though the u500 looks a touch better at address with the reduced offset. I never felt the u500 was significantly more forgiving or easier to hit though than my T100 4i but with the graphite shaft and likely a touch hotter face, it definitely gave me the extra 5-10 yards I was looking for to close the gap. I'll post some pics later this evening for anyone that wants to see a side-by-side and hopefully I'll get them on the range soon and can do a quick write up of u500 vs T200 Utility Build. Best, Comparison pics attached of u500 to T200 Utility Build!
  2. 15* Callaway Mavrik Sub Zero head only with head cover & ferrule. very good condition - some slight marks on the crown from sitting in used club bin at golf store but face is near perfect. $shipped - No trades
  3. This has been my experience too I've been playing very similar iron heads for a while, player's type cavity back, or like my current T100 irons, something that looks Tour like but with some forgiveness. Head never really made as big of a difference than the shaft. Played KBS Tour-V 120x for a while because they were the stock shaft in my '16 Apex Pros. When I decided I wanted to give the T100 a go (loved the look) - got fitted for the iron shaft at Hot Stix in Fountain Hills, AZ (Sunridge Canyon golf course) - literally hit just about every premium steel shaft, and it was money well spent - didn't cost all that much either. Now that I have the right shaft and length (PX 6.0, +1/4"), definitely hitting more greens and much more consistent. T100 irons are excellent but do not play all that different than the '16 Apex Pros other than that I like the T100 at address more - but don't think that impacts the score all that much, of course. I hit the PX's a lot straighter than I ever hit the KBS Tour-V; very different shafts. I got fit for the Wood shafts too - I really benefit from the 6.5 or X-flex in the graphite shafts, but 6.0 a better fit in the irons and I feel like I can just focus on tempo with this set-up. Good thread!
  4. 46, 50, 54, 60 46 and 50 are the Titleist T100 set irons and the 54 & 60 are Vokey SM8's. I only use the 46/50 on more full swings and do all chipping/pitches with the 54/60 so this works really well for me. I've had problems not getting the full distance out of the 50* Vokey and creates too much of a gap between my 46 and 50 so using the set wedge on the 50 and then going into the Vokey's for 54/60 has been really good for me.
  5. For Sale: (1) Like new Taylormade SIM2 10.5* driver head (head only) - only been hit 10 times or so and looks new. Sold and I can Next Day ship for an extra $20. Comes with new SIM2 head cover. (2) Like new Project X HZRDUS RDX Blue 70 in 6.5 flex (X-Stiff) with Taylormade Adapter - Awesome PVD Blue finish. Shaft has not been tipped and will measures just over 43.75” so will play just under 45” in a driver. Shaft could also be utilized in a fairway wood if butt trimmed to length (Taylormade does not tip this shaft in driver, 3 Wood or 5 Wood) - so this is ready to go for any newer Taylormade adjustable loft club. Retail on the shaft is $350 or a $250 upcharge from Taylormade in any club. $$ OBO Shipped - can also Next Day ship for an extra $20. Has a new Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 grip in standard size and came new from Taylormade. Please PM me with any interest and NO trades. Thank you!
  6. 1. Taylormade SIM2 Max 10.5* (adjustable from 8.5* to 12.5*) with Project X Evenflow White 65 6.5(x) at 45" playing length. Great in between shaft if you're between Stiff and Extra Stiff - doesn't play as stout as HZRDUS Black but still low launch & low spin. Also a great shaft if you have a fast swing speed but moderate tempo. Head is new, only hit 10 balls or so on the course (no range) and the shaft I've owned for two seasons, purchased it new in an M5 head custom order. Shaft is in great shape too! Includes SIM2 headcover and wrench. --. Has a pretty new Tour Velvet 360 white/black grip. Please no low ball offers and no trades. 2. Fujikura real deal Ventus Blue HB 8x with Velocore tip technology and Ping G Hybrid adapter. Fits Ping G410 and G425 hybrid heads and is standard length for a 3H at 40.25" playing length. Bought aftermarket through JD's Clubs with PING OEM adapter. Has a new Golf Pride Z-Cord standard grip. Just an amazing Hybrid shaft - easy to launch and a great trajectory. Like New condition. SOLD Please PM me with any interest. Thanks!
  7. Like New Project X HZRDUS RDX Blue PVD finish 70 6.5 (X-Stiff) Taylormade driver shaft Ordered & assembled from JDs Clubs Shaft is not tipped, which is standard Taylormade install for this model & flex. Playing length of 44.75” & raw shaft length of 43.75”. Brand new Golf Pride Black/White Tour Velvet 360 - Std. size. Absolutely stunning shaft in this PVD finish. This weight, flex, profile will suit a high swing speed player with moderate to moderate-aggressive tempo. Excellent driver shaft or can be cut down for use in a fairway wood. Weight is 75g and torque is 3.2* - shaft plays low-launch and low-mid spin (could be a great combo for some of todays ultra-spinning heads, Blue spins a touch higher vs RDX Black with same launch).
  8. All of these were purchased new -16.5 4 wood TSi2 Head only: -16.5 4 wood TSi3 Head only: -Graphite Design Tour AD-DI 7x with Titleist fairway adapter, plays 43” (standard 3 wood length) - -Mitsubishi Tensei Blue AV Raw 75-X with Titleist fairway adapter, plays 42.5” (standard 4 wood length) - -Either head with Tensei Blue 75-X: -Either head with AD-DI 7x: All are in excellent condition & heads come with new TSi fairway headcovers. No trades & these are priced to move. thanks!
  9. I just hit them pretty extensively yesterday. Shaft will make a difference of course, but I hit them both the Rogue White 130 80TX and the G425 Max was plenty low spin enough with that shaft where it'd be a weapon off the tee or off the deck. G425 LST with that shaft would have been slightly better off the tee, but not as playable off the deck. Again though, if you have the LST head with a mid spin shaft, then that might offset enough, so really depends what kind of shaft you go with. If you like low/low shafts in your 3w or 4w, then the G425 Max is great, will be easy to elevate, stay in the air, and still low spin off the tee for great carry & rollout. Always best to jump in the sim though and see what numbers you get, but this was my experience.
  10. Taylormade SIM2 Titanium 15* 3 wood - Graphite Design Tour AD-DI 7x, 43” (adjustable loft) -also available SIM2 Tensei AV Blue Raw 75 X-flex, stock shaft - same playing length of 43" w/ all have GP Z-Cord Standard size. Built & ordered directly from Taylormade to these custom specs. Shaft was also tipped 1”, which is their standard tipping in their woods for this shaft. Club was used 4 or 5 rounds & looks in Very Good to Excellent condition - just normal wear from 4-5 rounds.
  11. Loving this long game set up so far !
  12. 8* SIM2 Driver - head only includes new & unopened head cover & wrench Club was only hit a half dozen times or so. Excellent condition!! SOLD
  13. Excellent Opportunity...love Bettinardi putters. Had the chance to see their Studio in Tinley Park a few years back - awesome! 1. City, State? Phoenix, AZ 2. Handicap? 7.7 3. Current putter? Taylormade Spider X, 35" 4. What Bettinardi Studio Stock putter do you want to test? Studio Stock 18, 35" 5. Are you able to test equipment on a golf course with one week of its receipt? Yes! 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yes!
  14. Glad to share my experiences and I've hit just about everything. On tour seems to be the case too, lots of Sim2's and Sim Max are fewer (drivers). I think the shaft combos you have are going to play well...Ventus still have some feel and flex to them so tipping them will certainly let them play to spec in TM heads. Should pair really well with the Sim Max FW/Hyb. I hope it all fits you well and I'd be pretty optimistic, SIM2 and SIM2 Max lines are fantastic.
  15. I game the SIM2 - I initially bought both the SIM2 and SIM2 Max so I could test them on course and SIM2 was a better fit. SIM2 Max does feel more like the M5/M6 - more of a mashed/muted feel on impact, but it did not launch higher. It was not a good fit for me....SIM2 Max spun more but launched a full degree lower - very evident on the course. Still hit some great drives but if it would have actually launched higher - I could have played a ball that spun less and taken the extra forgiveness and spin would still be under control. The fact that it launched lower though just doesn't fit with any of the shafts that I own and increasing the loft just increased the spin. SIM2 was an easier fit for me and plenty forgiving. SIM2 is higher launching and less spin SIM2 Max is lower launching and more spin Read Rory's fitting notes and the TM rep said something along the lines that they're still trying to figure out the SIM2 Max. WRX: How did SIM2 Max perform for him, and what was the difference between that and SIM? AR: It was actually quite interesting: Our new SIM2 Max continues to show us new things. The speed versus SIM2 was apples to apples but launch (angle) went down a touch and spin went up a touch. It performed very well for him but just a few ticks shy of what he got with SIM2. https://www.golfwrx.com/646953/details-of-rory-mcilroys-switch-into-taylormade-sim2-woods-2021-bag-setup/ Also - not sure if you've played shafts untipped in Taylormade heads but they definitely do it for a reason. I have a Matrix 7m3 Black Tie X-Flex that I bought to put into my TM driver a while back (before I knew they tipped driver shafts and inch) and it literally plays like a regular flex and it's a stout shaft. You might consider going just 1/2" soft instead of the full inch (or better yet, letting them do their standard tipping and drop a weight class, i.e. 70g down to 60g). I can't keep the ball on the course with that Matrix shaft without it being tipped. As soon as the epoxy dried and I gave it the waggle test I knew something was wrong!
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