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  1. I have the Prizm golf and his are way darker. They definitely aren’t the Prizm Golf Dark because those are like a rose color.
  2. That article tells you absolutely nothing about the lenses…
  3. Looking for a driver and 3w with stiff shafts
  4. Prices are shipped with FedEx (no BS USPS crap here) both items are pretty darn mint Ventus Blue 6S plays 45” with a Titleist tip. New MCC+4. Untipped $sold Miura CB57’s. 4-PW Std L/L/L from what I can tell. Bought them on here a couple months back and played with them twice. Some of the irons could almost pass as new. Hard to believe these have more than a couple rounds on them. Modus 120 S and red Iomics. $sold
  5. I know they are Oakleys. I was wanting to know what lenses they are. They kind of look like the Prizm Golf but I have a pair and his looked a little different. Mine are more translucent.
  6. Just bought a new Rad Speed XB from Cobra and it shipped the morning after I ordered it. Can’t beat that
  7. Awesome sale if you were a S or XXL. I did get a 4 pack of women’s polos for my wife for like $25.
  8. I know around this time last year Cobra did 40% off. Anyone know if that’s coming back?
  9. You have done this and it matches well?
  10. I still agree with you on your point about misrepresented equipment.
  11. So this is a post below that I had remembered reading a while back. You might want to especially check out the end. I trust Tom with anything concerning golf clubs and I’m sure almost everyone else on this forum does as well. TomWishon 23 Posted September 28, 2015 [quote name='Redhill' timestamp='1443220596' post='12368122'] CT is a component measurement of the COR number and below is a link to some simple data on it. Basically a CT score of 239 = COR score of .83 and a CT score of 257= C
  12. Pretty sure I’ve read quite a few threads on this topic over the years on this site and remember several posts from reputable members saying the difference in normal range CT measurements on TI clubs was negligible. In fact you see TI heads all the time that range from 220-240’s. No way the difference in a 220 and 240 CT head is 30 yards!
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