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  1. And also thanks. Some people fit that niche. That niche sounds F’ing awesome! I love the TSi3 but can’t get my spin under 2700. If I can get the TSi4 down to 2200 and it’s slightly less forgiving I’m in! Hell I still use my old school bag with a 975D and don’t hate the forgiveness of that so how bad can the TSi4 be, right?
  2. Why would you say that? He just had back surgery so odds are he had some pain medicine in his system. I’ve had multiple surgeries on my shoulder and hand and you can’t just pause life afterwards for a couple weeks. I’m not talking about waking up from anesthesia and driving here. Give the guy a break with here...all this high and mighty check his system and “he was def on something” talk is ridiculous.
  3. So anyone know anywhere that sells that has a coupon code going?
  4. If you have a TSi3 and want less spin don’t watch it
  5. I mean he doesn’t hit the center every time and even though they edit out “75%” of the shots they still leave plenty of slight miss hits in my opinion. Maybe not what a 20 hdcp would like to see but plenty for a decent ball striker. Only thing I wish is that his swing speed was about 10mph less for selfish comparison reasons.
  6. Holy shiplap.....500+ rpm lower spin than TSi3 and not “unforgiving”.....
  7. Yeah I actually like the one that’s more all black with the red trim.
  8. Love the looks of this bag. Anyone have anything negative to say about it? Anyone know of anywhere offering any discount codes that would work on these? I have a Vessel Lite Lux carry bag I love but looking for a little bigger bag sometime.
  9. I’ll give both a try. I tried to get some of the Bonobos last year when they had a sale but they had soooo many different styles I got overwhelmed and missed out
  10. Looking for some pants similar to my ABC Slim fits but not $128. I have some Polo pants that are great, pretty slim and a narrow opening but they are cotton and aren’t the greatest in the warmer weather and certainly no stretch. Really looking for some stretch with narrowest ankle
  11. Anyone have one in good condition for a good price....I’m in VA
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