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  1. I actually find them very similar. The TCB are pretty forgiving for how small they look. They’re not unforgiving like a blade but they aren’t the most forgiving players irons either. They sit in a nice spot. I’m firm in the Miuras now but I’m struggling with the decision on whether or not to sell the TCBs. One note about me is that I tend to miss thin, so my forgiveness comments come from that angle. I like them and might keep them as a backup, but do I need to keep irons like this as a backup? We’ll see. They are legit just like the Miuras better.
  2. So just wanted to provide an update on these. I have them in 4-9 with X100s and compared them to my Miura TC201 games 4-9 in the same shafts. I had an indoor session, range session, and a round with the TCBs. First I will day this, they are sold and really well struck balls have a heavy and high flight though I was still able to knock them ball down when needed. The weight is perfect, a bit lighter then the Miuras and I love how they feel. Well struck shots are a bit firmer then the Miura but still pretty soft. They carry a solid thwack for sure. That being said, and I might get run out of her
  3. My TD LS came thid week and I hit it yesterday compared to my TSi3 and Max LS. I’d say it spins very similarly to the Max LS both have stated loft of 9.0, but the TD LS tour sticker said 9.5. Ball speeds similar as well just different looking and sounding heads. TD is much more solid sounding and the Max LS is an it more tingy sounding if that make sense. I have the 9.0 TSi3 set to flat and down to 8.25. Solid hits on all three were similar with the Callys being more consistently fast across the face. I find that when I mishit the Titleist that the ball speeds come down and spin gets up quick
  4. So mine arrived tonight. Got them from Bryan Golf. I’ve played the Stenson Legacy Balcks for the last 8 years with x100s and just switched this year to Miura TC201 with x100s. Love the Miuras, but they are just a hair heavy. These TCBs are sick! Only hit them in my garage so more testing to do but these are gonna compete with the Miuras. Here’s a few comparisons for you guys. Order is Legacy Balcks (with quad dot), Miura, and TCB. 9 iron, 7 iron, and 4 iron.
  5. Those look sweet! Waiting for mine to be delivered today and they got delayed until tomorrow!! Brutal!
  6. Anyone have any updates on how they like these? Very interested in trying them.
  7. I would completely agree here. His prices are pretty reasonable and tend to be in line with others like him.
  8. My 4i is 22* and I use a 20* driving iron (3i) with the KBS hybrid Proto. It fits the gap perfectly for me. 4i is 215 carry and 3i is 230 all on GCQ. 19 or 20 will be perfect. I think it’s important not to be afraid of loft in a driving iron especially if you will hit it off the deck as well.
  9. Ok so I have a few things laying around that need a home and are just taking up space here for me. First is a Ping G425 3wd. I purchased two of them pre-sale thinking that a buddy of mine would take one. Of course he bought one without me knowing so now I have two. Still in the plastic and headcover included. It came with the AV Raw Orange 75X standard length. Asking $270 shipped. SOLD Next is the other shaft that came with my other Ping G425 3wd. Aldila Rogue White 130 70X but to play 1” short of standard. Asking $100 shipped, OBO $75 shipped SOLD
  10. KBS Tour Proto Hybrjd shaft in your weight of choosing. I went 95X and will never look back!
  11. I have one in a Callaway Apex Pro 6i. I really like it and it helps me a ton with transition and focuses me on speed in the right part of the swing. It’s definitely a tempo trainer for me and I love the fact that I can hit balls with it
  12. I’ve played both but the ZF was a TX and the TB is an X tipped an 1”. I’d say that they are pretty similar but the TB is a bit smoother. I found the ZF to be very underrated and a great shaft for launch and dispersion. Like a bit tighter Bluebeard. I’m playing the Ventus Blue in an X now and would say it is much tighter feeling then the blue. It feels more tip stiff and the dispersion is tighter for me. I found the spin and launch to be in a much better window for me with the Ventus Blue. Really can’t go wrong with either but I settled on the Ventus and haven’t looked back. My TB sits
  13. I used mine for the first time today in a Callaway Apex Pro 6i. It’s really amazing how it helps to smooth out transition. It really forces me to have the speed at the right spot in the swing. Highly recommended for anyone looking to work on tempo and correct release.
  14. I have one that is an X tipped 1” and it’s too soft for me. It is smooth and one of the better feeling “Bluebeards” but don’t be afraid of the flex. I’m in the 116-118 on the GCQUAD and more of a medium load guy. I’m bummed cause I like it I just needed to go TX.
  15. Nope I had no luck getting into them and I wear 11.5
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