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  1. I’d be really interested in this. Alway had a lot of success with counterbalanced heads and since testing the Ventus Black and now playing the Blue in both driver and 3wd it would be a great option for heavier heads and even for “regular” weighted drivers.
  2. Oops! Fat fingers! Just saw that! Very interested to hear more!
  3. Anyone have any info on this? Any plans for Fujikura to launch? Here’s a link and pic from last week in Hawaii of Landry using what looks to be a Ventus Blue CB Proto. Any info anyone has? https://www.gettyimages.com/detail/news-photo/andrew-landry-of-the-united-states-plays-his-shot-from-the-news-photo/1295527433
  4. I would agree with this. I play the KBS Hybrid Prototype 95 in my TM UDI 3i and love it.
  5. What fairway did you go with? I very interested in how they performed.
  6. I just hit mine today for the first time. Shafted up with TT DG 120 X100s. Love them so far. Just solid feeling and much more forgiving then they look from the top.
  7. I just got my new irons with the 120 X100s. Putting some work in with them tomorrow. I tested the shaft in a different head so interested to see if it responds the same. Been an X100 guy for a while and also looking for same shaft just a bit lighter.
  8. Both of these guys for sure. I use Will a lot and JD from time to time. They are both great to deal with and great guys.
  9. I have a few things laying around that I’m not using and someone should be. All prices are shipped here in the US. Let me know if you have any questions. First is a PX HZRDS Hulk 6.5 PVD finish built by Will Peoples. It has a Taylormade tip and is built to play at 44.5”. It has a Lamkin Crossline Cord with two wraps and logo down. The shaft is untipped. SOLD Next is a Diamana TB 60X with a Titleist tip set at the 1 position built to play at 44.5”. It has a Golf Pride Tour Velvet BCT Cord two wraps logo down. This was built by JDs Clubs. Updated Asking $200
  10. I’ve used them both. Not as big of a fan of the non cord grips. The cords definitely have a lot more grip to them and are great in all conditions. They do beat my hands up a little when I play a lot in cold weather but it’s not horrible and they’re great in the summer.
  11. I have found the Lamkin to last a lot longer. This is how I perceive them to feel and how I feel they “stay new.” I’ve played the Lamkin Crossline for 10 years now and don’t see myself switching. I played a set for 2 years and the only one that I saw tremendous wear on was the LW. I play about 110 rounds a year and practice 1-3 times a week with a lot of short game. Located here in NJ. I think the Lamkin hold up much much better.
  12. A few things for sale that I’m not using and I figure could go to a new home. First up is a Maverick SZ Triple Diamond head. It is lightly used as I played it for a few months this summer. 9.5* head. Have a Mav headcover if needed and will include if wanted. Asking $350 shipped. SOLD Second is a Tour Issue SIM head. I played it for a month or so and it just doesn’t soon enough for me. It’s stamped 8* but as you can see from the sticker that it came with it is actually a 9* head. I included pics of the sticker and a pic of the head with the sticker on when received. Purch
  13. Looks like the Blue still to me. Can see the blue under the aluminum. It’s a little clearer on IG
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