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  1. #10 at Clint Eastwood's place in Monterey (Tehama) Yardage marker doubles as a great beer holder.
  2. Was also really hoping to hear about some new products from Bushnell. Specifically hoping to see an update to their hybrid rangefinder. Oh well.
  3. The only info I recently got is shaky at best, as the info is one of those "friend of a friend" rumors. But, played a tourney over the weekend and my playing partner said he spoke with his "guy" and was told July release for new player's irons (not specific on the actual series) He then spoke to his other, separate "guy" and told him he heard new irons coming in July. The response was "who told you and how did you know?" So the other "guy" confirmed July. So nothing even close to concrete, but it's something.
  4. Kind of feels like Ping is making it hard to be a loyalist. The updates to the s (now iblade) and i series is just a really long time to game the same set of irons. I know a lot of folks get upset with other companies releasing too frequently, but waiting 5 years for an iblade update is just painful. I guess the i series is fairly close to the iblade, but even the i210 is 3 years old now. Blueprint, to me, is in a completely separate category. Love Ping, have always been a Ping player starting with the i series, and past few generations of s series/iblade. B
  5. Awesome little device here. Upgrading to full blown sim so I won't have as much use for it. Tested it to death at the range and the numbers are impressively accurate. Comes with everything, as you can see in the photo. Looking for $sold shipped. Feel free to ask as many questions about the device as you'd like.
  6. Never played this but this seems like a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing. To keep the point totals from getting ridiculous, maybe you have to automatically bank all points at the turn? So you can let it ride holes 1-9 and all points are automatically banked heading into hole #10. Could also just lower the points while keeping them relative to each other. Bogey = 1 Par = 3 Birdie = 6 Eagle = 12 Gonna give this game a go with my buddies that like to gamble. Always looking for new games.
  7. Didn't read most if the comments, but this just needs to stop. Golf is the only sport where athletes become bigger, stronger, faster and people get worried that the weaker, less athletic people can't compete anymore. Would you want to see an under 6ft tall basketball league? Because they would play the game the way it was originally meant to be? Who cares if scores get lower? Whoever wins is relative to the competition -- not the course. Dynamic athletes have finally taken interest in the sport the last 20 years or so. That's a good thing. Let t
  8. Honestly, I think you said it correctly in your OP that it has to "all come together." It's why golf is such a great game. To play well, you really need to be firing on all cylinders. Driving, iron play, chipping/pitching, and putting are all about equal when you are trying to break par. Shooting under par generally means you don't have many glaring flaws. So it's less about fixing errors, and more about polishing each aspect of your game. I think the only exception is the "hot putter" days. If you drain a bunch of putts from 15-25ft, you can always go low.
  9. LOL. This is exactly right. And it applies to tons of activities other than golf. Pick your analogy. "Traffic would be better if people just..." Relying on people to be savvy isn't a good strategy. Would love to see single carts become the norm. I don't think its takes too much away from the social aspect of the game, plenty of opportunities to chat with your playing partners while riding as a single.
  10. Yeah, the other Ping threads are blowing up about the g425 line. Have to think there will be some info/leaks coming soon.
  11. Here in the SF Bay Area, courses and driving ranges are absolutely packed. I've been playing at the same muni for 10+ years and I have never had to even make a tee time. Just show up, and will most likely get on the 1st tee in about half an hour. However, the past 2 months or so I have to book days in advance and no chance of just walking in hoping for an opening. So, one would think that a packed course (that will inevitably have a lot of rookie golfers) would produce some seriously slow rounds. However, I have been shocked and really pleased with the pace of play. I h
  12. Lot's of info coming out that makes it seem likely Ping will be releasing at least some products soon. Have read/heard that multiple people have seen and/or physically hit the iBlade replacement. Have to believe it's just on the horizon?
  13. So can we safely assume we won't be seeing these (or anything) from ping until 2021? Such a bummer. Was really looking forward to some new sticks this year. Hoping someone has some info.
  14. Man, this wait is really starting to hurt. Absolutely love cast players irons as I typically hold onto a set for years before I go new. My s56's are getting long in the tooth and I'm really, really hoping that Ping offers something in this line for the upcoming season. That said, I probably wouldn't be too disappointed just getting some iBlades. Still some great sticks. Just a mental pain to buy "new" when they are almost 4 years old now. Hoping someone can get some info in the next month or so.
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