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  1. Ordered T100s with dynamic gold 120 stiff, and just received an email from Titleist saying they are out of T100s heads. They said they don’t expect them in until 10/18. Clubs will be shipped 1 to 2 weeks after that. Order was placed 9/8.
  2. Not going to rule them out based on price alone since I really seem to get along with Ping irons. With that being said, they better be really good for me. I’ve blind bought irons in the past, but for this price I’m going for a fitting. Just patiently waiting for fitters in my area to get them in their fitting carts. No one in my area has them yet as far as I know.
  3. Anyone know when these will be in fitting carts?
  4. Just picked up the MAX. It’s as long as anything out there, very forgiving and the sound was much better than I expected after reading/watching reviews.
  5. Finally received mine 7/22 from my order placed 4/16. U.S. operations must be running because mine say made at ball plant #3 USA.
  6. Ordered mine 4/17 and still haven’t received them. Custom yellow Pro V1.
  7. Graphite Design Tour AD IZ 7 in mine. Great combo!
  8. Just picked one of these up. Is there any special care required after using these in a round? If I remember correctly the originals required some maintenance.
  9. Ordered mine August 7th and just received a call saying they’re ready to be picked up.
  10. Standard was better for me. Average swing speed was 100mph on trackman. Went with Graphite design Tour AD GP Black. It also beat the M2 and Epic.
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