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  1. Great looking putter. I’m the same way with rounded bumpers. The blade is a little too long too for me. This should sell quick at this price! If that was stamped Scotty it would have a $10k price tag lol. A lot of people don’t realize these boutique putter companies are on par with Cameron
  2. Same! I got a long neck because when I ordered mine they said they couldn’t do a long slant. GLWS OP!
  3. It seems like once every 5+ years Titleist comes out with a great driver and the ones that follow fall in their face. This was the best driver they made until the 910. Then I didn’t think they had another great driver until the TSi stuff that just came out. They seemed to look/feel/sound great but go nowhere
  4. Damn! Wish I would’ve seen that earlier. Looking to add to my collection with the recent turn of events. Love my Byron. RIP. Congrats on sale
  5. I had the chance to link up with him last month when I went down to Atlanta and wasn’t able to make it happen. Super regret that now, if I had known I would’ve
  6. I didn’t think of it my that way. Was just trying to let people who care about him and love his work what is going on
  7. He made my DH89 LN. I’ll always keep that putter. I think Steve is his only employee but I’m unsure
  8. Maybe mods will step in, OP isn’t going to
  9. Because it was mentioned twice that Byron has health before you said that them taking that long and tying up your money was unacceptable. I’m sure that Steve is trying his best to tie up loose ends with the company and I’m sure he also has to find a new job. Should he have sent a note about your refund? Probably. But like it was said before, at least you got your money back, minus the little interest you lost because you chose, like I did, to pay for your putter on a CC
  10. So I just found out Byron is on home hospice so this seems like the end. That’s the reason for the refund. Sorry they didn’t explain the reason for the refund that he’s on his deathbed.
  11. 100%. I was a little frustrated that they over promised and underdelivered in the timeline for my putter, and I let them know that. I told Steve my only issue was that I ordered my putter on 19 December last year I was told by Byron it might be done as early as mid Feb, which was perfect because that was right before my tournament season cranked up. I took delivery on 23 June. I would’ve been okay with that timeline and still would’ve bought the putter, I just wish a realistic timeline would’ve been offered. The putter is amazing and exactly the way I wanted it. I did end up changing the shaft to a Stability but that was my choice Also have to agree with the BST comment, every putter is handmade, it’s not like he finishes the putter in 3 days and let’s it sit for 6 months. He’s a one man shop with high demand. I hope he gets better. Obviously for him, but selfishly for us too because his work is awesome and he seems to be a good guy. I was supposed to go see him when I went down to Atlanta last month but couldn’t make it happen. Now that I know he’s sick I regret not going.
  12. Byron has serious prostate cancer. I had serious communication issues throughout getting my putter that I relayed to Steve. But Steve messaged me earlier this week and it sound like Byron is in a really bad spot and may not make it through this. He’s not Scotty Cameron and hand does every putter
  13. Damn. With his health the way it is I want to snag it. Wish I had the funds. His putters are awesome. GLWS!
  14. I’d be more than happy to grind a wedge for you similar to what I’ve got if the T doesn’t work out. I’ll PM you
  15. Glad somebody else had a similar reaction as me. I really wanted to love the T grind but it is so soft here in Northern Virginia. It was a non issue in full mush shots (60yds plus), but I hit a lot of shots with a more open face around the greens and there is just no forgiveness in it and you have to hit every shot almost perfect. It would be great for Pinehurst or British links courses though. I custom ground an M grind 60 with heel and trailing edge relief, leaving the effective bounce alone and it’s been amazing and versatile
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