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  1. It's probably not quite legendary but my 910FD 13.5 'ahina 80 is a CANNON to this day 7 years later.
  2. My Dad and I got into talking about this. I've certainly done this before in tournaments. If I know I need to keep the spin off the ball, I'll either leave the groves dirty or leave them a little wet if it's the morning. I have a feeling this will fall under "legal under the written rules but the intent is illegal" What do you guys think? Edit: it's complicated because some players never clean their clubs or dry them so it's tough to write a rule about it.
  3. bkends35

    Sand Valley

    Im curious if it plays firm and fast "links like" with the ability to play it on the ground.... like Bandon, or if it is a "links looking" resort course which really asks for the typical aerial approach....like Streamsong. Photos look really cool. The fairways were fast and firm but the greens were soft enough to stop long irons on them without issues. I definitely wouldn't say it's fast like a links.
  4. bkends35

    Sand Valley

    I got out to SV this past Saturday. It's a great track, though it's not as difficult as I would've liked. I had 75 from the black with no mullis first time seeing the course with no yardage book (not available yet?) and no caddie. Not to mention I've barely played this year and am up to a 2 hdcp. I think it's about $100 overpriced considering it's location, it's so far from everything and has no pedigree (and probably never will IMO) besides being owned by the same owner as Bandon. I'd much rather pay a bit more to play Erin or even Blackwolf river course. There was one dumb hole, number 6. Blind bunker in the fairway so you can't go left but right is too narrow if you hit it 290+ IIRC. (I chunked a 3 wood 200 yards)
  5. Had my first bogey free round in 2014, just checked my handicap history and had 6 bogey-free holes in the previous round the day before, then 3 bogey free holes the next day. So 27 holes over a span of 3 days I went bogey free for!
  6. Ordered mine a week and a half ago.. can't wait. My 710 MBs didn't have any grooves left.
  7. Here is a SLDR 10.5* 430 head for sale. I'm going to throw in the brand new SLDR head cover and wrench since I never used it with the club. There's a small knick on the top which you can sort of see in the pictures. I tried to show it as best as possible. The head's bottom "SLDR" plate feel off a while ago unfortunately as you can see from the photos. It's not an uncommon problems with the SLDR heads. I'll say $45 shipped OBO.
  8. Up for sale is a NEW Tour AD MT-6s shaft. It's out of a Taylormade Japan-only SLDR TP. It still has all the Japan stickers on it as well as the Taylormade Japan logo. The shaft will work with the M1/R15/SLDR heads and will play to stock length, 45.5''. Feel free to message me with any questions. $170 shipped OBO
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