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  1. [quote name='ryan2441' timestamp='1286384143' post='2731338'] Guys im in a very good predicament. I am going to Ireland this august but am having serious trouble deciding which courses to play they all look amazing! We will for sure play old head ballybunion both courses royal county down and hopefully the K club What are your thoughts on waterville portmarnock and ballyflin?? Please help! Thanks [/quote] Firstly, there is no better month than August to golf in Ireland. Your trip may also coincide with the Irish Open in KIllarney. As a Killarney resident I can't reccomend it enough as a base of operation from which to play the surrounding courses. The town has a long tradition of hospitality & hoteliers are accustomed to accomodating golfers. There is a wide variety of hotels to suit every budget & pubs & nite clubs for every age & taste (Dan Lenihans on College Street serves a particulaly good pint of Guinness). The Old at Ballybunion is must for any golfer, no ifs or buts about it (1 hour & 15mins drive). Waterville is similarly excellent & a similar distance drive. Tralee would be the third choice links course in my opinion but in any other area it would be a must (45 mins drive). The New course at Ballybunion is probably the fourth choice links in the county. As a Trent Jones Jnr design it is highly target orientated which can be punitive on a windy day. However, it is available at a discounted price if played the same day as the Old. Dooks in Glenbeigh (30mins drive) represents a good value introduction to links golf, green fees are frequently less than $30, & is reccomended before taking on the big boys. While staying in Killarney it would be a shame not to play the lakeside Killeen course at Killarney Golf & Fishing Club. Although it is a parkland course it plays firm & fast unlike American parklands. At only 5mins drive its a great choice if you don't want to have to travel everyday or are hungover. It should be in great condition in August for the Irish Open. It has held the Irish Open three times previously aswell as the Curtis Cup There are two other courses in the club but Killeen is the best by far. Old Head is located in the neighbouring county of Cork (1hour 30mins drive). The scenery is second to none but the test of golf, in my opinoin, is not comparable to Ballybunion or Waterville. Until recently it was quite restricitvely priced but green fees have reduced as of late. Lahinch, located in County Clare, is a superior course to Old Head & Stewart Cink regularly warms up for the British Open there. It is a long drive from Killarney (circa 3 hours) but well worth the trip. Definitely preferred to Old Head. Dunebeg is a good course, also in County Clare, but it does not stand comparison to the historic links courses but makes a good second 18 while in Clare. Adare Manor in Limerick (en route to Clare) is a parkland course (1hour 20mins drive) & is an excellent test but if you have to choose between courses always choose a links. In short, stay in Killarney & play; 1) Ballybunion Old 2) Waterville 3) Lahinch 4) Tralee 5) Old Head Of Kinsale 6) Killeen at Killarney 7) Ballybunion New 8) Dunebeg On the east coast of the country County Louth (aka Baltray), Portmarnock, Royal County Down & the European Club are reccommended (all links). The K Club is just an overpriced parkland (circa $300) & that money would be better spent playing lesser known links, even 9 hole courses. Playing these courses would mean making base in Dublin or one of the surrounding counties (4hours 30mins drive from Killarney). My knowledge of this area is less extensive. All the driving times are based on you knowing where you're going & not getting held up by tractors etc on rural roads. To the guy who is going golfing in Febuary................................good luck with the links in the wind & rain!!!!!!!
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