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  1. Putter has been gamed but in great shape. Blue grip master grip installed last year. Cheaper here than the bay...$450 shipped CONUS
  2. Buttery feeling x-protos in 6-Pw. X forged in 5, and older x forged in 3-4. 5-Pw have C-taper Stiff + shafts. 3-4 iron have the original PX 6.0 flighted shafts. Std. lie/loft and +1/2 inch. See pic's for condition, plenty of life left and no browning at all but they've been played. $200 shipped CONUS
  3. LH Adams Launch Lab w. X Flex White Tie 9.5 $200 Topic says it all - this is an excellent combo of super low spinning head, high launch & low spin shaft. Head is in good condition, see pictures. There are a few micro-nicks in the crown from 3-wood tapping when i didn't have a head cover on but they aren't visible at address. These heads are all custom usually with hot melt, but I don't know the specifics. It sits slightly open to my eye. Shaft was not tipped and has never been pulled. Used for a season. PM with questions.
  4. Ya wow these are a good deal. I have a set I've been playing for 3 seasons and am tempted to buy these to restart! Apparently my used set it worthless...
  5. Up for grabs is an awesome set of irons in basically mint condition. See pictures for yourself, these have been take to the range a few times but other than a few light ball marks on raw faces they are perfect. No rust! LH Adams MB2 - 3-PW, Stock Specs NDMC Grips KBS tour smoke Stiff shafts $450 CONUS These things are beautiful! Please PM with questions. Only trade interest is for a Leupold 3gx-i rangefinder + cash.
  6. Any ideas on where to find these at a discount? They are like 18$ per on the website...
  7. Both clubs have a few nicks and my pictures give you a good idea of where. Nothing bothered me at address but they aren't perfect. Also the tm adaptor on the Kai'li has a cosmetic issue where the setting doesn't line up perfectly. Happy to sell the 3 wood shaft by itself but take off $10 if you buy both! R11 3 wood head - 35. Plays 42.5 inches with shaft. Kai'li x flex 3 wood shaft - 65 Xcg5 hybrid - 75 - plays 40 inches Pm with questions or offers.
  8. Minneapolis, mn 55408 Hdcp 4 Callaway x prototype C taper stiff plus Driver ss - 110 6i ss - 92 Current Mid high Desired Mid high Have been playing the c tapers for a season and really like them. Trajectory is solid, plenty of spin but never ballooning, and great looking.
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