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  1. You will love the Cobra MBs I put them in my bag late this season they are fantastic. If you are looking for a strong 3 wood I would look at the Speedzone big tour it can be hit from the deck but has a bigger profile which makes it great off the tee.
  2. When I played one length I played vokeys at +0.5 inch in 56 and 60. I honestly would have not played the one length gap wedge if I had kept going with one length. I found it created too big of a gap between it and 56, if I did it again I would probably play one length 5 iron to 9 iron then specialty wedges.
  3. What method did you use to remove the black finish? I am thinking about doing this to my set
  4. I played 9 holes (3000 yards) yesterday w/ my full bag but kept track of the clubs that I used for the round: Driver - hit 7 times 2 Iron - hit 3 times 7 iron - Hit 2 times 9 iron - Hit 1 time 50 - Hit 3 times 58 - Hit 7 times putter - Hit 13 times (11 putts, 2 just off the green) I almost always carry 5 iron in a minimalist bag but this round has me reconsidering. One less club would get me down to 7 clubs which i feel is truly minimalist and I shot even par in a tonne of wind.
  5. I have been batting around the idea of multiple minimalist set ups dependent on the course yardage. 8 clubs would shake down like this: under 5500 yards 2 Utility 5 iron 7 iron 9 iron 50 54 58 Putter 5500-6200 yards 3 Wood 4 iron 7 iron Pitching Wedge 50 54 58 Putter 6200+ Yards Driver 2 Utility 5 iron 7 iron 9 iron 50 58 Putter I could also go 7 clubs (for some reason this truly feels minimalist to me a t
  6. Depends on the course but I would pretty generally go 7 iron, 58, putter. I can hit 7 iron up to 185 if i really need to and especially with a short bag I am going to lean on my short game alot.
  7. Just got back as 9 holes somehow turned into 18 (playing the last three in the dark and at 0 degrees celsius) The course was a par 71 at 5500 yards and played every bit of it with alot of fallen leaves (lost 3 balls in them) shot a solid 79 with a few missed putts on leafy greens. Forgot how much fun (and easier on my back) playing with roughly a half set is. Something I will definitely be doing spring and fall.
  8. I haven't looked at this thread in a long time but it popped back into my head as I am heading out to play 9 in possible flurries this afternoon so I am leaving the woods at home. I am going to take out an 8 club bag today: Driving Iron - Cobra Forged Tec 2 Utility Irons - Cobra CB/MB 5/7/9 Wedges - Cobra MIM Black 50,54,58 Putter Odyssey Stroke Lab 1 Wide I have been playing really well lately so I will be interested to see with the cold temperatures and a half bag how I play. It is a short course around 2800 yards but tight.
  9. I am really hoping the TS-1's. Already planning my build
  10. For me it comes out of necessity and the challenge. I work within the golf industry so I can only play at very odd times of the day and for me I know I can walk the course far quicker than carting it. I also have troubles playing 3/4 and 1/2 shots I am hoping this exercise will make that problem go away and help me prepare for my PAT's. Also from the few articles I have had the chance to read this should make practicing easier which is something I struggle with as well Back in the day you only had to pass the PAT test once. Has this changed? Is it now a series of 18 hole rounds? Hope u pl
  11. Had my best round with my 4 club set up I shot 2 over par with 2 bad bogeys and a double made 4 birdies and left 3 or 4 more putts on the lip. Everything just felt automatic today
  12. Played 9 holes last night and shot 2 over par . . . not getting to play as much as I would like but the minimalist set up really makes it easy
  13. Maltby MMB-17 comes to mind or in you dont mind low offset cavity back the TE Forged. I have built up demos in both and actually preferred the TE over the MMB.
  14. Well this is frustrating, today I hit a beautiful shot to about 8 feet only one problem the head of my 9 iron came flying off in the process. I am going to re attach the head my only concern is I have swingweighted the irons with tungsten powder and I am assuming I will need to drill atleast a small hole to prevent an air bubble from getting trapped and causing the same issue again. Does anybody have any tips or tricks for this?
  15. Played 45 holes today with my full bag on the same courses that I have mentioned in my last few posts and I have to say scores were pretty much identical and I actually had to hit more recovery shots because I was taking the wrong club instead of playing everything with a 7 iron and feeling it. Have to say I am not sure what I will do next time out.
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