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  1. Nice R. Text or call me if you have any questions on setup, etc.
  2. If you want Condo/Houses, then GLV would be best option in Southwest Michigan. They have cottages and 6 courses. I believe Island Hills also has villas that are nice. I am not sure on Harbor Shores or Hawks Heads lodging options. GR recommendation is good, but courses are more spread out vs Boyne or another resort.
  3. 1. Durability of golf ball because I am not hitting the ball in the same location every time. Less thinking about dots 2. More consistent readings on all clubs. No more mis-reads. Very rarely do I get estimated spin readings. They really shine with Irons. 3. I did a side by side (RCT vs Dot) with Driver and I had 0/10 estimated spin with RCT and 3/10 estimated spin with dots. Driver not perfect, but better for sure.
  4. With the new RCT balls and the 0.19 firmware, the Mevo+ is amazing for a $2000 unit. With fusion tracking coming, things are looking amazing.
  5. No political motivation. They are looking to elevate The Highlands to a higher end resort over time and I think this is the first part of that. They are also trying to make sure it is not confused with Boyne Mountain.
  6. No, it is just a rebranding away from the Boyne name.
  7. Based on what I have been told by many different members of Detroit clubs last year is that membership and play is up at such a rate at all the clubs, that many of the members are unhappy about limited use they are getting. Many clubs have done things like extremely limit or stop guest play and take outside events off calendar to free up time for their members. I am not sure if that is the cause, but it would not surprise me.
  8. In the immediate Gaylord area: Must Plays: Treetops - Threetops Treetops - Signature Michewye Pines Otsego Tribute (not cure on conditions though) Other Solid Courses: Treetops - Masterpiece Treetops - Premier The Loon Not a fan: The Lakes The Ridge The Natural Treetops- Tradition Gaylord Golf Club Other course at Otsego If you are willing to expand a bit outside Gaylord (up to an hour drive): Black Lake Boyne Mountain Forest Dunes Hidden River
  9. I will start in Benton Harbor and drive around the Lake and only play in Metro areas that are located on Lake Michigan (So no Plilgrim's, Black Lake, Sand Valley etc): I will say I know Michigan golf way more than Wisconsin, Chicago - so this is a biased list Harbor Shores American Dunes Arcadia Bluffs Arcadia South Lochenheath Bay Harbor Boyne - The Hills Gladstone Idelwood Whistling Straits Blackwood Run The Glen Club Cog Hill Mistwood If I can include Privates, the list changes to: Dunes Club Lost Dunes Muskegon Country Club Arcadia Bluffs Crystal Downs Lochenheath Bay Harbor True North Whistling Straits Blackwood Run Milwaukee Country Club Chicago Golf Club Butler National Medianah #3
  10. If you include the greater Grand Rapids Area and only pure public courses, this would be my rankings based on what I know: A List (Must Plays): Pilgrim's Run American Dunes (haven't played it) B List (Solid Tracks worth playing Diamond Springs The Mines Thornapple The Meadows C List (Enjoyable Courses) Kaufmann Macatawa Legends (Might be going private) Scott Lake Cedar Chase
  11. I use a Fiberbuilt in my garage sim setup and it is awesome. I had a CC mat before with a net only setup. After using that 1 -2x a week, I was hurting after a month or so. My only complaint about the FB is the grass really can mess with turf interaction. I tend to way more fat shots with the FB compared to grass.
  12. That is a tough one. Arcadia is not close to much. Option 1: Manistee Arcadia would be about 45 minutes from there. You could play local courses in Manistee (both courses at Manistee National and Manistee Golf and Country Club). Also good would Hemlock and Lincolns in Ludington which is 30 minutes South. Option 2: Traverse City Arcadia could be anywhere from 50 to 90 minutes away depending on where you are staying. Better golf options in that area including: Locenheath The Bear (very difficult) Bahle Farms The Crown Mistwood
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