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  1. The Dunes Club is a special place.
  2. On the Loop, if I ignore the fun of playing a course in two different directions, I find the course itself (either routing) to be an enjoyable experience, but absent of any key signature holes. Many of the holes are forgettable. I do like the conditions and how it plays more like a Links course, but it had to sacrifice in some areas to create the reversible concept. Again, my opnion. Belvedere is a solid course. I enjoy playing it every few years, but it gets ranked high based on history more than anything else. The two nines seem like very different golf courses. It would ma
  3. From what I have read, Pros use different metrics from quad vs trackman.
  4. Ranking lists are always interesting. I generally think Golf Digest does it best. The Loop is fun, but is not a top 30 course in the state, let alone take up 2 spots. Belvedere is fine, but doesn't belong on that list. I would say the same for Tullymore, The Bear, Eagle Eye, and Harbor Shores. The Dunes Club is only 9 holes, but belongs on the list Battle Creek CC was on the list a few years ago, but has dropped off. I am biased, but I think deserves a spot. Its all subjective....always fun to argue.
  5. Haven't been there this year, but previous experience in May would suggest that the courses won't be in best shape. They usually don't get into prime shape until June.
  6. I ordered 5 weeks and 6 days ago and my 921 Forged set is arriving today.
  7. Looks like some nice weather this weekend. Planning on playing both Saturday and Sunday. Waiting on my new irons. Ordered six weeks ago. Grrrrr.... New shafts and some tweaks to my driver and 3 wood over the winter are treating me well. I haven't driven the ball this good in years. I hope everyone is doing well.
  8. Lost Dunes is a Doak course. The Dunes Club was designed by Dick Nugent. Both are great tracks, but the Dunes club is my favorite of the two. Such a unique experience.
  9. I ordered 921 Forged 5 weeks ago and no word.
  10. I did a test of V1 vs V1x vs Left Dash V1x I have played the V1x the last few years. V1 always seems to soft to me. Going with the LD V1x. Feel is as good as V1x, but lower spin off the driver and longer irons.
  11. I will be curious to hear about American Dunes. I definitely want to play there someday.
  12. CP2 Wrap Jumbos was original order. I had to switch to GP standard Jumbo wraps which I will take off and replace when I get them. But I needed to keep the grip weight consistent so my swing weights were not off when I got the clubs.
  13. If he was just holding the balls, I am not sure anyone would have been that upset. But because he is an investor in the company and the company tweeted images of him holding the sleeve of balls at Augusta - then it was clear it was an organized move to take away from Lee Elder.
  14. He is Rickie without all the commercials. When he is near the lead, he chokes. When he is not, he is elite. Every now and then, he doesn't choke and wins.
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