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  1. I am glad you enjoyed the area. Stoatin Brae is definitely improved over the past few years, but it is not links golf. It is Faux-Links golf like Arcadia Bluffs and many other courses that offer that style/appearance. I have only played one course in Michigan that plays like Links golf and that is The Loop.
  2. Stonehedge South is best of the bunch. Bedford is solid layout, but not as good as condition.
  3. The Medalist is best option. Closest to firekeepers and best public course in the area. Second best option is Stonehedge North or South. Battle Creek Country Club is terrific. If any of your group are members at a private club, the pro is very open to working out something.
  4. This year, I have been dealing with a grip change to avoid continued injury to my hand. Add to that equipment change to graphite shafts in my irons and jumbo grips, my game has been really struggling. My handicap went to the highest its been in many years in July. Then my last three rounds have been 74,70,71, two of those in competition. I am hoping I have figured it out!
  5. I have had the opposite experience at the Bluffs course. I have seen them make groups skip a hole if they get behind on pace of play and even gave us a partial refund because of groups in front of us being idiots.
  6. Hampshire is closer to Niles and is a decent track. Blackthorn and Warren are terrific.
  7. Agree with this. Resale at Shanty will be much better and close to more things to do beside Golf. Garland is middle of no where.
  8. Very different animals. The Pointe is old school, narrow and lush. Lost Dunes is wide, firm and very tough greens. If I had to pick, I would rather play Lost Dunes.
  9. I actually have found the XC to feel a bit softer so far. It is similar in performance and I hit it well, but the feel is different.
  10. Last week, my trusty AD-BB 6s finally saw its last day. It broke after I hit a drive and I was sad. I picked up a AD-XC which is supposed to be the newer version of the BB. Going into play tonight, so I am hoping for similar results.
  11. U of M not being snobbish? There is a first for everything.
  12. The original course is far better and its not even close. While I enjoy the uniqueness of the loop, if you only have time to play one, the OG is the clear choice.
  13. This is what happens when you create elevated greens and you get water runoff from watering the greens. This is my experience every time I have played Stoatin.
  14. Greywalls is definitely a unique experience. It is beautiful and I am glad I made the trip to play it. That being said, I am not in a huge rush to go back. I think the green complexes are way overdone and unfair on many of the holes. On the first hole, I hit three good shots including my third shot landing within 3 feet of the pin only to have the ball roll of the right side of the green down a hill leaving an impossible chip. Many other holes where I landed middle of the green only to leave myself an impossible chip or putt. Sweetgrass is pretty solid. Good resort course. I enjoyed it, but not worth the trip alone.
  15. Playing 36 at Greywalls and then 18 at Sweetgrass. I have been saying I want to get up there, but have never made it. It's a haul.
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