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  1. Looking for some heavy ones. Like 8-12 or 14 grams or more depending on driver or fairway.
  2. I just wanted to see my numbers on trackman and find something I could buy and stop hoing clubs hoping to find the holy grail with zero science to back it up. The one thing which I think really sways in their favor is the fact that its only their clubs which have the proprietary hosel system. Who is to say that the Accra shaft (Which they wanted $599 for) in my current TS3 head with a little extra weight wouldn't have made a significant difference. I fit into a Ventus Blue 7X in the fairway, and I've got one of those coming (also not ordered through them...they wanted another $400) for my
  3. Hey Thanks! I may reach out, but I actually have a couple options at the moment to source it for about $635 (buy head and shaft separately) and $735 ( totally built and swing weighted). I just want to be sure, based on some feedback I've gotten that I don't need to try and find another fitter to put me through the paces with driver and ensure the right combo.
  4. I did really like the feel and results. Could be a throwback to my baseball playing days. Felt a bit like swinging a bat, but club head speed and ball speed were not negatively impacted at all. In fact both increased significantly
  5. Thank you, Sensei! They wanted over $1,100 for the setup and over $2,700 for driver/fwy/hybrid. Definitely not buying there after a little research into other options.
  6. Had a fitting at Club Champion and the driver I fit into was a Titleist TSi3 8* at 45.5* with an Accra Tour Z RPG 472 M5+ at E1 swing weight. I know they come from the factory around like D2 or 3…my question is if I were to buy the components and take them to a builder, is E1 possible? That’s a big difference obviously and was curious how That big a change could be created? Thanks in advance!
  7. In pristine/like new, or new condition for a good deal.
  8. Tipped 1/2” or no tipping. Needs to play at least 45” in TS or TSi driver head. Will consider without adapter. Thanks!
  9. In good shape. Not major dummy marks. Thanks!
  10. Watch is pending! Let's move the shaft...save me from making two trips to the post office!
  11. Bring your offers, boys. If Prices are off, let me know. I'm not nearly as involved in the game as I once was. They seem fair, but if not I'm reasonable. Thanks!
  12. Couple quick things to re-coup some funds. 1. New Without Box Garmin Approach S60 with 2 chargers. Never used. Only set up to check out the operating system. Never worn, never seen the course. No box or manual. $old 2. Handcrafted HZRDUS T-1100 6.0 65g Driver shaft with Cobra tip. Tip to grip just a hair under 44 inches. $185 $175 OBO shipped. Trade interest: 2019-2020 Wilson Staff Utility Iron 18* with X shaft. TSi 3 Fairway head 13.5, 15, or 16.5 degrees.
  13. Did anybody have issues with the viewport on the V5 or the NX9? I can't get a clear picture from either. Apparently too much 'eye relief' means I can't put it up close to my eye like I did the older bushnell Tour V2.
  14. Someone help me understand what is wrong.... I used a Bushnell Tour V2 for year and it has been great...it actually still works, but burns through batteries for some reason, so I continue to show up to the course only to find my battery dead...and I'm talking like 1, maybe 2 rounds and a battery dies...so anyway I purchased a new Precision Pro NX9 Slope and was really excited about it, but opened the thing and I couldn't get a clear picture. The best way I can describe it is the view through the viewfinder appeared obstructed and I had to really work to try and find a decent view.
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