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  1. Yea the srixons are probably worth way more in my mind than on the actual market because of sentimental value and if I was gonna unload them for like $200 I’d just assume keep em. I don’t travel a ton but could potentially travel more in the coming years.
  2. Well I am trying (once again) to end the search for the magic club(s) and instead stop buying and just commit to my current bag. that said, I have some nice stuff still laying around. I could sell it all off, pay off my paypal balance and come out ahead a couple hundred bucks, or I could build a “backup” set or a “travel” set. I’ve heard of such things before, but never really built one. I have a great set of Srixon Z545 3-GW, some RTX4 wedges, a Ping g25 4w, an Adams DHy Pro 21*, a Ping G400 Stretch, a nice Cleveland Huntington Beach putter, and a great cart bag to store i
  3. Haha! The name is not changing, but Dufner has disappeared from the public eye. When he split with Amanda that was the beginning of the end it seems.
  4. That’s exactly why I like him. I aspire to a 6 inch backswing
  5. Tony seems like a super chill guy, hits it a mile, pretty well-liked, etc. Any reason Tony shouldn't be my guy? I know he hasn't closed out many tourneys, but he's always in the hunt. Just wanna be sure there's no Tin Cup scenario where he secretly treats children, old people, and dogs (or caddies, golf course staff, etc.) like crap.
  6. Wow. Tryin not to buy my 4th set of irons this month, but you're makin it difficult....these are beautiful
  7. Can I change my citizenship? Id grind hard to shoot 79 for a quad.
  8. Absolutely on the text reviews. Who hasn't scrolled through a review on the toilet for a club that just hit the BST?? LOL As for video...I have 3 monitors at work, I tend to work off the left and middle screen and keep some sort of media running on the 3rd one, even if under other apps so I can only hear it. I like being able to peek at it occasionally and listen primarily. Anyways, I think your point about the golfing population density makes a lot of sense, I just think a company like a Club Champion, a cool, personable young pro or someone is missing a big marketin
  9. I can honestly say I've never wondered such a thing.
  10. Why does it seem like all the really well established, "famous" Youtube pros who review clubs are from overseas? I have nothing against any of them, but I am honestly just curious. Guys like Shiels, Finch, Taylor, Robinson, Alex Etches, Michael Newton, Average Golfer, etc. are all from the other side of the pond. Even TXG is from Canada, not the USA. Love watching these guys and I'm not complaining, but it has always struck me as off that there aren't any mainstream golf club reviewers, or if there are, I'm just unaware of them.
  11. Plays just under 40". Golf Pride BCT Tour Velvet grip. Hit just a handful of times. I think my Driving Iron experiments are done. Hybrid time for me. Price is Shipped and insured to your door, add $10 if you're out west. Thanks!
  12. Man we played that one time and have never gotten back out. Need to do that at some point. You're still hittin it a country mile it sounds like!
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