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  1. Wow those look insane with those shafts! I'm fully stocked on long clubs or I'd be droolin over these!
  2. Not looking for something ultra expensive, can be used but in great shape. Primarily black
  3. This is the red tiger striped edition. Only need fairway wood.
  4. Holy crap! I say this as one big guy to another….you have some serious huevos to wear pants with those patterns at our size! RESPECT, Sir! GLWS!!
  5. These are some of the sickest irons I've ever seen, man! Wow. Great stuff. Good luck sellin em....they are amazing.
  6. Great looking club here. I never actually hit this. I took it in a trade for another club, and while I waited for it to arrive, I decided on another driving iron in true club ho fashion. Looks beautiful. Face and body are in great shape. Sole shows some brush marks from what I assume is hitting off a tee with the black finish. Tensei Orange 80S shaft with Arccos Smart Grip. I can't speak to the functionality of the Arccos sensor in the grip as I never tried to use it at all. Club has not seen very much use. Price is $210 OBO shipped & Paypal'd. Open to trades, but I'm gonna be picky because honestly I'm full and my backup bag is pretty flush as well. Don't hesitate to message me with offers, questions, etc.
  7. Son! You have been busy! Bag is lookin incredible....I knew I should have bought some stock in Graphite Design when the market was low!! I moved out by you brother over in Las Gav. I live on the street that intersects the 6th green & 7th tee box. Would be great to see ya again at some point! Gators still wear jean shorts! Go Dawgs!!!
  8. Got this for a 3 way battle and while it’s solid, I’m spinning it too much occasionally and I know it’s not going to be the gamer so it’s gotta go. Too nice to be sitting in the corner. Graphite Design Tour AD HD7 TX 44.25” in great shape. Midsize Golf Pride Z grip with only 2 rounds on it. A little paint loss where the adapter was installed it looks like. Was that way when I got it. Zero impact on performance. $250 shipped & PP’d OBO. Shafts are always tough to price so if you think I’m off base lets chat. Will ship within 24 hours of payment.
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