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  1. Just be careful. It's a deep, dark hole and the climb out takes it out of ya.... I spent so much time, money, energy on 3 woods it was honestly insane. I was averaging like one round and two range sessions per club before moving on to the next. Pretty sure at one point in time, there were like 4 boxes with 3 woods in them that showed up to my door at the same time. I'd forgotten I even bought a couple of em. Truth be told, the best I ever hit in my life was a Titleist 915Fd with Aldila Tour Green 75X.....gah that thing was sweet! One day at the range I took a swing, an
  2. In good shape, no major dings/scratches. Headcover not required
  3. You could probably say I have a thing for three woods...but that would be putting it mildly to be honest. I have been obsessed with finding the right one for a very long time. In the end, what I settled on was a 4w (16.5), but despite my obsession, I also realized I didn't hit it a ton. Like a lot of guys on here, I hit all my woods/hybrids a long way, and with that being the case, balls offline go a long way offline. 3w is not measurably more accurate, either by my testing, or in a lot of the tests I've seen. I still have the 4w in the bag, but I've played 4 rounds in the last week and didn't
  4. Ill buy the hulk. I know you dont want to separate, but Ill take it if youll sell it
  5. I don’t have any equipment to pull it myself and don’t really want the hassle/cost to pull it. Make me an offer on the whole thing and if you want to pull it, you can.
  6. Alright Gents, Been playin more than I've been here to chat lately and life's keepin me busy, so any free time I have I'm on the course. Got a few odds and extras to unload here. I'm not as active in the buying/selling game, so if you think the prices need adjusting, shoot me a PM and we can talk. Not really looking for trades, but I'll always listen (old habits die hard...). All prices are OBO and include USPS Priority Shipping to the lower 48 w Tracking & Insurance as well as PayPal G&S. 1. Mizuno MP-18 MMC/SC Combo Set +3/4" 2*Up with Modus 120X & Tour Velvet Midsiz
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