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  1. as this post has been revitalized, so has my interest in these irons. as @UlfBane shows above, Ram and TA were both made it seems, at the same plant. I picked up a set of FX2's a while back, thinking I'd give them a try one of these days. was a long time 845 player. Took the Rams out a couple weekends ago, after playing Hogan CBs (The Callaway X-14 clones) for the last few seasons. like the way the feel, these have DGR300 shafts. recall having a set of TA's with the same shafts that performed well - whatever that's worth. might have to upsize the std grips though, and they feel about an inch too long - I prefer a shorter setup. these are nice sticks. soft at impact - to me - and well balanced. narrower sole and squarer toe than the Tommy. is anyone still hitting them or have any thoughts on playing the FX2's ?
  2. most crews were black, white or those sad argyles. new styles certainly play a factor. the patterns and graphics are pretty cool. I've been wondering when to try out a few pair given as gifts. you wear some, your buddy notices and gets some, maybe - it catches on.
  3. we enjoyed the change of temps this morning. air was crisp and we were able to toss the outer layer just before the turn. friend from Wisconsin joined us today and when we walked up to number two green to survey our approach shots we found Ryder Cup ball markers on scene. he shared stories about his Friday at WS and told us that course is a must play venue. our greens were fast and had more breaks than an orthopedic ward. surprised myself by hitting the front nine par 3's in reg. it's 50/50 that I miss number 6 to the right. parred 'em both. foursome behind caught up by number eleven - I swear anytime my shot was near that group - my ball disappeared. they were always looking for at least two of their groups shots and there are several adjacent fairways on the back nine. they were Hoovering up the place. I did find their nasty tic-tac-toe marked in yellow Titelist DT-Solo, they swapped for my logo ProV1 on number 16. mine faded right, I yelled fore and after four of them searched that area - I hustled up to the remains. they were 75 yards away by then. as Arg would say , Pfft. still, a good day. found three True Feels in the rough so next time out those get a bashing.
  4. I give the BPOE credit for dressing better in public. the RL outfits bring to mind sporting club attire. that style is seen in his previous catalogs. herringbone tweed, blue soft collar shirts, club tie. some long guns and the course's bird dog would have complimented the look.
  5. have a few Millar lightweight 1/4 zips. decent for light breeze or layering. Ping midweights are nice and comfy. think mine is the phaser. Straight Down are nice looking but no pockets.
  6. this week appears to be the wet and cooler of the next two. weekends appear to be favorable. enjoy grabbing a pullover for a change. that's what those side panels on the bag are for, not three foot long hoagies.
  7. was in the hitting cage at 5:15, then coffee and chatted with the morning crew. we started near 6:22. light coverup weather with the breeze though it warmed up so nice. fairways had roll, rough was thick, sticky but groomed. struggled with a hybrid in it for a while until I found a swing that worked. should have used an iron from the start and saved some strokes but I got stubborn like a mule. one of the most enjoyable games I can remember. greens fast, pins in some gnarly spots with lots of break. tough but fair. partner and I made some absolute stunners. the 30 footer on number two set the tone and the balance of the day we whooped it up. free breakfast for season member appreciation day. gift - can coozie with motto "Keep Calm and Make The Putt"
  8. will freely admit - I used to be young and stupid. I'm not young anymore.
  9. C'mon. has that really been an issue ? all these years it's never been mentioned at any course I've visited. if anyone's gonna fiddle with them, could at least toss in a pack of cherry Kool-Aid. though, I do like the bottle fillers some courses have installed.
  10. as I recall, some Nike models are known for having narrow heel areas. this could be a plus, based on your experiences. I wear a C width in conventional shoes so I wear styles that don't have slop in the standard, M sizing. Callaways are waaaay too wide even in their M sizing. FJ have been pretty dependable. Adidas makes some fine looking kicks. certain styles have much more lacing to set your fit. try for at least four eyelets worth . also consider a thicker insoled style that allows your foot to adapt, like a memory foam fit. thin factory insoles allow your to foot slide around as you walk and swing. not good.
  11. perfect weather at the Valley. began the day in the hitting cage at 5:30. practice green was nice and fast. starter sent me out solo before anyone else was out of the parking lot and I was heading to five tee when I saw people coming up to two green. by the time I hit eight tee box I could tell there was time for some two-ball fun. course condition was very good and always nice to putt on fast greens. pins were set in some interesting spots, including number eighteen in the far left low level outcrop. I hit my drive of the day on that hole and best approach. no slow play, mangled wildlife, inconsiderate players. though - I did try the music thing for about 45 seconds at number 16. got all upbeat, good song on, then hit the slice of the day - heck - month, all the way across number 15 fairway. so, turned the noise off, got myself back in position and decided not to do that again. end scene.
  12. props if you use the app but also walk on with a genuine Abacus. don't answer any question without banging the beads for a couple seconds........ let 'em think you're Sheldon from Big Bang.
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