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  1. two Lake County friends could always be counted on for an afternoon meet-up at BS. nice views and easy to get there.
  2. once you accept that white sport shirts are disposable - it's all good. you take one off and say - but I didn't touch anything blue. then realize you rubbed up against something, somewhere. could be a beverage stain, mosquito bite, sunscreen, course soil, ash burn, you name it. unless you have AP money and can wear a new one everyday.
  3. have a bare head to set up. IIRC, these were the first successor to the 845 Silver Scot drivers. a little larger, more teardrop shape. 10* loft. I'd like to have a steel R flex about 43 and half. it's going to fill out another all 845 bag. thanks in advance.
  4. just sitting on the shelf, Great Scot driver head, 10*. I now remember donating the stiff graphite shaft to a friend maybe twenty years ago. example of a reshaft project that waited too long for completion. my 845 3W was in a box with the graphite set. can wrap this bag up pretty darn quick.
  5. I was thinking of you this afternoon Arg. wearing my straw 'Gambler" hat tomorrow so I don't get toasted. the morning glare seems to be hitting my face right around the eyes. been thinking of getting the sleeves, though my arms usually fare pretty well just with sunblock. one of the guys in our group wears them religiously. best to you.
  6. Dibs! my original 845 driver went astray years ago. if you don't want those. PM me. I'd game them in a heartbeat - with the irons.
  7. white line in the center indicates standard lie - not upright or flat. G indicates the head was designed at the factory to be installed on a graphite shaft.
  8. well thought out and implemented solutions. kudos.
  9. asking because I must live in a bubble: I'm tied to a desk five and half days a week. handcuffed. how do you all do it? besides retirement.
  10. based on Charley Penna's comments, the smaller heads, shorter length and soft shafts don't sound like a favorable combination - for you.
  11. Mesh footwear doesn't clean too well no matter what you try. The dirt becomes embedded in the mesh and under layers of fabric. Golf courses are loaded with grass stain and wet soil. If you need mesh shoes, go dark. It will hide much of the discoloration.
  12. was your goal to get stiffs or regulars? IIRC, you post a bunch of stiff vintage gear.
  13. Lotta ego in golf. Sometimes more than common sense. One quiet day I'm going out from the most forward tees just to see what it feels like. I already know how hard it is from the far ones.
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