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  1. I must have been reading your mind. have to get into my backyard tomorrow where there's about 18" of cover. said to myself, 'Self - take an old five iron.' swinging thru snow is like having a resistance band.
  2. Happiness on a winters night: Coming indoors from tossing snow-melt onto some large ice dams and seeing the course's email that we have the first tee-time again. Dew-sweepers will understand.
  3. without realizing at the time, one of the Citation 3 woods I found a while back turned out to be either altered or a ladies club. shaft length is equal to a modern hybrid and the head is about the same mass. it still has use at lesser distances. plus the odd ribbing - 'He's got the Tree wood."
  4. I met a nice guy at one second hand store a few years back, as we rummaged thru the rack together. chatty fellow. I had gotten there first, so he asked me what I was holding and what was in the bin. as we checked out together, he invited me to take a look at a set he had picked up earlier that morning at a church sale. they had the same crown ferrules as your set, @coldwareragolfer. first time I had seen anything like them. great find . keep the posts coming.
  5. I've got several sets because I'm a packrat. They're all older purchases. Times past, I'd grab some good OEM models at the Golfsmith bin. Some courses have a decent logo'd barrel now and then, but mostly they're knits or the plasticky pleather sleeves.
  6. if it sounds good - it IS good. never rely on a tinny club.
  7. one sight line on a putter is sufficient.
  8. I know we started playing our course in April.
  9. most weekend players we know seem to hit the high 80's, mid 90's unless they can get some major practice time during the week. except for this one guy, D______, who can shoot lights out anytime, anyplace.
  10. Code for the Spalding Irons: S were Heavy weight Stiff, Triangle were Medium weight Stiff, Diamond were Midweight Regular, Circles were Ladies weight,
  11. there are several Mizzy blue/white cart bags rolling around our course on weekend mornings. they are eye-catching. didn't know the covers were an added bonus. one fellow said his was replaced due to a defect when I asked how he liked it. said it was a great bag though the lower strap holder broke off and added the company was very good about the situation. he plays with a push cart so I'm not sure how he put that much force on that connector, unless he was winching it out of his trunk and it snagged. he's also the type to have about five dozen balls in the lower p
  12. Those are wonderful looking persimmons. just superb. that shaft appears to be R flex, and while I don't have an exact match here, the Grafalloy sticks I do have show a TM legend after the main logo and a small R or S right after their ProLite or AttackLite logos. hope that helps.
  13. beautiful location, no doubt. sunny day, tough enough course, buffeted by winds, wouldn't we all want to be there ?
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