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  1. looking at two five irons. somehow I ended up with a set of each. the measurement from the factory ferrule end to the first step on the regular shaft is ten inches.....for stiff - closer to seven inches. the other steps are all the same, reg and stiff, so the tell-tale is hosel to first step. 1971 you say? man oh man. these heads are good sized. I ought to slap some new grips on and take them for a ride.
  2. since you mention the greens at SV, Arg, this year they have been pretty firm and fast. on many summer days they hardly showed marks unless you really dropped a shot hard. we gave much credit to the course staff for their superb conditioning.
  3. Are you speaking about the two players ahead of you or the starter ? I'd have asked in the pro shop for clarification and if possible - bolted out on front in jackhat and his partner. The crew at the Crook is usually friendly and efficient - and the first tee time starts on time as long as weather cooperates. Bit of rain does not stop that course from play.
  4. 7:10 start at Sunset Valley. near 42 degrees and after about an hour the winds kicked up. /begin endorsement/ topped off my outfit with my new Norse jacket. have worn it 2x. love it. /end endorsement/ on 13, 14, 15 and 17 we could back off on approaches but everywhere else required a bit more stick. on 16, my second shot, (needed hybrid out of the left rough), came up 40 yards shy and I clobbered that poor little Mojo. fall golf - leaves everywhere and with the winds howling, the grounds crew didn't have a chance to keep up. naturally - hope to get back tomorrow
  5. with the very playable design, convenient location and replay discount, - that's a nice course for a breezy game. thanks for your review Arg.
  6. I've got one for you Arg. Player A to me: you know, I can tolerate Player X for about three and a half hours. the problem is, this round is taking four plus.
  7. A beautiful morning with friends up at Shepherds for the Chili Open. Best ball format. We gave a reasonable performance, including an eagle on number 14. The weather was just perfect, a mix of cloud and sun, winds kicking in our face, testing each players capabilities. Everyone in our group contributed well with quality drives, good approaches, clutch putts and fantastic attitudes. It made for a tremendous get together.
  8. there was an incident that required carpeting repair at a corporate park conference room due to a prank gone amiss. a spherical flying object, well aimed, caught a specific fellow unaware, reading the newspaper while standing near the corner fireplace. unplanned was when he stumbled and wildly flung the paper.
  9. Ping Norse for an outer. this one is a winner. layer with any number of items underneath.
  10. I'm over 60 and walk every round. do not settle for inexpensive shoes with poor cushioning. buy decent socks with some padding. many pro shops do not know how to fit golf shoes properly. many golf shoe manufacturers change their lasts (the foot bed style) frequently, thus last years style may not fit the same this year. (I'm talking to you, FootJoy) walk around the store in the shoes for a bit before you buy. synthetic leather shoes do not stretch out. knit shoes get sloppy. check for slippage in the heel and firmness and comfortable feel in the
  11. yesterday we were partnered up with two players from the course that usually play in the group behind us. two of their regulars weren't able to play - we made some new friends and had a great time with these fellows from the near north side of the city. turns out they know each other from high school days and are pals with some staff from the course. my partner and I , thankfully, displayed well. the pins were placed for an IJGA session later that morning and we putted really great. drilled some beautys and those guys thought we had the stars lined up in our favor. ne
  12. sorry, brainfreeze got me. thoughts of your IT background was trapped inside my third braincell to the left when I typed my original response. those jacktards.....
  13. Arg, It's choice made when setting up the course profiles in the booking engine. Both Shepherd's and Sportsman's - both are TeeitUp clients, have had Riding and Walking options displayed for years. Why not ask the course managers at these venues this exact question ? They just to go into the setup page to tick off the boxes in TIU and enter the pricing for greens and carts. It's also possible they like to default where everyone pays more to ride and their revenue stays higher.
  14. do not exclude 'Da Jewels' as it has been and will be, referred to by many in the area. tyvm.
  15. just wondering , as I have an older Clicgear with the same type of inflatables that I keep as a spare cart. my main unit is newer with standard plastic wheels. does it make sense to upgrade the CG wheels now as they are in stock and not wait for the existing tubes to fail or just wait and use it until..... thanks for your thoughts.
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