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  1. Flasks are simple to pack. One group that plays early has an assortment of bourbon, rum and whiskey at the ready, plus cigars. All fine gents.
  2. if we were forced to take two and a half to complete the first nine and the back was jammed, I'd hit the clubhouse for a meal and an attitude adjustment. no way my brain would be 'in the game' at that point. it's supposed to be fun. every scorecard mentions pace. if the course cannot reasonably live up to it, ask for a raincheck. not all players can take an entire day for a round of golf. I believe if more of us hold venues to a decent pace of play - they will in turn, manage players more efficiently. when was the last time you saw a ranger move a fast grou
  3. it's a habit with golf shoes. I store them in the OEM boxes off season. not like I have 30 pair. (wish) and... the FJ webpage says to return them in the original packaging. since I bought them a local course that is now closed for renovation, I have to deal with the manufacturer, unless I want to wait for spring 2022. I don't know if the local DSG is going to be helpful.
  4. Sorry to add another thread about FJ. I visited their website last night and the claim process appears to have changed in the years since I last needed their assistance. They state just send the shoes in with proof of purchase and a statement of defect for claim processing. No more RMA in advance. I have a pair of Pro SL's that lost their waterproofing. Timeframe is within two years of purchase and box with receipt is on hand. I've had good results with their footwear overall, though wet is wet and these puppies soaked through. Has this claim metho
  5. +1, While you can still find evidence of shoe draggers, the preponderance of softspike and no spike shoes being worn has improved playing conditions. Our greens used to look much more 'aerated' by lunchtime.
  6. for rain jackets, FJ Hydrolites have very nice velcro cuffs. for cold weather, I also like woven ribbed cuff types, as they stay in place and keep out the wind. some recent Ping garments received have knitted sleeves with a simple elastic cuff. they'll be alright for moderate weather and for layering. the Norse jacket has an open hemmed sleeve, which was kind of disappointing.
  7. since I carry a cup of coffee, there's always a way to clean the ball and clubface. downside is that one nasty looking corner of the towel.
  8. played through a bit of drizzle this morning at SV. calm to light breeze - cloudy all morning. got matched up with a fellow that turned out to be a friendly face from Sportman's. good shots and upbeat moods the entire time. others played Veterans Memorial this morning. they went out early, said it was quiet. I had thought it was reserved, but obviously that has changed. anyone have a review ?
  9. nice example of well dressed. , Jack Donaghy is not the only person to say, 'What Am I, A Farmer ? (+1 for the boutonniere)
  10. they look a lot like TopFlite Pros, though the MB cut is a bit different so I'm not 100 percent sure.
  11. the older gear is usually a half to an inch shorter than today's clubs, so I set up toward the face center, close my stance a bit and aim a bit toward the right. also, as other have pointed out, the lofts are weaker than modern. think of a 28* 5 iron up to a 48* PW.
  12. Had a pair of their tu-tone green/tan nubucks. After walking 18, any pair of loafers seemed as light as feathers. My favs were the all white wingtips. Just gorgeous shoes. Thanks for the pics.
  13. Holy cow! ours gave up the ghost a week ago and we found it's replacement at the third store we called. they delivered 24 hours later. another place said theirs was backordered until June. guess we got really lucky. back to the threads original subject..........
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