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  1. GP Tour Velvets , mid-sized with two wraps under the right hand. same with Tour Wraps. feels just fine.
  2. great methods. FYI, another poster used a section of swimming pool noodle instead of foam with cable ties to secure.
  3. Shepherd's was 90 degree, but walking was unaffected. wet snaggy rough. not too much fairway roll. some greens fast as usual, some oddly slow and some pin positions were in extreme spots. wind went from mild to three club type by the time we were on the last four or five holes. all that considered - tremendous morning. to add - friend of mine played there this morning and found similar conditions. surprised there was still some casual water and the greens were fast above the pin and slow below.
  4. if you're going to be working on your stamina and relying on the cart for support - stability and solid construction are key points when you select any model. flimsy is not your friend. three wheelers are fine. you need to be able to easily open and close it to get the unit in and out of your vehicle. drink holder, umbrella holder - must haves. test push any to see how they roll and be sure the handle has comfortable padding. an area up top for small item storage is a plus. enjoy and have fun. walking the course is a wonderful experience. start off with as many holes as you can until you build yourself up. whether at a par three, the range hitting a bucket, doesn't matter . every time out, you are getting the benefit. hit a course. enjoy the fresh air.
  5. best pushcart setup for this TEE 14-way bag. opening has 4-4-4 with 2 across the back. 4I-P-D 5I-8I-3W 6I-9I-5W 7I-PW-H LW-SW we walk 99% of the time, so if riding - move the longest clubs to the back slots and the short wedges up front.
  6. let you know how Shepherd's plays Saturday. we have 7:20. it's the spike time of the year. normally I don't think twice, but with all the leaves and wet ground, they really do make a difference. installed Helix cleats in my Adipowers and they're grippy.
  7. like to know how hefty those sweaters feel. could use a couple two-three to freshen things up. nicer than a sweatshirt for a chilly day.
  8. I know his alter ego. he spots for the group and he pulled at least two dozen last weekend by walking the rough every time other players stopped for their shots.
  9. witb: D- 10.5* 5W - 18* Hybrids available at 17* , 20* , 23* , depending on course and conditions same model - different lofts. I usually carry the 20. irons begin at 24* because I'd rather use the H's than a 3I.
  10. two players had RAM irons in their bags this morning. we gave each other points for Wisdom.
  11. great forecast for the weekend. we're early playing both days - SV and SC. hoping for a westerly wind on 14.
  12. as mentioned earlier, the 845's had loft stamped on the toe, and as a long time TA player it must have rewired the way I looked at gear. selecting fairways, hybrids, wedges - based on loft. made my life simpler- telling me what I needed, X degrees to there.
  13. +1 for many courses - isn't that the truth.....
  14. c'mon Arg, there is a new clubhouse and fresh mats at the range. and no, I will not miss that flippin' tree.
  15. another reason to get up at four o'clock for the first time out. we play at a good clip and hold up no one. didn't realize the reputation my partner and I had for ourselves until a short while ago. chatting with a few guys at our current place - they were warming up as were came off the course. turns out they were also Sportsman's players. said 'we've seen you guys around for a long time, always early and always fast.' I took that as a compliment.
  16. I play at sunrise and bring coffee. maybe a banana. BEC after.
  17. saw a bunch of old shaft pulls converted into yard border stakes. kind of neat looking at 18" length with the grips on top. better than getting junked.
  18. about four years ago, met a fellow who filled a house, truly filled it with clubs. had a three-four bedroom ranch home, every room had clubs, bags, box sets. even built racks into the side walls of his garage. was like a used gear department store. just amazing. he's retired and goes to garage sales and swap meets. a really nice man. sometimes scores some valuable gear from the general public. I can't imagine the woman upstairs letting that happen here.
  19. once had a pal that shared the same weekday afternoon off. our code was - 'meet at the Police Department'. would play and bring home dinner from Malnati's. no one seemed to remember I had been out for a couple three hours.
  20. Great looking shoes you selected. seen that model in store and they look just wonderful. you'll get about two good seasons out of them before they look well-played, no matter what you do to preserve the 'new car look'. keep in mind that once they're molded to your foot, they'll feel even better. replace the insoles as needed and give them the scrub they deserve after each round. to paraphrase an earlier poster , white stays white only in the box - pretty fair assessment. scars add character. like the soles of forged irons telling the tale. enjoy them.
  21. still have a beat to death Cally bag for old gear storage with those old Izzo dualies on it. bet they have the stale Coppertone aroma.
  22. as this post has been revitalized, so has my interest in these irons. as @UlfBane shows above, Ram and TA were both made it seems, at the same plant. I picked up a set of FX2's a while back, thinking I'd give them a try one of these days. was a long time 845 player. Took the Rams out a couple weekends ago, after playing Hogan CBs (The Callaway X-14 clones) for the last few seasons. like the way the feel, these have DGR300 shafts. recall having a set of TA's with the same shafts that performed well - whatever that's worth. might have to upsize the std grips though, and they feel about an inch too long - I prefer a shorter setup. these are nice sticks. soft at impact - to me - and well balanced. narrower sole and squarer toe than the Tommy. is anyone still hitting them or have any thoughts on playing the FX2's ?
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