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  1. How does this compare to my favourite driver 910 D3? I haven't seen them for a while but how does the centre of gravity location compare to the TS3 which I found was a hook machine for me with its heel weighting? There used to be a guy who compared the CG location each year of all the different drivers. My strike tendency is towards the toe and want something where the weight favours the toe.
  2. What value is a good swingplane number for me to chase on Trackman. I have a tendency to pull draw. My 6 iron swing plane value variws in the range of 57 to 62 degrees. Does too low a swing plane number cause a pull draw? Would these numbers be ok? P.S. I saw one or two shots my swingplane number with driver was 41.
  3. Seems a grey area. Basically I felt it was reasonable as the group in front were slow and there was likely to be a wait on the next tee and therefore I could spare 2 mins to put on a dry shirt and change waterproofs. Also being soaked to the skin and having to endure another 2 hours soaking wet I felt was unhealthy and could lead to getting sick. The rain was absolutely non stop heavy rain. We played on a links course so the greens didnt flood but a parkland course would have been flooded and waterlogged with the heavy rain we endured. Health reasons would be considered reasonable I am sure no? I was actually soaked and actually wanted to walk in but felt it was not the right thing to do. We were in 3 balls and one of the group had enough after 3 holes and walked in. The weather was attrocious. I wanted to walk in too but since I had a playing partner I felt I could not abandon him and so played on.
  4. I wa splaying a tournament lately and it was lashing rain. I got soaked through my waterproofs and was wet to the skin. The 12th hole finished near the car park and the 13th tee was beside the carpark so I nipped out to the car and put on a fresh t shirt and got new waterproofs. Afterwards an official told me off for doing that. I didn;t delay as the group in front were slow and Iw as on the next tee in time to tee off. Was what I did against the rules? I cant find anything in the rulebook.
  5. What numbers do tour pros chase in terms of path and face to path? I saw one video from Jason Dufner saying he chases less than 1 degree path and less than 1 degree fave to path and wants to hit the ball straight. He also says he chases -7 angle of attack with a 9 iron (that he was hitting int he video). Then there are teachers who recommend not swinging on a zero path as any face not flush to path will result in a shot curving away from target. I myself have around 1-2 dgrees in to out path but my bad shot is too closed a face to path that results in pull draws. I was on Trackman recently tryign a number of different fixes for this and nothig would work until I tried to get my hands higher at impact which just dreamt up on the spot thinking I could increase the dynamic lie and fix it with face plane tilt. I managed to get a consistently positive face to path resulting in push fades. Also even my 60 yard pitch shots I get pull draw tendency with path 3 in to out with face 3 closed to path. Should I be chasing a negative path with positive face with short game shots?
  6. My landing angles with all my irons is about 4 degrees lower with every club compared to tour averages. Should I be concerned?
  7. Here is a shot (also a 7 iron) where I hit a pull draw but this time with a in to out path
  8. Here is a group report of a bunch of pull draws even with swing path out to in
  9. Ok I am not sure exactly but the more down you hit on it it pushes the path more in to out. Its a 3D motion of the clubhead at impact. I probably explained that badly.
  10. I get ya. Its funny when I hit pull draws on trackman it feels like I was over the top but the path number is positive. Maybe it is over the top and the 5 degrees down I hit on a 7 iron is causing Trackman to read the path to the right. When I hit down -5 my path read +0.5 to +1
  11. What do you mean pulling your arms? On video in 2D my path can look in to out or in to square to in or out to in and all 3 can give me pull draws/hooks. On video again in 2D down the line my handle goes from in a good position in delivery and impact and then is pulled inside and disappears a little too quickly behind my left leg and the shaft exits low (well under left shoulder) after impact and stays low and the face can roll over a bit. One pro I asked says I should swing more out to the right but not sure that is going to help as I can pull draw from any path. My face will always be closed to it. I have seen my path -1 on trackan and the face will be -1 to the path. Maybe if I got the path even more left that could cause my body to react and get the face more open but I already exit too low imo and dont want that getting any lower.
  12. All my life I have had a closed face to path issue. No matter if my path is a fraction out to in (-) or 1 to 2 degrees in to out(+) or even 0 I always fight my face being a little too closed to it thus getting pull draws. I tchanged my swing over winter because I have a tendency to have a weak left hand grip and a slight open face on the backswing and downswing and then supinate my left wrist to square it. I can hit the ball reasonably straight doing this and it does get rid of some of the severity of the pull draw but it still there to a degree. I actually strengthened my left hand grip to 2 and a half knuckles and have a hoganesque right hand grip. Reason being I wanted a squarer clubface on the backswing and downswing so I wouldnt have to shut it last second with bowing and supination and rolling the face. I think the stronger grip is causing the face to come in more closed as I am still supinating. I would like to stick with the stronger grip and sort out this face to path issue some other way rather than going ultra weak with the left hand again. My ball starts straight or slightly left and draws slightly. I miss a lot of greens left. Same with driver. Pull draws or when bad a pull hook. My path with irons is 0-1.5+ degrees in to out. My driver path is 1.5+ to 3.5+ Any tips for fixing this?
  13. What would be a good landing angle for each iron particularly the 3 and 4 iron to get it so stop on a green? What's a reasonable amount of roll for the long itons? 5 yds? My Mizuno MP18SC 3 iron has 38 degrees on average landing angle with x100 shaft Another Mizuno MP57 3 iron with Rifle 6.5 has a similar land angle circa 38 degrees I have some a bunch of 4 irons I was testing also all at 24 degrees My Mp18SC x100 landing angle was roughly 44 degrees My MP57 6.5 Rifle has roughly 44 also MP52 with Nippon 120x 40 degree land angle I have a Mizuno H4 with C Taper S 45 degree land angle I was getting most height with the H4
  14. I am currently: PW 46.5 9 42.5 8 38.5 7 34.5 6 30.5 5. 27.5 4. 24.5 3. 21 If I make my 4 iron 25.5 will there be enough of a yardage gapping from my 27.5 degree 5 iron? P.S. I built the entire set to D2.5 swingweight. Does lighter swingweight mean more dynamic loft due to less mass on the clubhead end?
  15. So I built a set with x100 and have been playing them a month or so. The mid and short irons are performing well. However the 3 and 4 iron fly too low and roll too much upon release. I am hitting my irons more solidly now than in years and I feel its the weight of the shafts and possibly growing up with S300s as a teen and early 20s. I suppose the question is do I change the whole set because the long irons are not quite right? Is it the shaft or the clubhead or both? Can bumping up loft only in the long irons fix this or is this a bad idea ?
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