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  1. Any update on whether these are illegal or not? This is an absolutely ridiculous situation. This happened to em with a Mizuno 3 wood that was from 2012 and they told me they hadnt tested it.
  2. Using a metronome or Tour Tempo what sort of tempo should I be using if I am looking to increase swingspeed? For example I filmed myself with the 24/8 tempo hitting a 6 iron and it looks like a nice easy swing but looks like I am not swinging fast enough. If I try and hit it hard with that tempo I outrace it. When I film myself just hitting it as hard as possible or just under as hard as possible the tempo looks inconsistent and too fast/sloppy. Not sure how to describe it but it doesnt looks right. Certainly not smooth. Does anyone know what the tour long hitters temp
  3. Measuring with ssr hitting balls and occasionally Trackman
  4. Anyone else not getting any faster at all with this? Did protocol 1 during the summer then went to protocol 2 . Stopped doing it for 4 weeks over christmas but picked it up again the last few days. I normally try to do it 3 times a week. at no point since I started last June have I noticed a swing speed increase.
  5. Yes it was indoors off a mat. My spin was 6910 and that was not with my 7 iron but a demo of MP20 full blade with s taper x. Before lockdown a number of months ago I built a Mizuno TP19 full blade 6 iron with an X100 Dynamic Gold shaft and brought it onto the course to compare with my M57 Rifles. I made sure the loft and lie were the same. There was no difference except into a strong wind the Mizuno TP 19 X100 went 15-20 yds further. This may be the grooves though as the TP19 grooves were a little worn as it is a club from the mid 1990s. I then put the X100 into a
  6. I have a screenshot of one shot from the session with Mp20 7 iron with S Taper: With 7 iron my speed was 90mph, ball speed 120mph , launch 20.3, smash 1.34, attack -3.9, carry 163.3, total 167.2, spin 6910
  7. Oh. Ok so I played around with it a little and launch seems to have little difference on distance but spin does but not by a lot either. 5 yds maybe. I suppose my question is more related to ball speed. Can a shaft transfer energy better that you can go from say 120 ball speed to 127 with 7 iron etc..
  8. Ok. I am not a Trackman expert but from what I saw they had the optimum ball flight/trajectory of a 7 iron in with a window which the ball should fly through. My ball was launching high and reaching its apex too soon and falling short. It did this with my own 7 iron and also with the MP20 7 iron with a S Taper X. I think I was carrying my own 7 iron around 158-164yds where the Trackman seemed to be suggesting I should be carrying it 175 0r 180. I dont know anyone who has a flightscope near me.
  9. My 7 iron loft is 34 degrees. Do you think Trackman optimiser is throwing out ideal numbers based off a lower lofted 7 iron? Also 20 yds seems an enormous loss in distance.
  10. Can I increase my ball speed much just through a more optimised shaft in my irons and driver? Before the lockdown I was on Trackman and the mizuno DNA. My own ballflight launches too high and peak height is too soon and I miss the trackman window for ideal ball flight. I currently use 6.5 precision old rifle from circa 15 yrs ago. Trackman optimiser says I am losing up to 20 yds carry with a 7 iron. Can that be right??? I find that hard to believe. Apparently my spin and launch and spin were a bit high. My attack angle is -3 or -4 and I have decent shaft lean at impact so no
  11. Is there any one brand or model that Aimpoint recommend? Reason I ask is there may be differences in readings between brands and would like the one the Aimpoint use themselves. Thanks
  12. I think the term 'base plane direction' is better and clearer than 'swing direction'. Ok here is what I don't get. Remember Tiger in 2000 when he introduced his stinger 2 iron? On video (at least) his swing looked very neutral. He didn't look like he was swinging outside-in. It looked in to square to in and the ball went dead straight. According to the D-Plane his path would have been 9 degrees in to out and realistically wouldn't have been able to hit a shot that starts straight and goes straight unless he aimed way left or swung way left which he does not appear to do in 200
  13. Can someone explain simply what swing direction is? I've heard it explained that it basically tracks the club movement from hip high approaching impact to hip high after impact. What I don;t understand is when some instructors say the path is isay 2 degrees in to out but your swing direction is left. I dont understand that. I simply cant visualise how a path can be in to out but a swing direction that is the opposite or different from the path. Maybe I am picking it up wrong. I dont get how the swing direction can have a different number to the path. A
  14. Ok. They had me on the optimum flight and mine with my 6,5 Rifle were peaking height too soon and falling short of optimum
  15. Hi. I was on the Mizuno swing DNA recently. The demo is a 7 iron and my numbers were 90 6 4 5 4. It recommended the KBS $ Taper 130 X flex. I currently play the old Rifle 6.5 (not the project x version) and just wodering how these shafts bend profiles are similar or different if any of the shaft boffins know? Also how would a Dynamic Gold X100 soft step suit me?
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