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  1. If you get a chance to try again with the correct settings can you let us know how you got on? I'm planning on using a PROV1X into a net in the garden and 2 piece golf balls on my practice ground at he golf club.
  2. I should have rephrased the question. Can you use Samsung or other non Apple brand tablets? Apple are too expensive.
  3. I might be wrong but I got a dilated eye exam at the clinic where they ascertain whether you are a candidate for laser surgery. I think she was an opthamologist but not 100% sure. TBH I didnt even know there was a difference between optometrist and opthamologist. All I was told was I have dry eyes and do nightly heat patch treatment and drink more water
  4. Has anyone on here regretted it or found it made them worse? Reason I ask is the girl at the clinic said that if they correct my long distance vision it might make my short distance vision worse. Another thing. I picked up my new prescription glasses today from the opticians. The moment I put them on they felt awful. I felt like I was drunk and dizzy and the floor was much closer to me. My depth perception was all over the place. They said give it a few days but after putting them on for a while I had to take them off as felt uneasy with them and unwell. If that happens with the laser surgery it would be a disaster.
  5. Yes you are right. I havent a bottomless pit of money and resources but I build my own demos and then go ont he course and try them out. I use Trackman sometimes to check them too but what I have found is this: A club can perform well on trackman in terms on distance and direction and dispersion compared to another but on the course on grass may not perform well. I am trying to find a set of shafts that flex nicely, overall weight feels nice and distributed evenly and allows me to hit the ball solidly the most with decent distance and accuracy for that club. The Modus 120X feels nice but I find it light in the handle area and find it hard to find the middle of the clubface as often as a X100. The modus feel beautiful when you do hit one out of the middle but on mishits they provide more of a nasty vibration than the X100. I was also on the Mizuno optimizer which recommended the $ Taper X but cant get my hands on a demo to build and also they are ridiculously expensive, KBS Tour 130x were also recommended but find the handle area a bit light I seem to get on with heavy shafts ( 130g) even though I am not particularly fast nor strong. Give me a senior club with a super light graphite shaft and I will almost top the ball
  6. Howard. How do you go about choosing the right iron shaft for a player? What do you think about to choose a shortlist of say 3 shafts and then what makes you or the player to decide with the one to choose in the end? For example I was at a clubfitter who used a special club made by PURE which is supposed to tell you the right shaft. It said Modus 120x for me. However although this shaft flexes nice I find the overall weight too light and dont hit as many solid shots as a DG X100. But the clubfitter siad ''oh no x100 are not for you''
  7. I was under the impression you had to have an Apple ipad for the simulator function but someone seems to have used a Samsung tablet. Is this the case?
  8. The body will adapt but one guy with slow twich can only convert his slow twitch to intermediate fibres so they will get faster but not turn into fast twitch muscle fibres so they have a ceiling that a person with higher percentage of fast twitch fibres doesnt have. The only way to know is biopsy of muscle tissue. Me for example I was always a slow sprinter and always finished down near the last in sprinting competitions in school. I was never strong either. I would tend to lose arm wrestling to average kids. I dont look weak or fat but I perform that way. I played golf to a high level but never had the swingspeed to get to the next level. I am somewhere i the 105-112mph range depending on how good I am feeling on the day and how much speed training I have done. For example. If I am not playing much golf and not hitting balls or doing any speed work I fall back into a 105-108mph range. If I am playing and hitting balls hard at the range regualrly it comes up to the 110 mark. All out swings are in the 112-115mph mark. I dont seem to be able to get any higher. Did the superspeed last year and didnt find it help. I tried max all out effort with erst days for months and it didnt budge my swingspeed. I think I just dont have the genetics for it. Another person may do the same routine and see great gains.
  9. I studied a bit of this in physiology. People are born with varying amounts of fast twitch and slow twitch muscles. There is a 3rd kind which is intermediate. You cant increase fast twitch muscle amounts. You can train slow twitch to be intermediate twitch but not to fast twitch is what I learned. A marathon runner and sprinter have different muscle types an one cant become the other. So my take is that if you are slow twitch you will struggle to get faster where as a fast twitch person has potential to gain lots of speed. I'm no expert but the only way imo a slow twitch person will hit the ball a long way is through size and brute force. A big stocky build for example. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong.
  10. So the light sensitivity was permanent for you?
  11. Thanks. I have a set of glasses ordered for driving. Will take another week or so. Next appointment is in 3 weeks for the laser. Doing daily heat patches on eyes and drinking more water and omega 3. If that doesnt go well I might get some prescription Oakleys or something. About the UV light. Are we supposed to wear sunglasses all the time outside?
  12. Right: sph cyl axis -1.75 -0.75 137 Left: -1.00 -1.00 52 I havent a clue what this means
  13. only sometimes when driving. Could never put in contacts and dont want the hassle either. Tried playing in glasses and it was awful.
  14. I can see things upp close but things far away are blurry. I can see the ball take off with the driver and halfway into the flight cant see it anymore. Writing up close is fine but more that a yard or two away becomes blurry. My local driving range has a 50 and 100 yds signs. I cant read them. I'm 40 now
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