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  1. No biggie. EA usually has bugs that make no sense right around launch time. Thanks for setting this CC up, it makes the game even better!
  2. Just got the game, it certainly seems like more of a challenge than other years.. I had registered for the WRX CC but when I logged on today, I was no longer a member. I just rejoined. Has this happened to anyone else? My tag is "Son of Wetzel".
  3. I'm going. It will be my first year and I'm very excited! Good thing they let Golf Coaches in! Anyone have advice on what to look for and who has the best set-ups and or freebies?
  4. Hi, I've been lurking for a while reading information daily and really enjoy the website! A couple weeks ago I stumbled on a discussion about putter refinishing and thought I'd give it a try. For my first project I'd like to refinish this Mizuno TP Mills Putter for my wife as a Christmas present. It is is pretty good condition overall. No serious nicks or gouges and just a few small places of rust. Now come my questions. I'd originally thought I would sand it down and go with a gun blueing material to get it back to a darker color. Is that what would work best? Now when it comes to sanding, wh
  5. Here is my selection! Super excited that I could be chosen. My Di9 are getting a little worn as is my TW9 sandwedge. Oh and the new Ci11 look AWESOME! [attachment=917989:Wilson Staff Irons for Mason Lewis.png]
  6. This would be a great set up to have when I start as the Head Golf Coach at the school I teach at! Thanks!
  7. I'm going to be the new Head Golf Coach at the school I work at and I could use that nice looking TaylorMade Ghost Spider to teach the young players how to putt! Thanks, Mason
  8. I bet that Amino Vital Starter Pack will help when I start my new position as Head Golf Coach at the school I teach at! Thanks, Maosn
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